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PlayStation Experience 2015: Here Are Some Of The Announcements We Want to See

8h ago | Opinion piece | TTZ: Grab on to your controllers for a rocky ride this PlayStation Experience event

The Unlikeliest Game Crossovers

6h ago | Opinion piece | Crossovers are a good thing, but nothing can prepare us for the unlikeliest of them that thr...

The most underrated players in FIFA 16

7h ago | Opinion piece | No Pelé? No problem! Be a FIFA 16 Ultimate Team champ with these criminally underrated players.

Top 10 Dog Companions in Video Games

9h ago | Opinion piece | Who doesn’t love dogs? They play, bark, kill, explode, transform, teleport, and if you throw...

Top 10 Destiny Exotics That Still Haven’t Made It to Year Two

15h ago | Opinion piece | Bungie recently announced that some popular exo...

Telltale’s Release Schedule For Minecraft: Story Mode Is Troubling

1d 3h ago | Opinion piece | A look at Minecraft: Story Mode and how the rapid release schedule could be troubling for the series.

5 HD Video Game Collections You Need To Play

16h ago | Opinion piece | MenStuff: "Remastered re-releases of classic old games (or some games that aren’t even that old)...

Lara Croft's Top 5 Moments in Tomb Raider History

1d 11h ago | Opinion piece | COG writes - Lara Croft has had many adventures over the history of the Tomb Raider franchise and...

PS2 Coming To The PS4 – Why No Love For The PS3?

4d ago | Opinion piece | MWEB GameZone writes: "Although the news should make PS2 game fans extremely happy, fans of PS3 g...

Black Ops III Loading Screens

2d ago | Opinion piece | When you load up a level in Call of Duty: Black Ops III you’re treated to a nice bit of CG magic and some rapidly scrolling text before it tells yo...

What Gamers Want for the Week of 11-23-15: New Video Game Releases

2d ago | Opinion piece | EB: Well the run of big time AAA video game releases this fall is all but over, but there are sti...

Is the father of Dark Souls ready to close the book on the series?

3d ago | Opinion piece | Keith: While it was rumored sometime ago that D...

The Timing of Bungie's Updates to Destiny

3d ago | Opinion piece | MiamiSprites writer Harry Scholefield looks at the release times of Destiny's updates and wh...

Skip Battlefront, Get Your Star Wars Fix From These Games Instead

5d ago | Opinion piece | writes: ''After years of wanting and waiting for a new Battlefront, Dice’s eff...

How to get Destiny’s 16 best weapons

6d ago | Opinion piece | GR: "The days of Thorn are over. The Vex Mythoclast is out. Year one Red Death is now the forg...

Holiday Shopping Guide: Best Music Rhythm Games of 2015

4d ago | Opinion piece | Game Idealist takes a look at the best music rh...

Wonder vs. Wander: The Dichotomy of Bethesda's Open Worlds

5d ago | Opinion piece | Mike examines the differences in exploration an...

Star Wars: The Best, Worst, & Strangest Games

6d ago | Opinion piece | Den of Geeks takes a look at the best, worst, and just plain weird games of Star Wars.

Holiday Shopping Guide: Best Toys-to-Life Games Released in 2015

5d ago | Opinion piece | Game Idealist takes a look at the best toys-to-...

'The Tomb Raider' isn't necessarily a good thing to be

5d ago | Opinion piece | GR: SPOILER WARNING! This article discusses...

Bad Levels in Gaming History - Volume Eight

5d ago | Opinion piece | SPC writes, "Level design is something that has always fascinated me. Its importance in maki...
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