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Global Hardware and Software weekly ending July 12th

8h ago | Rumor | 3ds tops hardware charts ,while Yokai Watch 2 Honke (3DS) tops the software charts . 3DS 154,526 PS4 113,972 WiiU 66,531 XOne 61,388 PSV 55,837 PS3 47,098 X360 32,734 Wii 7,638...

GameStop Offer Reveals The Last of Us Remastered for $25 with Trade-in

14h ago | Rumor | Junkie Monkeys: An upcoming trade offer from GameStop recently leaked onto the web offering gamer...

PC and Console Game Revenue Predicted to Decline by More Than $5 Billion

3h ago | News | According to a new study from Juniper Research, revenue from PC and console game markets is set t...

USA Hardware and Software weekly ending July 12th

9h ago | Rumor | PS4 takes top spot on hardware and Mario Kart 8 keeps the top of software. PS4 47,992 XOne 39,862 3DS 31,162 WiiU 26,052 X360 15,047 PS3 7,089 PSV 2,874 Wii 2,839 PSP 426

Fan-made leaderboard allows you to compare Destiny Crucible stats

3h ago | News | An avid Destiny fan has taken it upon themselves to make a website that tracks everyone’s Destiny...

Amazon Video Game Deals of the Week: 7/20 Edition

19h ago | News | Gamerdeals: "This morning, Amazon refreshed their cheap PS Vita, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, 3DS,...

Bicycles & Confetti Bombs Coming to Destiny

11h ago | News | On the Destiny forum, Bungie's Community Manager has confirmed that bicycles and confetti bombs w...

Best Buy Weekly Deals for July 20th

19h ago | News | Best Buy's weekly deals for July 20 to July 26 are now live.

Naughty Dog exploring ideas for The Last of Us 2

22h ago | News | Naughty Dog is currently exploring ideas for a sequel to The Last of Us, community strategist Arn...

Dark Souls 2 1.08 Patch Now Available

17h ago | News | A new Dark Souls 2 patch is now available ahead of the launch of the first DLC pack of the game.

Soldner X-2 Final Prototype Headed To The PS Vita

10h ago | News | Soldner X-2 has officially been rated for release on the PS Vita and PS3.

Rebellion Taking Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army To PS4 & XB1

19h ago | Interview | In our interview with Rebellion we talked about...

UK Charts: Watch Dogs Still In First Place

22h ago | News | Watch Dogs is the best selling game in the UK for the past week, according to the latest UK...

Skylanders Coming to Comic-Con, Trap Team Dark Edition Details Revealed

19h ago | News | Skylanders Trap Team Dark Edition Featuring Ult...
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