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Dark Souls 2 Director On Dark Souls VR and Future Titles

2h ago | Interview | “This isn't something that we are looking into detail yet, or at least right now, but I agree tha...

Final Fantasy XV - Tabata's Dengeki PlayStation

2d ago | Interview | Development for Type-0 HD is going smoothly and has gone into debugging mode while the PS Vita release for Final Fantasy Agito+ has been cut short due to technical issues involving the Vita’s devel...

Bungie on Destiny's Lack of Story, The New Raid, and Destiny 2 - PSX 2014

21d ago | Interview | IGN - We sat down with Deej from Bungie to ask him some tough questions about Destiny's launch, current state, and future.

Mega Man theme song composer still jamming over 20 years later

7d ago | Interview | Manami Matsumae studied music at university. Classical piano formed the core of her education, th...

Interview on Lego Batman 3 Beyond Gotham with TT Games' Arthur Parsons

5d ago | Interview | Lego Batman 3 released November 11th, and we we...

Watch Bungies CEO tell you that people like monotony in Destiny

18d ago | Interview | In this interview with Bungie CEO Harold Ryan he gets asked some tough questions regarding the mo...

GotGame - PlayStation Experience: Take a RIDE with David Bonacci

6d ago | Interview | "David Bonacci, Brand Manager at Bandai Namco takes us around the track with RIDE their newest mo...

EA Sports UFC Legends Interview

4d ago | Interview | EA Sports Producer Brian Hayes details the new Legends DLC update and explains how the MMA g...

The Real Trevor Speaks

17d ago | Interview | Lovely conversation with Steven Ogg, The Voice Of Trevor Phillips From Grand Theft Auto V.

Game Of Thrones Iron From Ice Interview

10d ago | Interview | Telltale Games developer Job Stauffer details the first of many Game of Thrones, Iron From I...

UFC Legend Matt Hughes Talks Video Games

10d ago | Interview | UFC Legend Matt Hughes was at the Sony PlayStation Experience (PSX) in Las Vegas to celebrat...

Destiny could get a racing mode

19d ago | Interview | Unofficial Sparrow racing is already a big thing in Destiny--there's even a fan-run league--but official, Bungie-sanctioned and supported competiti...

GotGame - 20 Years of PlayStation

17d ago | Interview | "Can you believe it’s been 20 years since the PS1 came out? Let’s take a lighting tour of al...

Miesha Tate Talks EA Sports UFC & Video Games

12d ago | Interview | Female MMA and UFC fighter Miesha Tate talks video games and EA Sports UFC in this exclusive...

Dungeon Defenders II Interview (GameWatcher)

19d ago | Interview | From "I recently tracked down Trendy Entertainment’s designer Phillip Asher...

Janina Gavankar Talks Far Cry 4

16d ago | Interview | Actress Janina Gavankar (Mysteries of Laura) talks Ubisoft's Far Cry 4 and video games in th...

Dragon Age: Inquisition's Mark Laidlaw on Stories and Sequels

27d ago | Interview | "To find out more about how such a huge game is developed in the modern industry, we spoke to cre...

GotGame - The Awakened Fate Ultimatum Demo with Armin Collosi

13d ago | Interview | "Armin Collosi plays some The Awakened Fate Ult...

GotGame - PlayStation Experience: Godzilla Gameplay with Mark Religioso

17d ago | Interview | "Ever wonder what it would be like to be Godzil...
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