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Destiny’s Problem – Social Game with No Communication

19h ago | Article | The biggest concern in the Destiny beta is the communication between players in Destiny. John of Mars on the bungie forums explains some of the issues with the in-game voice chat and combat-related...

10 essential tips/tricks for Destiny Beta Guardians

1d 2h ago | Article | Nerd Reactor does the 10 essential tips/tricks for Destiny Beta.

Assassin's Creed Unity - Unlocking a new era of gaming

1d 3h ago | Article | MWEb GameZone writes: "According to Assassin's Creed Unity Creative Director, Alex Amancio, Unity...

Destiny: Understanding the Upgrade System

1d 22h ago | Article | GoodGameBro writes, "As you play the Destiny Beta when it returns tomorrow, and as you finally get to sink your teeth into the full Destiny experience once it is released in stores on September 9th...

How to dominate the Destiny Beta PvP: The Basics

1d 6h ago | Article | Some Destiny PvP tips and tricks discovered learned during the beta.

Four Bad Video Game Behaviors We All Do

2d ago | Article | Video games is a medium where we can escape our harsh realities; waking up to go to work every mo...

Destiny: Understanding Weapons and Armor

3d ago | Article | GoodGameBro writes, "Whether you were lucky enough to try the Destiny Alpha last month on Sony Pl...

Here is Every Ghost and Golden Chest Location in the Destiny Beta Test

3d ago | Article | Here is every Ghost location known in the Destiny Beta test. For those looking to complete their...

Destiny Beta: The Top Destinations of The Tower

3d ago | Article | GoodGameBro writes, "In the Destiny Beta, The Tower is the home of the Guardians on Earth, p...

Sledgehammer Games celebrates 5 years, and teases a surprise

1d 23h ago | Article | CarlosX360 writes: "Earlier this morning, Sledg...

What is the future of the PS Vita?

5d ago | Article | Kutter28 shares his thoughts on the PS Vita's future.

Can last-gen consoles handle Destiny?

2d ago | Article | Eurogamer : "With no PC version announced as yet, it's fair to say that the PlayStation 4...

Tips for playing Destiny Multiplayer Beta

6d ago | Article | Destiny beta is now available on Playstation 3 and Playstation 4. Here are some important ti...

How To PvP In Destiny

5d ago | Article | One of the main features of Destiny is the player vs player combat. You can't just jump in l...

6 Console Games to Get Excited For After the Destiny Beta

4d ago | Article | The Destiny beta is here, and most people level...

Destiny classes guide

5d ago | Article | Your guide to the classes in Bungie's Destiny.

Destiny Guide: How To Switch Your Sparrow And Ship

6d ago | Article | In Destiny you are given a basic ship and Sparr...

Early access: How it should be implemented

6d ago | Article | Sony and Microsoft implementing a Steam-esque service on both consoles is a real possibility...

Vehicle sound design in Battlefield 4 (Frostbite 3)

6d ago | Article | "A “behind the scenes”, warts and all, article...

Everything you need to know about Natural Doctrine

6d ago | Article | Rice Digital takes a look at the gorgeous-looki...
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