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How Consoles, Indies, and DLC Have Given Way to the Demise of AAA Gaming on the PC

19m ago - Titles that are considered AAA money makers in the console market can quickly disappear off the t... | PC

Resident Evil: Revelations 2's Latest Episode Is Way Better

33m ago - Even though We wasn't impressed with the pilot for Resident Evil: Revelations 2, there was no que... | PC

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Is Good – But It Isn’t Survival Horror

5h ago - "What happened to the 'back to its roots' gameplay? Resident Evil: Revelations 2 retains its grit... | PC

New MGSV image hints Big Boss is Gray Fox

6h ago - A new Big Boss image was revealed by recent MGSV leaked video. The pose and scars hints he might... | PC

Valve Partners With HTC To Create The Vive Virtual Reality Headset

Now - Valve has formed a relationship with Taiwanese smartphone and tablet maker HTC to help create a virtual reality headset called The Vive, which is p... | Promoted post

10 must-play games to get excited about in spring

6h ago - Red Bull writes: There's another slew of great titles coming up over the next few months, so here... | PC

Top 10 – Songs featured in the EA Sports FIFA series

6h ago - The EA Sports FIFA franchise has experienced many ups and downs during its long history, but one... | PC

Sonic Should Retire from Video Games

7h ago - VgamerZ writes: "Sonic, the ultra fast blue hedgehog, Sega’s answer to Mario. Everyone knows who... | PC

Opinion: Who is Battlefield Hardline for?

7h ago - A few of weeks ago, everyone finally got their chance to play Battlefield Hardline in the open be... | PC

Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires is Great for Building Harems

7h ago - Technology Tell writes, "When you go with a custom character in a Dynasty Warriors 8 campaign, yo... | PC

A Photo Tour of the Final Fantasy XIV Golden Saucer

7h ago - Technology Tell writes, "After you’ve completed the Main Scenario questline up through the Airshi... | PC

Fallout 4 - Bethesda Still Tight Lipped

12h ago - Since 2008 in which Bethesda’s previous open-world marvel Fallout 3 claimed a number of Game of t... | Xbox 360

Top 5 Indie Studios to Keep an Eye On

12h ago - Top 5 Indie Studios to Keep an Eye On | PS3

Loving Dragon Ball XenoVerse? Scan These 6 Excellent Titles

12h ago - Dragon Ball Xenoverse combines excellent action, fighting, and RPG gameplay. If you're addicted,... | PC

Resident Evil Revelations 2: Contemplation Impressions: No Rest for the Weary

15h ago - Resident Evil Revelations 2 released its second episode today, titled Contemplation. Although, th... | PC

Why Raid Mode is the Next Big Thing for the Resident Evil Franchise

18h ago - Gamemoir's Nick D. Explains why Resident Evil: Revelations’ Raid Mode is a game-changer for the l... | PC

Overlooked Gem: I Am Alive

19h ago - GamerBolt: "A post-apocalyptic game which has largely gone unsung and which I think deserves more... | PC

GTA Online Heists - Why We Are Hyped

21h ago - With the announcement of the release dates of both the PC version of GTA V and GTA online heists,... | Xbox 360

Show of the Week: 4 Forgotten Resident Evil Games They Should Remaster

23h ago - OX: "The recent Resident Evil HD Remaster was the best selling digital title ever for Resident Ev... | PC

7 Fighting Game Characters Super Obviously Based on Real People

1d ago - It's hard work designing fighting game characters. You have to decide on their fighting style an... | PS2

Impressions on episode 2 of Resident Evil: Revelations 2

1d ago - This article may contain spoilers. Capcom has released the second episode of Resident Evil: Revel... | PC

Looking for Pokémon XY News and Info?

Now - Try Bulbapedia, the largest Pokémon resource on the internet. | Promoted post

Eorzean Evening Post: Libra Eorzea Expansion Dreams

1d ago -'s columnist, Petter Martensson, has the Libra Eorzea app installed on his phone ever... | PC

Storytelling Innovation, Dragon Age Keep, Moving The Game Industry Forward

1d 2h ago - The ability to completely review and alter a narrative experience as rich, complex, and interconn... | Xbox 360

What has caused the March PS Plus Announcement to be delayed?

1d 4h ago - Usually in the last couple of days in the month PlayStation announces through its blog, the upcom... | PS3

Resident Evil Revelations 2 needs more Barry and less Claire, after playing Episode 2

1d 5h ago - MMGN writes, Towards the end of Revelations 2’s second episode, Contemplation, I was struck wi... | Xbox 360

10 Biggest Games Of March 2015

1d 7h ago - writes: "March is here, people! And that means the gaming release calender is heat... | PC
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