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The Last of Us doesn't need a sequel

18h ago | Opinion piece | A sequel to The Last of Us is the last thing its fans need.

Top 10 Worst Voice Acting in Video Games

11h ago | Opinion piece | There are a lot of great voice actors, and a lot of great voice acting in games. From Mark Hamill as Christopher Blair to Troy Baker as, well, everything. Great story with great voice acting can re...

3 Up and 3 Down – The Best (And Worst) Games From June 2015

12h ago | Opinion piece | June typically kicks off the summer gaming lull. Publishers rarely seem to release big games in June, but this past month was an exception. We played some fantastic games, and a few stinkers. In th...

E3 2015: Taking A Look At – Mighty No. 9

13h ago | Opinion piece | Clipping Error discuss the details revealed at E3 2015 about Mighty No. 9, including gameplay and...

What I Want From The Last of Us 2

18h ago | Opinion piece | Kamil Dyszewski of Victory Point writes - "The Last Of Us ended perfectly. It closed majority of loose ends, and gave the players an idea of the li...

The Underestimated Benefit Of New Game Plus

18h ago | Opinion piece | For as useful as it is to have, new game plus is a feature which many games seem to exist without.

What Makes a Great Open World RPG?

20h ago | Article | "Open world games have become more and more popular in recent years and there are many examples of good open world series such as Assassin's Creed,...

7 Biggest Games Of July 2015

22h ago | Opinion piece | MenStuff: "We’ve hit the midway point of 2015, and as we look ahead to the incoming game releases of June, it’s evident that there’s no massive tri...

First Impressions: Valkyria Chronicles

13h ago | Opinion piece | Welcome to First Impressions, an unfiltered first look at the newest video games to make it throu...

5 Great Canadian Games To Play On Canada Day

21h ago | Opinion piece | Canadians, with their glowing hearts, have been able to create many fantastic video games for the...
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