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Kojima Doing What He Does Best, Possibly Trolling Everyone With Metal Gear Solid 5 Chapter 3 Hints

21h ago | Rumor | Ah! The Phantom Pain. The pain of missing content. The pain of missing Chapter 3 and the pain of missing guard dogs.

End of an Era, Sony Discontinues the PS3 in NZ

11d ago | Rumor | Whenever a new console is released it signals a death sentence for its predecessor. With the PS4 approaching it’s 2nd birthday and showing no signs of sales slowing down it was inevitable that the...

Battlefield 4 “Operation Outbreak” map likely coming at the end of Oct.

3d ago | Rumor | New Battlefield 4 map will be free to all players and is likely coming at the end of October.

Final Fantasy XII HD Remaster Teased In Upcoming Strategy Guide – Report

21d ago | Rumor | Final Fantasy XII has been long due for a proper HD Remaster for the current generation consoles....

Tony Hawk's Day One Patch Adds Lots to the Game, Day One Patch is Vital

13d ago | Rumor | Oh dear. We had high-hopes for Activision and Robomodo's Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5, but it looks l...

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Character Textures Need Work

12d ago | Rumor | SegmentNext - We managed to get our hands on a...

What Happened To The 12 New GTA Online Rides?

28d ago | Rumor | GTA 5 Cheats considers what might have happened to the rumored 12 additional vehicles due to...

7th Gen vs 8th Gen - Aligned Sales Comparison - August 2015 Update

23d ago | Rumor | VGChartz' William D'Angelo writes: "This first chart compares aligned home console sales between...

GTA V Datamining Reveals New Characters

22d ago | Rumor | GTA 5 Cheats writes: "The data miners have been picking apart the code of GTA V’s 1.29 patch e...
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