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“What PS2 Games Would You Like to See on Your PS4?” Asks Sony XDev Europe

3d ago - With Sony’s recent confirmation that they are working on bringing PlayStation 2 games to PlayStat... | PS2

Free Final Fantasy XI Digital Soundtrack for PS4 Coming to PS Plus in Japan; Disk Releasing Today

12d ago - Japanese PlayStation Plus users are getting a very nice perk on November 18th, Sony Computer Ente... | PS2

Dissidia Final Fantasy Celebrates Final Fantasy XIV and XI Updates with Y’shtola and Shantotto

13d ago - Between yesterday and today both Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and Final Fantasy XI had major... | PS2

Twisted Metal Franchise Celebrates 20th Anniversary

18d ago - Twisted Metal aimed to entertain, and it did that far more often than not – even if that was occa... | PS2

Final Fantasy Box Set 2: Official Game Guide released in North America

20d ago - The Final Fantasy Box Set 2: Official Game Guide (which comes with updated guides for Final Fanta... | PS2

The Glorious PlayStation 2 Is 15 Years Old in North America Today

29d ago - Tomorrow is going to be a very important day for PlayStation, but today isn’t irrelevant either,... | PS2

Phantasy Star I and II for Playstation 2 Translated into English by Fans

30d ago - Carl Williams writes, "Okay, these fan translations are getting better and better. The most rece... | PS2

Gamer Receives Reward For Used Game Purchase

46d ago - Someone bought a used copy of Dragons Lair 3D and received a little bonus on top - literally. | GameCube

20 Years of Play - a Q&A with Shuhei Yoshida

59d ago - Shuhei Yoshida, President of Worldwide Studios SCE, looks back at the last 20 years of PlayStation. | PS2

PS4 Console And Games Selling At A Faster Rate Than PS2 In Asia

69d ago - Asian markets seem to love the PS4 console and its games as they are selling at a faster rate tha... | PS2

Updated release date and more details listed for the Final Fantasy Box Set 2: Official Game Guide

69d ago - An updated release date, as well as additional details, have been listed for the upcoming Final F... | PS2

EGX 2015: Sony's Shuhei Yoshida to talk 20 years of PlayStation

74d ago - Eurogamer: "This year's EGX, the UK games festival formerly known as the Eurogamer Expo (and r... | PS2

SHAREfactory gets 20th Anniversary PlayStation theme

76d ago - PS4's SHAREfactory app is getting in on the 20th Anniversary PlayStation celebrations with the re... | PS2

From Halo to World of Warcraft: An Interview With Voice Artist Laura Bailey

76d ago - You may not know her name, but you will know her voice. She has been Jaina Proudmoore in World of... | PS2

Spot Light on: Final Fantasy singer Susan Calloway Interview

77d ago - Gamers Elite: "Today, we turn our spot light on the amazing Susan Calloway as she answers our que... | PS2

Final Fantasy XII Beautiful Fran Play Arts Kai Figure To Launch Next Year In Japan

80d ago - GS:" In the past few months two beautiful Play Arts Kai figures representing Diamond Dog and Ocel... | PS2

Katsuhiro Harada "Can Do" Something About Xenosaga's Future

82d ago - The future of Xenosaga is uncertain. The IP is owned by Bandai Namco, but developer Monolithsoft... | PS2

Gran Turismo 6 Sales Data Reported in VIRAG/SCEA Case

82d ago - GTplanet: As part of the ongoing litigation by Italian flooring company VIRAG, SCEA shared GT6 s... | PS2

What are the hardest PC games?

94d ago - Dark Souls got the most mentions, with 14% saying it was the hardest game they've ever played. It... | PS2

Breath Of Fire Series New Website Launched Today, Includes Details On All Games

103d ago - A new Breath Of Fire series website has been launched today by Capcom. The site includes informat... | PS2

See what games are coming out in 2016

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2016. | Promoted post

PS4 on track to beat PS2 as the best selling console ever

117d ago - GamesRadar+ Says: If we weren't too grown up to be discussing console wars we'd probably be annou... | PS2

Conversations with Creators: Santa Monica Studios

118d ago - The fourth and final episode of Conversations with Creators, hosted by Wil Wheaton, is now out an... | PS2

Summer Games Done Quick 2015 Marathon Event Is A Go, Ends On August 2nd

120d ago - DSOGaming writes: "Summer Games Done Quick is one of our most beloved marathon events. During thi... | PS2

Crash Bandicoot cartoon revealed to be early game concept

127d ago - A recently unearthed cartoon appearing to be from a never released Crash Bandicoot commercial or... | PS2

Sony Trademarks “Boku to Maou” and “Hajimari no Boken” in Japan; Brings Back Memories

130d ago - Sony has recently registered two new trademarks with the Japanese Patent and Trademark Office. | PS2
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