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Ready For The Single Player Experience Again | FFXV and The Evil Within TGS trailers

1d 22h ago - Justin Scerbo from The Zero Review discusses how the Final Fantasy XV and The Evil Within TGS tra... | Xbox 360

September Games for Budget Gamers

1d 23h ago - Allen of Gamer Assault Weekly saves you money while offering some awesome games you can play with... | PC

Destiny's Legendary Engram is the biggest troll

1d 23h ago - GameZone: "Remember a few months back when I wrote about Sunset Overdrive's mascot Fizzie, and ho... | Xbox 360

Why ESPN Is Wrong About eSports

1d 23h ago - Fatal Hero: I’m sure you’ve already heard that ESPN top-dog John Skipper denies that eSports are... | PC

Access to the Best Geek Dating experience!

Now - N4G is now partner with Enjoy for free and with illimited access all the feature of this new site! Promo Code NFRUHD59 | Promoted post

Why Snake Is The Best Climber In Video Game History

1d 23h ago - "Point being video games are full of people who climb: Lara Croft, Nathan Drake, Ezio, um… The Ic... | Xbox 360

6 Games That Will Get Absolutely Buried in November’s Busiest Release Window

2d ago - These are six games that don't stand much of a chance of standing out in the release window of No... | PC

Adventures through Metal Gear: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

2d ago - The Bit's Tom Dent approaches the end of his journey through Hideo Kojima's masterpiece series. T... | PS3

6 Games That Will Definitely Shine in November’s Busiest Release Window

2d ago - These are six games that have a good chance of standing out amidst the chaos of November 17-23, t... | PC

Microsoft Buys Minecraft: A Desperate Move to Rival Sony?

2d ago - The Seattle-based software giant has paid $2.5 billion to acquire Swedish company Mojang, the cre... | PC

Resoundingly Mediocre? - The Trouble With Destiny's Review Scores and Metacritic Bonuses

2d ago - Dealspwn: "When Schreier calls a 77% review score average "resoundingly mediocre" he becomes part... | Xbox 360

Top 5 reveals from the 2014 Tokyo Game Show

2d ago - Tokyo Game Show kicked off earlier this week holding up it's revolutionary name with releases and... | PC

Review Fatigue

2d ago - Andrew takes a look at how review influence has changed for adult gamers. | PC

How To: Destiny - The Moon's Golden Chests

2d ago - Joel wouldn't stop talking, so Matt joins Adam in finding the Moon's golden chests in Destiny. | Xbox 360

Did Destiny Let You Down? Here are 4 Fool-Proof Ways to Cheer Yourself Up

2d ago - Destiny. You may love it, you may despise it, it may have even grown on you like a $500 million f... | Xbox 360

Battlefield Hardline Introduces the Hotwire Multiplayer Mode

2d ago - MWEB GameZone writes: The success of Battlefield: Hardline depends heavily on how well it execute... | PC

The Fate of Destiny

2d ago - With so many opinions out there coming in broken and disconnected it's hard to get a read on Dest... | Xbox 360

The Daily Five: Sony TGS 2014 No-Shows

2d ago - "With Sony giving their conference early this morning, the 2014 Tokyo Game Show is underway. It w... | PS3

Collector’s Cabinet: Tales of Xillia 2 Collector’s Edition

2d ago - There’s nothing quite like owning physical goods, but they can be expensive, and shelf space can... | PS3

5 Reasons Valiant Hearts is both awesome and respectful to its subject matter

2d ago - Simon from GameCupid talks about why Valiant Hearts is awesome and how it impacts him personally | PC

Marin County, California is Trading Ice Cream for Violent Video Games. Here are 5 Better Ideas

2d ago - Mike from Twinfinite writes, "Any deal that exists here is all but guaranteed to be better than g... | PC

Dead Rising 3: Apocalypse Edition (PC) Review

Now - Drew checks out the PC version of Capcom’s zombie slaughter simulator. | Promoted post

Destiny and the Hamster Wheel Blues

2d ago - From the article, "It is possible to kill yourself at The Tower, the hubworld in Bungie’s new vid... | Xbox 360

Destiny: Changes Might Be Done In Upcoming Patches

2d ago - It been a while, Destiny is out and player who love the Shooting and Action games, really like it... | Xbox 360

5 Games You Would Need if You Were Trapped on an Island

2d ago - Twinfinite writes about the 5 games that you would definitely need to take with you if you ever w... | PC

Top Ten Rivalries To Include In WWE 2K15

2d ago - With the latest delay of WWE 2K15, all of the wrestling fans will have to wait a little bit befor... | Xbox 360

Have Rage Quit Issues? Stay Away from These 5 Games

2d ago - Twinfinite writes "Have you ever had your anger transcend from your gaming console to your body?... | Nintendo DS
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