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What Resident Evil 0 HD Means For the Series

3h ago | Opinion piece | Instead of rebooting the Resident Evil franchise to its glory days, Capcom has decided to announc...

Show of the Week: Farmageddon in Co-op Farming Simulator 15

2h ago | Opinion piece | OX: Farming Simulator 15 is a serious farming...

A games length and it's value for money.

2h ago | Opinion piece | GSR talk in depth about the games industry and share their views on value for money and the...

Is The Witcher 3 better than Skyrim?

18h ago | Opinion piece | The Witcher 3 has gone down as a success, it's safe to say. But is it a better game than Skyrim, one of the greatest RPG's of all time? In this opinion piece Gamespresso's Steve compares the two.

The Complete List - June 2015 Video Game Releases

5h ago | Article | MWEB GameZone writes: "We know you are excited to try out the Batmobile in Arkham Knight, but take a moment to look at the other 26 video games also releasing in June. There are a few gems you...

Adding Female Teams To FIFA Is A Good Start, But...

15h ago | Opinion piece | Following EA's announcement of Female international teams headed to FIFA 16 later this year, Mark...

The one developer that nailed video game storytelling this week

11h ago | Opinion piece | GotGame: Telltale did an outstanding job with the last Game of Thrones episode. Here's an examina...

Will Elder Scrolls Online Hook Me Like Skyrim Did?

18h ago | Opinion piece | Mike discusses his hopes that Elder Scrolls Online will live up to the experiences he had while p...

Final Fantasy X/ X-2 HD Remaster On PS4: Is It Worth It?

15h ago | Opinion piece | Nic Bunce gives his take on whether the new PS4 version of Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster is wor...

June game releases

15h ago | Opinion piece | GameSpace: "The first month of summer will begin already in a few days, and GameSpace team is sure that each real player wants to know, which cool...

Looking Back at the PlayStation E3 2014 Conference

17h ago | Article | The Electronic Entertainment Expo is a time to be excited at the exciting future of games; but al...

EA Include Women in FIFA, Sexism Ensues

17h ago | Article | Eskimo Press: "We’ve all wondered why FIFA have not implemented the female league into the FIFA s...

This week's new UK releases

8h ago | Article | GamesAsylum looks at the week's releases, including Splatoon, BADLAND: Game of the Year Edit...

Far Cry 4 Is My Favorite 2014 Game Of 2015

15h ago | Opinion piece | Stephen Totilo: "I nearly gave up on Far Cry 4. I recently recovered from that mistake."

Konami as Pyramid Head: Silent Hill's Second Death

19h ago | Opinion piece | Silent Hill fans have it rough. Not quite as rough as James Sunderland, but there are some strang...

Everything Looks Great In Star Wars Disney Infinity, Except Darth Maul

17h ago | Opinion piece | Darth Maul looks a little...inflated, in the ne...

5 Hopes For E3 2015

17h ago | Opinion piece | IM PLAYIN discuss their five hopes for this year's E3 event. "E3 is fast approaching, and...

Top 7 hopes and dreams for FIFA 16

20h ago | Opinion piece | FIX AI SYSTEM Defenders constantly crash in to one another, GKs make the most horrible decis...

10 Gaming Sidekicks That Made Life so Much Easier

11h ago | Article | Take a look at Twinifinte's top 10 gaming sidekicks.

Top Five Horses In Gaming

18h ago | Opinion piece | Playfire: "Hot damn, The Witcher 3 is a big game. Thankfully, though, Geralt has his trusty...

To Whom it May Concern @Ubisoft

16h ago | Opinion piece | "Though revelations was not the strongest in the series, it put an end to a journey that mad...

Top 5 JRPGs Developed By tri-Ace

18h ago | Opinion piece | If you have not played any of its games already, perhaps you should give yourself the opport...

The Weird Reason I Like Annualized Franchises

19h ago | Opinion piece | Noah says, "Let’s get this out of the way from the very beginning; I know this opinion is ou...
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