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6 Things Ubisoft Can Do To Make Us Hate Them Less

1h ago - J Station X: "After several poor game launches and controversies soured public opinion, we look a... | PC

3 Games That Desperately Need a Holiday Miracle

1h ago - Here are 3 games that need a touch of holiday magic to get them to what they should have been. | PC

‘The Interview’ Controversy Sheds Troubling Light on Video Game Acceptance

1h ago - Hardcore Gamer: All at once, the internet (save for a few rogue supporters) cried out about free... | PC

GTA V Online Heists: Top 5 features

3h ago - Hey guys TheProjectAli team brings you a list our top 5 features in the upcoming update of GTA V... | Xbox 360

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

Game of the Year #8 – Valiant Hearts: The Great War

5h ago - Dan Naylor: "Not many video games have made me cry, but by god Valiant Hearts set me off. That fi... | PC

Grand Theft Auto: Long Overdue for a Woman Protagonist

6h ago - As Grand Theft Auto V approaches a Steam release, gamers have continued to question whether the s... | PC

Telltale does Minecraft: Great idea or disaster in waiting?

7h ago - Dealspwn: "So, Telltale are doing a Minecraft game. We know very little about it, apart from the... | PC

EGMR Awards 2014: Developer Of The Year

8h ago - EGMR writes: "This award is very difficult to hand out. Developers often bring out more than one... | PC

EGMR Awards 2014: Bastard Of The Year

8h ago - EGMR writes: "The Bastard of the Year Award is what we give to someone who did something so basta... | PC

Top 10 The Simpsons Games

8h ago - Jonathan Coutiño (JohnnRckr) from NoobFeed writes: To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the show,... | GameCube

Why Child of Light is a Game of The Year Nominee

10h ago - The IGN crew breaks down why they chose the unique RPG as one of 2014's Game of The Year Nominees. | PC

Top 5 Worst Games of 2014 | Bristolian Gamer

10h ago - counting down the worst games of 2014 and remember it's an opinion if you don't agree that is fin... | PC

Dragon Age Inquisition: My Story – Part 5

10h ago - Matt from Gamers Sphere says: "In episode 4 of this Dragon Age Inquisition tale, we fought our wa... | PC

GTA Online Finally Clicked For Me

11h ago - Rich Drummond of Gaming Tech United writes: "I initially played Grand Theft Auto Online back o... | Xbox 360

AC Unity's Patch Shows What's Wrong With Today's Games

12h ago - Whether you’re a fan the Assassin’s Creed series or not, you’ll know that Ubisoft released Assass... | PC

5 Great Games Bursting With Christmas Spirit

15h ago - With Christmas right around the corner you may find yourself with a bit of extra time to play. He... | PC

Top 5 Disappointments of 2014

15h ago - OnlySP: 2014 has been a great year in games, or has it? The end of the year is a time to look bac... | PC

Reflecting on 2014: Broken and Unfinished Games

15h ago - SheAttack: This year and gaming is coming to a close and Erica of SheAttack reflects on it, touch... | Xbox 360

Advanced Warfare – Best Assault Rifle in the Game

16h ago - Need help figuring out which assault rifle in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will best suit your... | PC

The Best Games of 2014

20h ago - Here the best games of 2014 for Amazon UK. | PC

Get paid to review products

Now - Join the finest minds in consumer research and change the world one product at a time. Share your unique opinion and get paid for it! Participation... | Promoted post

Top 10 Games of Christmas 2014

20h ago - Chris compiles a list of his top video game gifts for Christmas 2014. | Xbox 360

The 10 Best Sports Videogames of 2014

22h ago - Paste Magazine looks at the best sports videogames of the year. | PC

Funny: Rockstar Games Throws A Subliminal Shot At Us Gamers

1d 1h ago - Today Rockstar Games released a trailer and finally gave Us an update for the much, much, much... | PC

Why Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is a Game of The Year Nominee

1d 3h ago - The IGN crew breaks down why they chose the unique middle-earth based action adventure as one of... | PC

Top 5 Disappointing Games of 2014 That Failed To Live Up To Massive Hype And Expectations

1d 3h ago - 2014 was a massive year for gamers. This was the year that was all about the video game releases... | Xbox 360
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