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What's Your Favorite Use Of a Song In a Video Game?

4h ago - OnlySP: With so many games out there, each of them need to (or at least should) have an epic soun... | PC

How Assassin's Creed keeps it fresh: part one

6h ago - Tony Nguyen over at G4@Syfygames thinks the Assassin's Creed games still manages to keep things f... | Xbox 360

'Warhammer: Arcane Magic' - a Digital Boardgame for iOS

Now - Arcane Magic is a turn based strategy game set in the Warhammer universe. Play it now on Ipad and Iphone. | Promoted post

Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir Shows How HD Remasters Should be Handled

8h ago - It's no secret that HD ports are everywhere, from physical collections to individual digital re-r... | PS3

Five Games to Watch for at Gamescom 2015

8h ago - EB: Later this week in Cologne, Germany, Gamescom 2015 will kick off and bring with many exciting... | PC

Destiny’s Weapon Tuning 2.0 Patch Shows How One PvP Addition Could Majorly Improve the Game

8h ago - While Destiny's Weapon Tuning 2.0 patch is meant to fix the game's broken issues, it ends up high... | Xbox 360

What happened to the Resident Evil series?

10h ago - With three Resident Evil HD remasters having now been released, a Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster... | GameCube

Red Dead Redemption 2: 8 things it needs

13h ago - With Red Dead 2 rumoured for a Gamescom unveiling, here are eight things to spruce up the Wild West. | Xbox 360

Top 5 GTA Missions That Will Go Down In History

13h ago - Carla at GameSpew writes: "You know that feeling of butterflies people often talk about? It comes... | PC

How Life is Strange's success could help Telltale build better worlds and stories

18h ago - Life is Strange has proven itself as one of the most gripping episodic video game releases this s... | Xbox 360

Will Sony's Lack of a Conference Matter at Gamescom Next Week?

1d 10h ago - "Gamescom begins next week in Cologne. In recent years, the event has earned something of a reput... | Xbox 360

Here are the top games coming out in August for consoles

1d 11h ago - With summer half way over, August is ripe for the picking with some top titles being released on... | PC

Are Gamers Suckers?

1d 12h ago - As gamers, we are always waiting for the the next big reveal. Whether it is the next IP, the next... | PC

In Case You Missed It - Overlord

1d 13h ago - A look back at a game that offers an evil alternative to fantasy gaming | PC

You can Pre-order This or you can Pre-order That

1d 17h ago - Kuma wrote: I am up to my eyeballs in pre-orders, and that is to be expected after this year’s E3... | PC

Expect These Final Fantasy XII HD Changes

1d 17h ago - PSLS bets that Final Fantasy XII HD will follow in FFX and X-2 HD's footsteps. Both got "Internat... | PS3

ReVenge Bound. Day 2 of the 30 theories of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

2d ago - It begins with a simple theory, TPP doesn’t start off on the hour at hospital or Afghanistan. Thi... | PC

6 Games That You Will Shed A Tear For

2d ago - Developers create video-games that mesmerise us, thrill us, shock us and humour us. However, it i... | PC

Is it too late to get into Metal Gear Solid?

2d ago - On September 1, 2015 the newest member, and possibly final, in the Metal Gear Solid series will b... | Xbox 360

Can a PlayStation Plus Voting System Make Gamers Happy?

2d ago - PSLS - With the recent rumor surrounding an upcoming feature that will allow PlayStation Plus sub... | PS3

Obsidians Best Games

2d ago - Stu at Sushimonster85 writes 'Founded in 2003, Obsidian Entertainment have enjoyed a relatively e... | PC

Follow N4G on Twitter

Now - Follow N4G on twitter and get the hottest news of the day as well as early contest announcements. | Promoted post

Does Dead Rising Watchtower Prove Video Games don't Need Movies?

2d ago - A look at the Dead Rising Watchtower movie and how it reaffirms the idea that video game based mo... | PC

Single Player Re-Play

2d ago - TSN: Check out my new series where I recommend a video game each week that will give you more... | PS3

Quick Analysis: Should Journey be Considered a Game?

2d ago - "Journey is re-releasing on PlayStation 4 today. For many people it is an intense emotional exper... | PS3

The Walking Dead Season 1: A Look Back At TellTale Games Masterpiece

2d ago - Telltale games first released The Walking Dead Game on April 24th, 2012 to a bunch of eager and n... | Xbox 360

Jumping From Consoles to PC - Not as Scary as You Think

3d ago - "The gaming scene of today is utterly massive in every way, shape and form. Millions of people ar... | PC
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