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Activision: Host your damn games properly

4h ago | Opinion piece | "Activision still refuse to provision servers to host their competitive multiplayer games, and that simply isn’t good enough." Asa from Gameondaily shares his frustration with Activision and its...

Metal Gear Solid V - "I Will Never Play it Again"

4d ago | Opinion piece | TheArabGamer writes: "After beating a Metal Gear Solid game I usually tend to feel satisfied enou...

Will PS3 Be Remembered As The Worst PlayStation Ever?

2d ago | Opinion piece | Where will PlayStation 3 rank on the Sony console list when all is said and done? Is there any do...

SOMA is a better game than BioShock

8h ago | Opinion piece | Polygon: BioShock is arguably one of the most influential games ever — certainly of the last generation. It changed expectations for narrative-heavy, single-player-focused games, and for atmospher...

"Broken" Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Is Your Fault

3d ago | Opinion piece | Pennyworthreviews: If you haven’t already read, heard and seen what a hot mess the new Pro Skate...

Mighty No. 9 Demo Nails Mechanics but Flops Aesthetically

3d ago | Opinion piece | Mighty No. 9 backers finally get a chance to take the game for a spin! Justin breaks down his exp...

The Top 10 Best Games Releasing this October

2d ago | Opinion piece | October is packed with games releases so it's easy to miss out on a few. Here are the ones you sh...

Three Games the Single Players Should Look Out For in October

2d ago | Opinion piece | OnlySP: Hi there Single Player gamers! Summer i...

5 Cancelled Games That Could Have Been Great

3d ago | Opinion piece | EGMR writes: "Nobody wants to see cancelled games, especially when they end up being tragically h...

5 Things That Annoy Me About The Phantom Pain

5d ago | Opinion piece | Check out 5 things that annoy New Gamer Nation about Metal Gear Solid V : The Phantom Pain.

Top 5: Female Video Game Characters We Want to Date

2d ago | Opinion piece | TGN: "Let’s have some fun today and talk about...

Top 25 Brutally Difficult Video Games

2d ago | Opinion piece | Here's a collection of games that'll make you cry, before laughing and pointing at you.

Four First Person Shooters with Fantastic Single Player Campaigns

3d ago | Opinion piece | FPS is not really known for single player gameplay but there are games which have memorable singl...

The Metal Gear Solid V Ending Is Pretty Fantastic

2d ago | Opinion piece | Stu at Sushimonter85 writes 'Earlier this week I finally finished Metal Gear Solid V. I mean...

Will Disc Based Gaming Be Around Forever?

3d ago | Opinion piece | SegmentNext - It is a fact that we have come a long way from cartridges to discs and now ont...

Gaming's 5 Misunderstood Villains

3d ago | Opinion piece | Stu at Sushimonster85 writes 'The most interesting villains have a laser-focused belief in w...

Metal Gear Solid V: Fobbed Off

3d ago | Opinion piece | RPS: "Oh God suddenly my private desert adventure is a PvP game in which other players ca...

September PS Plus – PS3 Takeaway

5d ago | Opinion piece | Twisted Metal and Teslagrad are out free September games for PS3 PS Plus. Are these games wo...

I Have No Idea What's Going On In Destiny

6d ago | Opinion piece | IGN At launch I played Destiny pretty casually. I sped through the campaign, did some sta...

10 Square Enix Games Begging for an HD Remaster

5d ago | Opinion piece | With Final Fantasy VII getting a full remake, and the news about Kingdom Hearts 2.8, should...
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