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  A Boy's Quest

By Erik.B.Skjoldhaug, Co-Founder at Lumi Games AS. Once upon a time in a faraway country, far to the north, a country covered in snow and where...

PS2 Opinion Pieces  

Hey, Remember When People Used to Care About Final Fantasy?

22h ago - Final Fantasy was once a hugely popular franchise with millions of fans, who were all extremely v... | GameCube

10 Games That Have Amazing Storylines

23h ago - GamerBolt: "Yes, a great narrative can turn a decent game into a masterpiece, opening doors in yo... | PS2

A few words on Neversoft and its wonderful Tony Hawk-powered time machine

1d 20h ago - VideoGamer: "Forget the ignominy of the ill-advised spin-offs and clunky late-era peripherals: at... | PS2

Top Interesting Resident Evil Facts

2d ago - PS Gang compiles the most interesting facts based around the Resident Evil franchise. For instanc... | PS2

Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

5 life lessons taught to me by Persona 4

2d ago - Games in Asia: "Some the best games aren’t just games, they are educational. The very best games... | PS2

Metal Gear Solid: 10 Most Ridiculous Things We Just Had To Go With

2d ago - Welcome to Hideo Kojima's world, please mind the vampires, nanomachines and ghosts. | PS2

Pile of Shame – Resident Evil 4 Retrospective Review

3d ago - William at GameCloud writes: "If you’re not familiar with what a “pile of shame” is: basically... | GameCube

If I could only have 10 video games

4d ago - GotGame: Steam sales, Humble Bundles, GoG, Amazon, and even traditional retailers have made it ea... | PS2

Yakuza 2 Retrospective Review

4d ago - In light of the recent Yakuza game announcement, Continue Play's Shehzaan Abdulla takes a look ba... | PS2

The Rose Experience: Top gaming franchises we want rebooted/remade

4d ago - Reboots, re-imaginings and remakes are all the rage right now in video games. In the latest Rose... | GameCube

Why We May Never See a True Dragon Ball Z Game

5d ago - Hardcore Gamer: It’s safe to say that Dragon Ball Z is one of the most iconic anime properties in... | PS2

Greatest Sony Characters

5d ago - It’s been almost twenty years since Sony launched the original PlayStation into the world and sin... | PS2

7 All-American Video Game Characters

7d ago - An article that celebrates Independence day by listing 7 All-American video game characters. | GameCube

The Best Video Game System Ever

7d ago - The writers at GUG tell you their opinion of what gaming system is the best of all time. | GameCube

10 Demos We'd Have Paid Money For

8d ago - Pay for a demo!? Pah! That would never happen. And if it did, we'd definitely do a little checkin... | GameCube

How Naughty Dog Held my Hand in the Wild World of Gaming

9d ago - Peter from Duuro says: "It’s easy to make mistakes in the wild world of gaming (cough-Crash Bash-... | PS2

The 5 Best RPG’s released on the PS2

9d ago - PS2Home: "It’s easy to forget that quite a lot of very interesting RPG’s actually landed on the PS2" | PS2

Top 5 Game Franchises That Need a New-Gen Update

9d ago - "The big thing these days is to reboot or update classic brands. Video games are really one of th... | GameCube

Defining Moments - Suikoden III

10d ago - Continue Play's Brian Kale takes a look at the often overlooked Suikoden III and it's approach to... | PS2

TAG TEAM Series: Games That Should Have Never Changed

10d ago - CCU: Let Us introduce to you the ‘TAG TEAM SERIES’, a series where multiple writers for CCU “t... | PS2

Start Making Games for Xbox One

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

PS2 classics we would love to see return in high definition - Part One

11d ago - HITC writes: Over the past few years we have seen several Classic HD remakes such as; the Tomb Ra... | PS2

The Rise and Fall of Crash Bandicoot

11d ago - Hardcore Gamer: Uncharted series and the modern day classic that is The Last of Us, Naughty Dog w... | PS2

Summoning A Heroine

12d ago - HeyPoorPlayer's Ayla gives her opinion on Final Fantasy X's Yuna. | PS2

Top 5 PS2 Games

14d ago - From Grand Theft Auto III to Kingdom Hearts and Shadow of the Colossus to God of War. Join the 41... | PS2

10 Guilty Pleasure Video Games No One Admits They Love

14d ago - WC writes: "These 10 games, governed by their outdated graphics, clunky gameplay mechanics, absur... | PS2
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