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Review: Oddworld: New ‘N’ Tasty! – Second Helpings I DualShockers

2h ago - After a long way away from Oddworld, Abe's first adventure returns in Just Add Water's revival of... | Xbox 360

Project Root review | GameSpew

5h ago - "Bullet hell. That’s the term usually attributed to old-school scrolling shooters that feature an... | PC

Make the World / Break the World

Now - Myriad is a twin-stick shooter that grows more beautiful the better you play. Give us your vote on Steam Greenlight! | Promoted post

ZTGD | ZEN Pinball 2: Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron Review

6h ago - Drew Leachman writes: As anyone who has read my Zen Pinball table reviews knows, as of late Zen S... | PC

TVL | Titan Souls Review

9h ago - Titan Souls arrives on the PS Vita with it's OHKO mechanics and monstrous boss fights. Is it wort... | PS4

Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines (PSV) Review | VGChartz

13h ago - VGChartz's Karl Koebke: "Oreshika would be a fantastic little RPG if the dungeons and enemies wer... | PS Vita

'Grim Fandango Remastered' review for PS Vita - Funny Bones | Examiner

17h ago - "Grim Fandango Remastered" could have done more to update itself for a modern era, but the weak... | PC

A Brilliant Blast From The Past | Shovel Knight PS4 Review | BagoGames

20h ago - The setup is simple. You play as Shovel Knight, a great hero of the land, who wants to reclaim hi... | PS3

Let’s Dig In - Shovel Knight PS Port Review [Leviathyn]

1d ago - One of last year’s most beloved games has arrived on Sony’s and Microsoft’s consoles. How well do... | PS3

Titan Souls Review (Invision Game Community)

1d 2h ago - Game development can origin from anywhere and anything. It can be a hobby or a job, as most profe... | PC

Bloxiq Review | The Vita Lounge

1d 3h ago - Will from The Vita Lounge reviews Blot Interactive's Bloxiq - a puzzle game that seems just a bit... | PS Vita

Review: Sayonara Umihara Kawase + (DarkZero)

1d 6h ago - Jorge S Fernandez: "Before social media became a global link to the various voices and cultures t... | PS Vita

ZTGD | Shovel Knight (PS4) Review

1d 7h ago - Dave Payerle writes: Every once in a while the bug will get me and I’ll drag out an old console o... | PS3

Axiom Verge review | passthemsticks

1d 9h ago - Axiom is one man’s (Tom Happ) five-year love letter to the “Metroidvania” genre of retro games, d... | PS4

Sayonara Umihara Kawase + review for PS Vita | Gaming Age

1d 9h ago - GA: Don't be fooled by the busty-looking lady featured on Sayonara Umihara Kawase+'s logo on the... | PS Vita

Broken Age is No Longer a Broken Game - Cliqist

2d ago - Serena Nelson writes: "Tim Schafer made a huge splash in the crowdfunding scene in early 2012 and... | PC

GotGame Review | Broken Age

2d ago - GotGame: Does Broken Age signal a return for classic adventure games? | PC

Review: Shovel Knight – Can You Dig It? I DualShockers

2d ago - Shovel Knight is taking up his trusty shovel and saving the world from evil and misfortune in Yac... | PC

Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters Review | The Vita Lounge

2d ago - Guest writer Shizuka from NeoGAF has taken on the unique visual novel / RPG / puzzle title Tokyo... | PS3

Shovel Knight Review | Gamers Temple

2d ago - GT: As is the case with a lot of third-party Nintendo exclusives, Yacht Club Games' Shovel Knigh... | PS4

Titan Souls Review | Gamers Temple

2d ago - GT: One arrow, one hit point, all bosses. That's the soul of Titan Souls, a game that a few will... | PS4

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Now - Get the latest release dates for games, movies and TV Series from our Twitter page. | Promoted post

Broken Age PS4 PS Vita Review-Vigilant Gamers

2d ago - Broken Age is a timeless coming-of-age story of barfing trees and talking spoons. Vella Tartine a... | PS4

Broken Age Act 2 review: When Double Fine craps, it stinks just like everyone else’s | Post Arcade

2d ago - Post Arcade: "I’m both confounded and disappointed with the second act of Double Fine’s Kickstart... | PC

Broken Age Act Two is a Complete Disaster

2d ago - Broken Age act two squanders any potential that the idea had in record time, meanders around aiml... | PC

Broken Age: The Complete Adventure Review | High Score Reviews

3d ago - What began as a Kickstarter project under the codename Double Fine Adventures (with a target of $... | PC

Krinkle Krusher review for PS Vita, PS4, PS3 | Gaming Age

4d ago - GA: There are two key things to know about Krinkle Krusher. The first is that it's not very good... | PS3
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