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Metal Gear Solid 5 and Republique Casting Director Confirms Voice Actor Studio Link

13h ago | News | Kris Zimmerman, video game casting and voice director, confirms David Hayter and previous Metal Gear Solid talent were in the same recording facility as the MGS5 team while recording Republique voi...

Dragon Ball Xenoverse: Vegeta’s Movie Costume as Free DLC

9h ago | News | Last week, Dragon Ball Xenoverse received patch version 1.06, which gave players worldwide the da...

PrimeGuard Interview - The First Destiny Team to Beat Vault of Glass

5h ago | Interview | Creating and maintaining a hardcore gaming group can be challenging and exhausting. It demands a...

Best Buy 4 Day Sale: Video Game Deal Highlights

20h ago | News | Gamerdeals: "Best Buy has kicked off their 4 Day sale with the following video game deal highlights."

Resident Evil HD Remaster Sells 1M Copies

20h ago | News | Resident Evil's HD remaster, the upgraded and updated version of the seminal survival horror game...
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