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PS Plus Free Games - June Preview

25m ago - June is here to bring us new free PS Plus titles. Which will be worth your time and hard drvie sp... | PS3

Our response to the new Madden 16 Connected Franchise changes

35m ago - GameZone: "Sports journalism and radio solely exist to provide hot takes to its audience. Hot tak... | Xbox 360

Top 5 Video Game Releases - June 2015

Now - presents to you the Top 5 Video Games We're Looking Forward To In June 2015. | Promoted post

Taking A Look At – Batman Arkham Knight Red Hood Character

40m ago - Clipping Error take a look at Red Hood, one of the characters with a new campaign in Batman Arkha... | PC

Best new games in 2015 (up to this point)

41m ago - In a year where every second game is a re-release or an HD remake or a combination of the two, it... | PSP

Top 10 FIFA 16 Soundtrack Wishlist

42m ago - FIFA 16 has been confirmed to released on 08 September 2015, we came with a list of songs in whic... | Xbox

VR vs. Project Morpheus at E3

1h ago - VRFocus delivers another entry in its weekly 'VR vs.' series, this time looking at Project Morphe... | PS4

Are timed exclusives the way of the future?

1h ago - Time is money when it comes to video games - whole games, DLC, and exclusive content coming to on... | PS4

1TB PS4 and Xbox One models are appallingly overdue

1h ago - Dealspwn: Hands up. Whose PS4 or Xbox One is completely full already? Quite a few of you we imagi... | PS4

Understanding Final Fantasy X; its three key philosophical underpinnings

2h ago - DD: With the recent re-release of Final Fantasy X on the PlayStation 4, I've had an excuse to pla... | PS4

Yes, Rise of the Tomb Raider is a timed exclusive but that doesn't mean it's coming to PS4

3h ago - This is a debate that has been going since Microsoft first announced their timed exclusivity deal... | PC

Ranking June's Free Playstation Plus Games

3h ago - Six new games will be available for Playstation Plus subscribers tomorrow. Paste looks over the l... | PS3

Where to Find Love in The Witcher 3

4h ago - This page contains a guide for the romance options and sex scenes available in The Witcher 3: Wil... | PC

Witcher 3: How to Respec Skill Points – Velen and Novigrad Merchant Location

4h ago - Here is how to respec your skill points in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt by using the potion of cleara... | PC

'The Witcher 3' Puts A Whole Lot Of Pressure On 'Fallout 4'

6h ago - Forbes: The internet has been awash with breathless praise for The Witcher 3, and with good reas... | PC

Thirty Hours In, The Witcher 3 Keeps Surprising Me

6h ago - Nathan Grayson: "If you play a game long enough, you start to be able to predict it. Thirty ho... | PC

Is 2K Games Holding Back a Console Version of XCOM 2 for an Exclusivity Deal?

9h ago - Castle Pyramid - 2K Games recently announced that a sequel to turn-based strategy game XCOM: Enem... | PC

10 Things We'd Like To See In WWE 2K16

11h ago - It's almost time for another yearly installment in 2K's WWE series. With this in mind, Fraser G.... | PS4

How I Learned To Play The Game Of Thrones

11h ago - "It’s this kind of thing that really highlights the power of video games. It’s cool to fantasise... | PC

The Last Guardian Drinking Game - E3 2015 Edition

11h ago - Paul James of BGU writes "The Last Guardian is a painful subject for any owner of a PS3 or PS4. I... | PS3

3 Up/3 Down: Madden NFL 16’s Connected Franchise Mode

11h ago - Say what you will about the Madden NFL franchise from EA SPORTS–and plenty of people have and wil... | Xbox 360

Follow on Twitter

Now - Get the latest release dates for games, movies and TV Series from our Twitter page. | Promoted post

Yep, Looks Like Square Enix's Super Secret E3 Game is Probably Hitman

12h ago - The Games Cabin: Square Enix are set to host a special party for a "secret" E3 game, the only pro... | PC

15 big predictions for Sony's E3 2015 press conference

14h ago - "First up, it's Sony. The House of PlayStation is arguably in the strongest position of all of th... | PS3

Three things we’re looking for in Bethesda's DOOM reboot

15h ago - GameZone: "As quickly as the teaser game, it seems that we’ve all but forgotten about the upcomin... | PC

The Effect Of Buzzwords — A Case Study Of The Witcher 3

16h ago - As part of the recurring Life, The Universe and Gaming column series, an EGMR writer looks at The... | PC

Xbox One Vs PS4 E3 2015: Console Wars? Consoles Bore With Stale Lineups

16h ago - This year's E3 lineup doesn't inspire much hope for gamers looking to see new ideas and innovation. | PS4
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