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PAX East Interview With Aaron San Filippo from Flippfly

1h ago | Interview | Trevor Osz was able to get some time with Aaron...

PAX East – Sniper Elite 3 Interview with Robbie Cooke

1d 9h ago | Interview | Twinfinite writes: Immediately after playing the game, we met to talk about some of the big fe...

PAX East 14 - Interview with the Developers of Murdered: Soul Suspect

1d 19h ago | Interview | Alex from Twinfinite speaks with the developers...

Bungie Says Each Planet in Destiny is the Same Size as Reach

2d ago | Interview | The producer Bungie made his name with the "Halo" franchise. The saga of Master Chief was born on Xbox over ten years ago and helped establish the 'shooters' first-person and multiplayer online gam...

PAX East – Sniper Elite 3 Hands-On Impressions | Twinfinite

1d 17h ago | Interview | Alissa from Twinfinite writes, "In a world of run-and-gun military shooters, Sniper Elite 3 stands against them all and pushes back against the status quo. The latest game in Rebellion’s Sniper Eli...

Shuhei Yoshida Reflects On Two Decades Of Playstation

4d ago | Interview | The head of Sony World Wide Studios gives his thoughts on the beginnings of PlayStation gaming an...

PAX East – JetGetters Interview With Alex Nichiporchik

1d 4h ago | Interview | Twinfinite writes: "Devoun got his hands on JetGetters from tinyBuild and just had to ask a c...

PAX East 2014 Interview with Rebellion Games for Sniper Elite 3

2d ago | Interview | Sniper Elite fans had a lot to be excited about if they managed to get over to PAX East 2014. How...

Sacred 3 Interview: Simplifying the Classic RPG for Action’s Sake

1d 20h ago | Interview | GamingBolt: "For all the action RPGs in the history of the industry, one of the few series that d...

OlliOlli: Interview with Roll7's Tom Hegarty

2d ago | Interview | At this year’s EGX Rezzed TGH got talk to OlliOlli developer Roll7′s Tom Hegarty. Find out abo...

Stress & Zen - Race The Sun Video Interview From PAX East - BagoGames

2d ago | Interview | "While checking the Indies at this year’s PAX East, I got the chance to hang with Aaron San Filip...

Mordheim: City of the Damned Interview (Strategy Informer)

2d ago | Interview | From "Mordheim: City of t...

Saints Row 4 Interview With Volition Jordan Lynn

4d ago | Interview | Volition developer Jordan Lynn looks back at Saints Row IV in this exclusive interview from GDC 2...

PAX East Interview With Adam "Keits" Heart Addition Edition

4d ago | Interview | Trevor Osz of the Spiderduck Network say down w...

How FIFA influenced Shadow Of Mordor

4d ago | Interview | Monolith director of design, Michael De Plater, reveals how sports games inspired the Nemesi...

Interview: Naughty Dog Audio Team

5d ago | Interview | The Frontliner interviews several members of the Naughty Dog audio team
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