PS3 Interviews  

GameFocus Interviews: Rob Jones, Senior Producer of NBA 2K16

23h ago | Interview | GameFocus recently got the chance to chat with...

Call of Duty: Black Ops III interview with David Vonderhaar

5d ago | Interview | MMGN writes: Call of Duty: Black Ops III kicks off a new era in the storied franchise's history w...

A discussion on Science and Strategy with Funktronic Labs

4d ago | Interview | The Vita Lounge team spoke with the developers...

Tales from the Borderlands Interview – Fiona Voice Actress Laura Bailey Discusses the Finale

3d ago | Interview | AotF writes: "Telltale’s Tales from the Borderlands series is only one episode away from the finish. With Episode 4 launching in August, we shouldn’t have too long to wait before we say goodbye to...

Sony's Shu Yoshida talks the next 20 years of PlayStation | Eurogamer

9d ago | Interview | Eurogamer: Sony's PlayStation hit a significant milestone yesterday in the UK, celebrating 20 years since the original PS1 released over here. Three generations later it's still going strong with...

I Know That Voice: Meet The Trans Voice Actress from Red Dead Redemption

14d ago | Interview | HuffPost: Owner and operator of, professional transgender voice actress Casey Mongi...

Tony Hawk Had To Fight To Make "Pro Skater 5"

9d ago | Interview | From In this exclusive interview, Tony Hawk talks about his new game, and how he had...

Shuhei Yoshida Talks VR, Gravity Rush, Vita, and More

12d ago | Interview | "At the Tokyo Game Show, I talked to Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida alongside a...

WWE 2K16 Superstar Dean Ambrose Talks Fighting The Terminator, Stone Cold

4d ago | Interview | Hardcore Gamer: Last week we traveled to San Fr...

De Mambo is cooking in The Dangerous Kitchen

6d ago | Interview | De Mambo is an upcoming single screen platformer with inspiration from Smash Bros. and Break...

20 Years of Play - a Q&A with Shuhei Yoshida

13d ago | Interview | Shuhei Yoshida, President of Worldwide Studios SCE, looks back at the last 20 years of PlayStation.

An Uncharted Retrospective - Greatness from Small Beginnings

12d ago | Interview | Naught Dog's Arne Meyer shares anecdotes from a...

Destiny's most powerful gun may return, but not before Year Three

24d ago | Interview | Bungie explains why Gjallarhorn and other exotic weapons are taking a time out.

The Hidden King: Meet Nolan North, the Biggest Voice in Video Games

23d ago | Interview | Sealed inside a locked Los Angeles sound stage, clad head to toe in motion-capture equipment that...

Mutant League Reborn: An RGM Exclusive Interview with Michael Mendheim

22d ago | Interview | Colby Primeaux writes, "Last month, RGM’s Carl...
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