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WWE 2K16 Hands-On Preview #2 - MyCareer and Showcase Modes See Minor Changes | COG

53d ago - COG writes - WWE 2K16 hits shelves on Oct. 27 and we get a second sneak peek at what's in store f... | PC

WWE 2K16 PS4 hands-on: Looking like the most complete installment yet - Examiner

53d ago - For a yearly franchise, it’s difficult to see progression like you’d see in a game that releases... | Xbox 360

HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

Now - Kill some time at You will regret it... | Promoted post

Metal Gear Online impressions from the Community Day at Konami Los Angeles | Metal Gear Informer

53d ago - Metal Gear Informer was invited by Konami to attend the Metal Gear Online Community Day, which to... | PC

Hue - gamescom Preview | GameGrin

53d ago - GG: The indie gaming scene is thriving. During the past few years it has been made easier for as... | PC

Skylanders: Superchargers - gamescom Preview | GameGrin

53d ago - GG: The toys-to-life genre has become an undeniable success, spawning series and figurines from... | Xbox 360

Don't stop the music: Why Guitar Hero is making a comeback | Eurogamer

56d ago - EG: There are a couple of questions that remain over Guitar Hero Live, but from an afternoon spe... | PC

Destiny: The Taken King impressions [PSU]

56d ago - PlayStation Universe delivers its verdict on the Destiny: The Taken King expansion. | Xbox 360

Readers Gambit | Guitar Hero Live (EGX Preview)

56d ago - We took to the stage at EGX, unfortunately not the dev stage, but a stage nonetheless at EGX this... | Xbox 360

Transformers: Devastation to be Defining Game of the Franchise | Hardcore Gamer

58d ago - With only a handful of days left before its release, Transformers: Devastation is looking incredi... | PC

EGX 2015: Rise of the Tomb Raider Hands-On Preview – A Fire Rises (PSLS)

58d ago - PSLS - When the credits rolled on Crystal Dynamics’ Tomb Raider reboot, and Ms. Croft had finally... | PC

Guitar Hero Live: a behind the scenes insight by Lazygamer

59d ago - Last week, Lazygamer was fortunate enough to be flown to a bustling London to not only play Guita... | Xbox 360

Building a Better World in Dragon Quest Builders | VGChartz Preview

60d ago - VGChartz's Xavier Griffiths: "Dragon Quest Builders is Square Enix’s attempt to fuse the explorat... | PS3

"Mighty No. 9 Has Met My Expectations" | VGS

61d ago - TheArabGamer writes: "And I mean that in the best way possible. After spending the weekend playin... | PC

Persona 5 and Games as the Voice of Social Unrest | USgamer

62d ago - USgamer: "The 1960s were a time of radical social change, as each society rebuilt itself in th... | PS3

WWE 2K16 Prepares to Bring the Pain | Hardcore Gamer

62d ago - There’s a lot to be skeptical about with this entry in the series, but with more time in the oven... | PC

Star Ocean 5: Where Freedom Finds the Uncanny Valley [TGS Hands-On Preview] | GameRevolution

65d ago - GR: So you've got things that, on paper, should make your game more free and open, right? But it... | PS3

Dragon Quest Builders TGS Preview - PSLS

65d ago - Dragon Quest Builders may appear to be a Minecraft clone, but don’t go writing it off. It brings... | PS3

TGS 2015 – Arslan: The Warriors of Legend Hands-On Preview (PS4) | PSLS

65d ago - Heath: Arslan: The Warriors of Legend is a musou game by the genre kingpin Koei Tecmo. It has... | PS3

Dragon Quest Builders has potential to be more than a knock-off - hands-on [RPG Site]

66d ago - RPG Site goes hands-on with Dragon Quest's new Minecraft-styled spin off, and find it has some po... | PS3

Faith endures: Hands-on with Star Ocean 5 [RPG Site]

67d ago - RPG Site looks at Star Ocean 5 in this new hands-on and comes away pleased with the combat. | PS3

See what games are coming out in 2016

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Arslan: The Warriors of Legend Horses-On Preview [TGS 2015] - GR

67d ago - "What button kills a guy? Every button kills a guy. Everything I touched in Arslan: The Warriors... | PS3

Metal Gear Online 3 Hands-On Preview (PSLS)

68d ago - "On the surface, it’s a third-person team deathmatch, but with the fine tuning Metal Gear has bec... | PC

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness Preview | Dengeki Online

68d ago - Various Japanese outlets have gone live with new previews and first gameplay videos of Star Ocean... | PS3

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir Hands-On Preview (PSLS)

69d ago - "Vanillaware‘s recently-announced Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir was playable at the Tokyo Game Show th... | PS3

The Star Ocean Series Is Back, Here’s Why It’s Still Fun | GameInformer

69d ago - GI: "Star Ocean will always hold a special place in my heart, earning its claim to fame for it... | PS3
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