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Rumored 'DmC: Devil May Cry' port reignites old animosities

2h ago | Article | A rumored Nex-Gen port of 'DmC: Devil May Cry' has reignited old animosities gamers have had one year after the games original release. Once again message boards and chat rooms are besieged with ga...

How To Cancel PlayStation Store Pre-orders Online

2h ago | Article | One of the new features that Sony has introduced relatively recently, with the advent of the Play...

Video games and pricing

2h ago | Opinion piece | While price elasticity is prevalent with many smaller independently developed and published video games, many of the larger AAA studios have set th...

Tekken 7 Announcement Leak Killed Its Potential Excitement

2h ago | Opinion piece | Castle Geek-Skull's Chris Keating thinks the Tekken 7 reveal leak sucked too much of the life out of what could have been a more exciting announcement.

Sony Loves Devs, But PS4 Gamers Hate Indie

12h ago | Opinion piece | Picture the scenario. You have seen eye watering, jaw dropping trailers and video demos from even...

Worst PS3 and Xbox 360 games ever

11h ago | Opinion piece | They are still alive and kicking but the new generation pushed the PS3 and 360 aside. A good time to view the worst games the consoles had to endure.

Top 5 Upcoming RPGs

11h ago | Opinion piece | Count down the most promising upcoming Role-Playing video games!

Madden NFL 15 Jaguars Team Analysis

2h ago | Article | Madden-School writes, "The Jacksonville Jaguars are unquestionably the worst team in Madden...

The PlayStation Empire: A Blast From the Past

22h ago | Article | The eighth generation, despite its young age, has indeed been quite an exciting one from sin...

10 Gaming Heroes You Didn’t Realise Are Murderous Psychopaths

17h ago | Opinion piece | WC: Despite having kill counts that reach genocidal numbers, these characters are still treated a...

8 Games That Burdened You With Awful Companions

16h ago | Opinion piece | WC writes: "Any gamer worth their salt will have come across – at least once in their lifetime –...

The Criminally Overlooked: 5 Games From Last Generation You NEED To Play

22h ago | Opinion piece | Christopher Johnson writes: The summer doldrums are upon us. As the scarcity of game releases rea...

Get Over It - 'Fully Gay' Character in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

20h ago | Opinion piece | Over the past few weeks, news of the NPC in BioWare’s upcoming release Dragon Age: Inquisition, D...

Evo 2014 Day 1 Ultra Street Fighter IV Tournament Full of Upsets

16h ago | Opinion piece | Castle Geek-Skull's Chris Keating highlights so...

The 5 Flattest Performances by Hollywood Actors in Games

16h ago | Opinion piece | OutsideXbox: Peter 'Tyrion Lannister' Dinklage...
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