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Fallout 4 – Locations of Behemoths and Mirelurk Queens

5m ago - Looking for those Behemoths and Mirelurk Queens in Fallout 4? Check out the five locations around... | PC

G4@Syfygames 2015 Holiday Buyer's Guide: Sony

5m ago - The staff of G4@Syfygames has racked their collective brains to come up with a list of sure-fire,... | PS4

See what games are coming out in 2016

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2016. | Promoted post

I hate that I love Star Wars: Battlefront's single player missions

6m ago - GameZone: "So here I am, replaying those same missions over and over, enjoying myself mind you, w... | PC

Fallout 4 – How to Obtain the Gauss Rifle

24m ago - Want the Gauss Rifle in Fallout 4? Here's how to go about getting on of the game's most powerful... | PC

Rise Of The Tomb Raider Director Brian Horton again left to defend Sales and Microsoft Exclusivity

47m ago - Brian Horton, The Game Director for Rise Of The Tomb Raider has again lept to the defence of the... | PC

5 Games We’re Looking Forward to in December

48m ago - It’s not too late to add some new games to your Christmas list. Here are 5 games we’re looking fo... | PS4

So Rockstar, Are We Ever Going to Hear About Agent?

1h ago - OnlySP: June 2009. That was when we were introduced to Rockstar North’s PlayStation exclusive tit... | PS4

Witcher 3 Vs. Metal Gear Solid V | 2015 GOTY Showdown

2h ago - The 2015 GOTY race is winding to a close, and some of our writers already have their choices lock... | PC

Has Assassin’s Creed had its day?

2h ago - Gabriel writes "With nine games under its belt, and an upcoming film on the way, the Assassin’s C... | PC

Better than Halo?

3h ago - Eurogamer: In the run up to the release of Halo 5, I thought a lot about the state of the series... | Xbox 360

Why common sense tells us to avoid Rainbow Six Siege: Yet, I can’t pass this one up - VGFirst

3h ago - Excerpt from the article "At its finest, Rainbow Six Siege offers a brutally visceral, tactic... | PC

5 Reasons to be Excited for Just Cause 3

4h ago - COG writes: Just Cause 3 will feature an unprecedented amount of destruction on a large scale. We... | PC

Evolve discounted to under $10 on PS4 and Xbox One

4h ago - Evolve has been discounted to just $9.99 on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. | PS4

How PS4 Won and Lost Black Friday

5h ago - MWEB GameZone writes: " This Black Friday saw the PlayStation 4 have a couple of positive results... | PS4

A Survivor’s Guide To Fallout 4 With A Partner

6h ago - The latest entry in the Life, The Universe And Gaming column series on EGMR sees the author discu... | PC

VGU Talks – The Concept of a Stand-Alone Call of Duty Zombies Game

6h ago - With Black Ops III now out, Dom believes that there is now room for a zombie themed Call of Duty... | Xbox 360

Just Cause 3: Some Tips To Help You Out On Your Journey

7h ago - Here are some tips to help you out on your journey in Just Cause 3. | PC

December 2015 Game Releases - Explosive Breach and Clear

8h ago - MWEB GameZone writes: 2015 is ending with an explosive breach and clear. Here's everything you ne... | PC

Fallout Series Callbacks and Connections

8h ago - Fallout 4 includes a number of great call-backs and connections to previous Fallout games. The Co... | PC

10 Best Indie Games of 2015

9h ago - The Independent video games more widely known as indies are games created by small groups or many... | PS3

Track Pokemon GO at

Now - Track Pokemon GO to find out when the game will be released. | Promoted post

5 Of The Best Secrets In 'Fallout 4'

9h ago - Forbes: A few dozen hours into Fallout 4, things start to get deep. It’s the way of these games:... | PC

Get 15% off select game preorders with Amazon's Cyber Monday Cheat Code

9h ago - Gamers can get 15 percent off select videogame preorders for Cyber Monday on Amazon. | PS4

Return to the Bunker: ‘Fallout 4’ Through the Eyes of a 1990s War Child

9h ago - Alma lived through the Bosnian War, forced to leave her home for a bunker beneath the bombs. Sh... | PC

Just Cause 3 - All Daredevil Stunt Jumps

9h ago - There are 30 Daredevil Stunt Jumps in Just Cause 3. Completing all of them unlocks the "Consummat... | PC

20th Anniversary Edition DualShock 4 drops to $49

9h ago - The 20th Anniversary Edition DualShock 4 has been discounted by 25 percent off, dropping to $49.00. | PS4
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