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  Q-Games' John Davis on PixelJunk, Nom Nom Galaxy and T-Shirts

Hi, I'm John Davis, Q-Games Community Manager and Assistant Producer on the latest PixelJunk title, Nom Nom Galaxy! We're honored to be part of the...

PS3 Opinion Pieces  

Playstation Now Pricing Is Still Completely Broken

5h ago - The Playstation Now open beta started yesterday. A weird concept, because you have to pay to use... | PS3

Best-selling DualShock 3 charging stations

6h ago - What is PlayStation 4 has put together a list for some of the best Charging Stations for your Dua... | PS3

Tekken 7 Has Made the Mishima Saga Interesting Again

6h ago - Hardcore Gamer: We've met the men, the extended family, and even the adopted members of the famil... | Arcade

10 Famous Video Games That Started Out As Something Else Entirely

7h ago - WC writes: "Anything can happen between the time work on a game has begun and when it goes to mar... | PS2

Vi søker Interaksjons/Grafisk Designer

Now - Lyst å jobbe med utviklingen av nye N4G? Vi søker en person i Oslo med erfaring fra arbeid med webtjenester og mobilapplikasjoner. | Promoted post

The Big 5 - August's Biggest Games and DLC

8h ago - August is the calm before the storm; the trickle of new releases that will soon open up into an u... | PC

So You Want to Import Some PlayStation Games

8h ago - CCC says: "With the release of Under Night In-Birth to Japanese markets, gamers everywhere are lo... | PS3

Why The Last of Us Remastered Shouldn’t Really Exist

8h ago - CraveOnline: "I’ll admit that when The Last of Us Remastered was first announced, I felt a tinge... | PS3

Why the creators of 'Halo' left Microsoft to make 'Destiny'

8h ago - Bungie's sci-fi shooter (and sort-of MMO) Destiny held an open beta this past weekend for all hom... | Xbox 360

Top Ten Oddworld Creatures

9h ago - It has been a very long time since we got a new Oddworld game. After the studio decided to stop m... | Xbox 360

Sony’s PlayStation Now Service Feels Like Highway Robbery

10h ago - The problem with the PlayStation Now service is that Sony, at least at this moment, seems very co... | PS3

14 ways PES still has FIFA beat

12h ago - Why Konami will be taking this year's match with EA into extra time. | Xbox 360

20 Best Gaming Cutscenes Ever

12h ago - While some gamers, including director Steven Spielberg, have criticised cutscenes for taking play... | PS2

A Different Kind Of Call Of Duty Criticism Article

12h ago - B-TEN's Patrick Toworfe is an avid fan of Call of Duty, but he's not scared to criticize it eithe... | Xbox 360

Is The Last Of Us the best game ever made?

15h ago - VideoGamer: "As The Last Of Us: Remastered arrives on PS4, people have started discussing whether... | PS3

A Problem With Game Communities

18h ago - An article all about game communities and how some members seem to be out to ruin them for the re... | PS3

Destiny Diaries III: Suddenly It All Makes Sense

18h ago - Ian Childs from HSR writes: 'If you’ve read the previous Destiny Diaries you may have formed t... | Xbox 360

FIFA 15: 10 Under-Rated Teams Which Need Upgrading

19h ago - It's time EA gave these teams the ratings they deserve. | Xbox 360

Oddworld was Kimo Kawaii Before It was Cool

20h ago - CCC Says: "One of the latest, and in my opinion greatest, trends online is the phenomenon known a... | PS3

Two RPG Juggernauts: A Look at Dragon Age: Inquisition and The Witcher 3

1d 2h ago - CraveOnline: "The unbiased RPG player will lay down his company loyalties and enjoy both titles w... | PC

Will Ubisoft Go for its Own Access Plan?

1d 2h ago - Hardcore Gamer: This kind of business model could be a brilliant move for Ubisoft. | Xbox 360

Looking for Pokémon XY News and Info?

Now - Try Bulbapedia, the largest Pokémon resource on the internet. | Promoted post

Now Loading…One Destination Per Planet in Destiny, Does It Really Matter?

1d 5h ago - PlayStation LifeStyle: This week’s “Now Loading…” segment will focus on the very recent controver... | Xbox 360

WWE 2K15 Roster: 15 Overrated Wrestlers That Need Downgrading

1d 5h ago - WC: A year in the WWE can feel like a lifetime. One minute a wrestler is main eventing, a while l... | Xbox 360

PS4 price drop, The Last Guardian, release dates, what to realistically expect from Gamescom 2014

1d 6h ago - GotGame writes: Gamescom 2014 is coming. Sony will be there and is expected to drop some big anno... | PS3

Improving NBA 2K15: Fixing the User Interface

1d 6h ago - GoodGameBro writes, "The first user reports of NBA2K14's launch on the Playstation 4 didn't cente... | PC

PlayStation Now Should Be About More than Backwards Compatibility

1d 6h ago - PlayStation Now's public beta goes live today, but with Sony only pushing the service with PlaySt... | PS2
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