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Editorial: Raise Your Hand If You Don't Care About Destiny

39m ago | Opinion piece | It's all anyone can talk about. But not everyone on the face of the earth is going to buy Destiny, even if that's what it seems like based on the crazy hype.

Destiny Beta Impressions, after playing Alpha

1h ago | Opinion piece | Destiny is shaping up to become one of the biggest games of the year, as Bungie expanded its clas...

Did You Notice The Crew and Watch_Dogs Striking Similarities?

5h ago | Opinion piece | The Crew Beta testing was demo'd a few days ago via TwitchTV 's channel, where noticed som...

Destiny Logo Explained

7h ago | Opinion piece | As the Destiny beta ventures on, have you found yourself pondering on the three-pronged emblem that represents the game you haven’t put down all week? The mystery may finally be solved. Hope you ge...

The Swapper On Wii U Is Getting Graphics Features The PS3 Couldn’t Handle

9h ago | Opinion piece | One Angry Gamer "That's got to be depressing for the PS3 owners... not only is the game not runni...

5 Ways to make the Uncharted Movie not Completely Suck

1h ago | Opinion piece | "Earlier this week, Sony sneakily announced tha...

What Happened to Kane & Lynch?

5h ago | Opinion piece | Kane and Lynch has had a rough history; from getting a professional journalist fired to cont...

A Conversation About Upgrading Older Games

5h ago | Opinion piece | With the new trend of upgrading last-gen titles, many of them less than a year old, for next-gen...

Is Sony Truly Paying Enough for its Class Action Lawsuit?

14h ago | Opinion piece | Sony is settling a class action suit over their 2011 PSN outage. But is what they are offering f...

Top 5 Lord Of The Rings Video Games Retrospective

7h ago | Opinion piece | With the impending release of Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor, the next great video game set in th...

Five Incredible Opening Acts in Video Games

14h ago | Opinion piece | Hardcore Gamer: It’s not easy making a good first impression. Gamers don’t like to wait. We like...

Destiny Has the Best Chance of Earning Multiple Perfect 10s

13h ago | Opinion piece | Given the current release schedule for 2014 and the ongoing trends in the video game reviewing wo...

Top 10 RPGs Of The Generation

17h ago | Opinion piece | Game Informer: We're taking a look at the best role-playing games of the last console generation. Developers got more creative during the cycle, at...

The Top Ten Video Games Releasing in August 2014

17h ago | Opinion piece | Ray Porreca of Entertainment Buddha writes: "Representing a decidedly diverse selection of o...

1001 Spikes Has 3 Parents

13h ago | Opinion piece | GeekParty writes: "I’m enjoying 1001 Spikes; the indie scene-referential unlocks, the quirky...

Read+Watch+Listen: Bonus material for The Wolf Among Us fans

13h ago | Opinion piece | GamesBeat: Did Telltale’s fairytale series leav...

Five Ways That The Walking Dead Has Turned Feminist

21h ago | Opinion piece | At some point The Walking Dead Season Two has v...

10 Most Difficult Decisions You Are Forced To Make In Mass Effect

18h ago | Opinion piece | With entire species hanging in the balance, it'...
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