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10 Great Remakes that Deserve Another Remake

17d ago - Remakes can be great. They can spruce up archaic elements of a classic game, give it a face lift,... | PS2

The 5 Best Consoles of the Last 20 Years

18d ago - In the last 20 years, console gaming has evolved into a beast of epic proportions. But even befor... | PS2

10 Wonderful Games That Need Sequels More Than Destiny

19d ago - These 10 games need sequels pronto! | PS2

6 Forgotten Games That Deserve HD Remakes

19d ago - With HD remake bundles running rampant and making companies filthy rich, you’d think these games... | GameCube

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7 Underrated PS2 Classics You May Have Missed

20d ago - If this list is to be believed, there are said to be over 3,800 PlayStation 2 games released. Thi... | PS2

Game of The Week-Shattered Skies

20d ago - Kotaku TAY blogger WingZero351 returns with a look at Namco's PS2 flight sim, Ace Combat 4: Shatt... | PS2

Eight Defining Games of the Waggle Generation

20d ago - Whether the historical events of 2005 were orchestrated by the secret Global Waggle Illuminati (G... | GameCube

The 10 Best Call of Duty Games

20d ago - Now that everybody is buried neck deep in Advanced Warfare, it's a great time to look back at Cal... | PS2

Outdated Gameplay: The Threat is Real

20d ago - Gamemoir's Nick shares a recent bad experience with a PS2 horror title. | PS2

This Day in Gaming History: Killzone

22d ago - Dualshockers: welcome to the latest installment of This Day in Gaming History! In this segment, w... | PS2

The Top 5: Horror Games

22d ago - In the spirit of Halloween, We The Nerdy has dedicated their weekly Top 5 to the very best horror... | GameCube

Zombient: 7 chill songs from chilling games

23d ago - The theme this time is “chill music from chilling games”—relaxed but still unsettling tracks from... | PS2

The Top Ten Call Of Duty Games

23d ago - Whether you like Call of Duty (COD) or not there is no denying that the franchise is extremely po... | PS2

Fatal Frame 2 gave me a workout

23d ago - TT writes: "I can mostly play Fatal Frame 2 without being terrified these days. Which is too bad,... | PS2

My Six Most Underappreciated Games of All Time

23d ago - Ranging from present day to the original Playstation, the author lists the 6 games he believes di... | PS2

Celebrating The Fatal Frame Series

24d ago - GI writes: How many games truly terrorize you? The Fatal Frame series may have never reached a wi... | PS2

20 Best Stealth Video Games Of All Time

24d ago - The stealth genre in gaming is one that dates as far back as 1981’s “005”, and it is one that has... | PS2

31 Days of Horror Games: Silent Hill 2

24d ago - Den of Geek's final entry in 31 Days of Horror Games, Silent Hill 2, is last but definitely not l... | PS2

HITC's Halloween Horror Show

24d ago - The Here Is The City Authors pick their favorite horror games for Halloween. | PS2

10 Survival Horror Games to Play this Halloween - Gamer Headlines

25d ago - It's Halloween and Gamer Headlines compiles a list of 10 Survival Horror games you should play th... | GameCube

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What Was That Video Game That Made You Say “I’m A Gamer For Life”?

25d ago - SchollA from Console ControllUs -where the console controls us writes: Anyway I digress the po... | GameCube

Trains: Ten Games with Trains at the Beginning

26d ago - A list of ten video games with trains at the beginning! Trains get us from A to B, and can be pre... | GameCube

Halloween Special: Gamings Most Frightening Moments

26d ago - The writing team at Frugal Gaming each take a look back of their favourite horror games and the m... | GameCube

8 Scariest Games Ever Made

26d ago - Turn off the lights, turn up the volume, grab your teddy, and brace yourselves for the most frigh... | PS2

The Quest for the Perfect Console Ownership Timeline

26d ago - Looking all the way back to 1985, which consoles should you have purchased over the years to have... | GameCube
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