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In before "I'm canceling my pre-order" over Destiny's late reviews

5h ago | Opinion piece | GameZone: "Bungie, the same developers that brought us Halo have been working on their next space-epic first-person-shooter, Destiny, for quite a while. In fact, the game is done and set to release...

Destiny May Not Require a 40GB Install

7h ago | Opinion piece | You might have seen those blurry images of the Destiny game box floating around, along with word...

Sony’s Instant Games Collection will always trump Games with Gold

7h ago | Opinion piece | GameZone's Jake Valentine: "Instead, I’m going to focus on something that Games with Gold just fl...

10 Things You Need To Know About The #GamerGate Scandal

7h ago | Article | Articles everywhere have sprung up overnight claiming that ‘gamers are dead’, or ‘gamers are killing gamers’. Chances are you’ve seen one of these articles with whatever sensationalist title they’v...

5 Most Anticipated RPGs of 2015

9h ago | Opinion piece | 2014 has been a bit of a slow year as far as AAA gaming options are concerned, but with the upcoming launch of Destiny next week September 9th and...

The Complete List - September 2014 Releases

16h ago | Article | MWEB GameZone writes: "Everything you need to know about the September 2014 video game releases f...

Portal is the Definitive Franchise of the Last Generation

5h ago | Opinion piece | Examining what made Valve’s science fiction puzzle-platformers absolute must-plays for any and al...

10 Video Game Villains That Were Total Rubbish

17h ago | Opinion piece | This list takes a look at the absolute worst video game villains, that were simply too laughable,...

Persona 5′s Main Character Has Me Intrigued

7h ago | Opinion piece | GeekParty writes: "Persona 5 had me had at Persona. Dungeon-crawling and social links are more th...

The Best Games of 2014: September Releases

21h ago | Opinion piece | Richard Bailey Jr. of The Koalition writes: Now that the summer is officially coming to a close,...

The Walking Dead Season 2 - Why I Made the Tough Choice at the End

9h ago | Opinion piece | The beauty of the ending scenario of The Walking Dead Season 2 is apparent in the number of onlin...

This is How Developers Should Be Making DLC

17h ago | Opinion piece | With all of the focus on DLC and expanding content Standalone DLC seems to be the path to a real...

I'm CoD & I'm Proud

15h ago | Opinion piece | Ross Everman for Fully 'Avin It writes - If you’re a blogger/journo/internet writer-man like...

Game of the Month and Must-Plays – August 2014

10h ago | Opinion piece | "August brought gamers a flood of new titles to play, so we sift through them and deliver yo...

Why This Multiplayer Hater Is Getting Destiny Day One

17h ago | Opinion piece | Online multiplayer is high tension, stressful,...

Opinion: Despite Everything, I'm Still a Gamer | GodisaGeek

10h ago | Opinion piece | Mick Fraser: "I am, and always will be, a gamer...

PlayingStation: New PS3/PS4 Releases Week of September 1st

10h ago | Article | Would you rather be arguably the most prolific...

Mortal Kombat: The Fighting Game That Defined a Generation

15h ago | Article | The 90′s scene was all about furry hedgehogs an...

Reasons to Buy the Warriors Orochi 3: Ultimate

17h ago | Opinion piece | Today, Koei Tecmo Games and Omega Force are proud to announce that Warriors Orochi 3: Ultima...

Weekly Launchpad. What Kickstarters Launched Aug 24 - 30?

15h ago | Article | Greg Micek writes: "Every week we take a brief...


16h ago | Opinion piece | GameGrin's Andrew Duncan writes: "The majority of games that come out these days - specifica...

APV Character Of The Month September '14: Abe

21h ago | Opinion piece | We here at A Pixelated View tend to get into a lot of disagreements about things—best action...

The Month Ahead: September 2014

17h ago | Article | Gadgets and Khajiits showcases the best games of next month!

Battlefield 3: Best Sniper Rifle

21h ago | Opinion piece | Recon is a very useful class in Battlefield 3 but many people underestimate it. The thing is...
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