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147 People from the Gaming Industry talk of This year, Favorites for 2014 and Messages for 2015

1d 12h ago - 147 japanese developers interviewed briefly by 4gamer on this year and the next. | PC

GotGame - PlayStation Experience: Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Intro with Mike Lunn

2d ago - "Mike Lunn shares some of the first details about Resident Evil: Revelations 2 on our tour of the... | Xbox 360

Final Fantasy XV - Tabata's Dengeki PlayStation

2d ago - Development for Type-0 HD is going smoothly and has gone into debugging mode while the PS Vita re... | PC

SaGA 2015 For PlayStation Vita Will Have Multiple Protagonists

4d ago - Series creator Akitoshi Kawazu recently announced that a new SaGa game is in development for Play... | PS Vita

Far Cry 4 (XB1) Review

Now - Ken finds his inner tiger in Kyrat. | Promoted post

Interview on Lego Batman 3 Beyond Gotham with TT Games' Arthur Parsons

5d ago - Lego Batman 3 released November 11th, and we were able to speak to TT Games' Head Arthur Parsons... | Xbox 360

GotGame - PlayStation Experience: Take a RIDE with David Bonacci

6d ago - "David Bonacci, Brand Manager at Bandai Namco takes us around the track with RIDE their newest mo... | Xbox

GotGame - PlayStation Experience: 9 Minutes of Tearaway Unfolded with James Spafford

6d ago - "As we continue our PlayStation Experience coverage continues, James Spafford walks us through so... | PS4

Why The Blood Alloy Designer Is Glad His Kickstarter Failed

6d ago - Siliconera talks to the designer of Blood Alloy. It’s a 2D metroidvania about a hyper-agile cybor... | PC

Mega Man theme song composer still jamming over 20 years later

7d ago - Manami Matsumae studied music at university. Classical piano formed the core of her education, th... | PC

Free Lives on Broforce: "Sometimes "stupid" ideas are really the best ideas"

9d ago - Gamereactor talks to Free Lives about Broforce and the studio's plans for the coming year. | PC

Severed & Guacamelee Drinkbox Studios Interview

12d ago - Drinkbox Studios developer Graham Smith previews Severed and explains what's new with Guacamelee... | PS Vita

Pavilion PS4 & PS Vita Interview

12d ago - Visiontrick Media developer Henrik Flink previews the new PS4 and PS Vita fourth person experienc... | PS4

Volume is "coming together" says Mike Bithell

14d ago - Gamereactor talks to Mike Bithell in the latest entry in their Indie Calendar. | PC

Exclusive Interview: Tetris Ultimate Producer Adrian Price

16d ago - In this exclusive interview, Tetris Ultimate producer Adrian Price explains what they've added to... | PC

GotGame - 20 Years of PlayStation

17d ago - "Can you believe it’s been 20 years since the PS1 came out? Let’s take a lighting tour of all the... | PS2

Interview: John Davis talks Nom Nom Galaxy

19d ago - GameCrate gets the inside scoop on Nom Nom Galaxy, the latest from PixelJunk developer Q-Games. | PC

Dungeon Defenders II Interview (GameWatcher)

19d ago - From "I recently tracked down Trendy Entertainment’s designer Phillip Asher and... | PC

Another SteamWorld game by the end of 2015?

23d ago - In an interview with Gamereactor Image & Form's CEO Brjann Sigurgeirsson mentioned that in additi... | PC

Y2K Isn’t Mother 4, And It Isn’t Trying To Be, Says Developer Ackk Studios

27d ago - Siliconera speaks to Ackk Studios about why they both accept their RPG Y2K being compared to Moth... | PC

Long Interview with SCEK President Shiro Kawauchi

33d ago - Sony Computer Entertainment Korea President Shiro Kawauchi talks about the Korean Market and G-S... | PS3

Get paid to review products

Now - Join the finest minds in consumer research and change the world one product at a time. Share your unique opinion and get paid for it! Participation... | Promoted post

Interview: Tales of Series - Hideo Baba

37d ago - Parallax Play:"With the release of Tales of Hearts R coming out next month and Tales of Zestiria... | PS3

Always Nintendo Chats with Yacht Club Games, Creators of Shovel Knight

47d ago - Always Nintendo recently got the chance to catch up with Yacht Club Games, a studio best-known fo... | PC

Murasaki Baby Developer Talks About Unannounced PS4 Game, Working with Sony and Much More

51d ago - Guarini talked extensively about his latest game Murasaki Baby, about the working relationship wi... | PS4

Futuridium Developer Talks about His New Game Forma.8, Working with Sony, Unity and More

55d ago - A few days ago DualShockers had a chance to chat with Mixed Bag Co-Founder Mauro Fanelli, who jus... | PC

Project Scissors Interview: A Halloween Treat

57d ago - Technology Tell writes, "It’s the spookiest day of the year, and everyone is on edge, expecting s... | iPhone
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