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Why a The Last of Us Movie Could Never Live Up to the Game

6h ago | Opinion piece | A The Last of Us movie could never live up to the experience the game offers.

Destiny is Broken, Here is How to Fix It.

9h ago | Opinion piece | thepolinetwork "Let's face it. Destiny has seen better days. Their player base has shrunken si...

New discounts start today on God of War III Remastered and GTAV (EU)

17h ago | News | PS Blog Europe: ith last week’s enormous EA promotion still active, we’ve only a few additional...

4D experience coming to game consoles with Immersit

8h ago | News | Don't you wish there was a more immersive experience then VR or one that everyone can share? Well now there is with a Immersit. The company behind the product wants to give 4D thrill to your home...

New Battlefield 4 server update has improved anti-cheat system

8h ago | News | A new server update improves the anti-cheat system in Battlefield 4.

Fake GTA Online DLC Leak Season Has Begun

8h ago | Article | GTA 5 Cheats warns that based on a recent "leak" that has since been confirmed false, there...

PS4/PS3 Exclusive Star Ocean 5’s Trailer Showcases Valkyrie Profile Music

8h ago | Trailer | Square Enix released today a new trailer of Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness, showcasing...

Grand Theft Auto Online: Be My Valentine

8h ago | News | Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Los Santos this year with Grand Theft Auto Online: Be My Valent...

PSN Store Weekly Deals Top Picks – February 9 – February 16, 2016

8h ago | Video | In light of Sony detailing the latest Weekly Sa...

Team of the Week 22 for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team revealed

13h ago | News | The 22nd 'Team of the Week' for FIFA 16's lucra...

Attack on Titan for PS4 Gets Live Action TV Commercial in Japan

8h ago | Trailer | Attack on Titan is closing in to its release in...

Amazon February Game Deals Highlight: 2/10

14h ago | Article | "Amazon has added new game deals for February 10th. Deals are Rodea the Sky Soldier $30, Red...

Media Create sales (2/1/16 - 2/7/16)

15h ago | News | This week's Japanese sales include the debut of Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4.

Why Fallout 4 Is Better Than Skyrim

19h ago | Opinion piece | It’s a drastic change from the icy northern kingdom of Tamriel – which was widely agreed to be Be...

Deadly Premonition Retrospective Review

15h ago | Opinion piece | Patrick Waring at GameCloud writes: "I’ve talked before about media that’s so bad it’s good,...

What’s Wrong With Games Just Being Emotional and Fun?

18h ago | Opinion piece | Game Rant: Some recent backlash over Unravel...

Top 10 Supporting Characters in Video Games

20h ago | Opinion piece | Gammon at GameSpew takes us through his Top 10 supporting characters in video games, from Donald...
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