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Top 5 Upcoming PS Vita Games - PS LifeStyle

14h ago - We’ve decided to countdown to the top five PS Vita games you should keep an eye on that’s set for... | PS Vita

Moero Crystal opening movie

3d ago - Compile Heart has released the opening movie to its upcoming PS Vita dungeon RPG Genkai Tokki: Mo... | PS Vita

VII Things That Final Fantasy VII Cannot Lose!

Now - We’re going to see a lot of changes before the upcoming FFVII - Remake sees the light of day and we should be okay with that. But here is our list... | Promoted post

PS4/PS3/PS Vita Exclusive Odin Sphere: Leifdrasir Gets 1080p Gameplay Video

5d ago - Today Atlus and Vanillaware updated the official website of Odin Sphere: Leifdrasir, and hidden i... | PS3

Gameplay Footage of Marie in Persona 4: Dancing All Night

5d ago - During the Denjin Getcha live stream earlier today, Persona 4: Dancing All Night‘s director and p... | PS Vita

Nitroplus Blasterz Introduces Its Heroines For The PS4 And PS3 Version

6d ago - Nitroplus’ crossover fighter by Examu, Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel, is the upcomin... | PS3

Newly Announced PlayStation Exclusive Odin Sphere: Leifdrasir Gets Trailer and Gameplay Video

8d ago - After announcing Odin's Sphere: Leifdrasir for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita, Atlus showcased a trailer an... | PS3

IndieRuckus Plays the SkyRider Kickstarter Demo

12d ago - takes a look at the demo for SkyRider, now on Kickstarter. | PC

Deception IV The Nightmare Princess Demo Gameplay

12d ago - Some gameplay videos from the rather neat Deception IV The Nightmare Princess demo which is avail... | PS3

PS Vita Exclusive JRPG Ray Gigant Gets Three Different Opening Videos

13d ago - Today Bandai Namco released brand new trio of trailers of the upcoming PS VIta exclusive Ray Giga... | PS Vita

IS2: Love And Purge Lingyin Huang character video released

18d ago - 5pb released a new character video for Infinite Stratos 2: Love And Purge. | PS3

New Gameplay Video Released for The Hero Trap, Devs Redesign the Game

18d ago - Nick Calandra writes: "The game originally was supposed to have a switching mechanic that allowed... | PC

Pocket MapleStory Spreads Its Spores To Japan

19d ago - Pocket MapleStory isn’t a MapleStory sidestory or spinoff, its a full online MMO version of Maple... | Android

Samurai Warriors 4 Empires Brings More Strategic Options And Female Commanders

19d ago - Based on Samurai Warriors 4-II, Samurai Warriors 4: Empires adds more strategic elements to Omega... | PS3

Mystery Chronicle’s Opening Video Shows Off Its Many Pixel Art Characters

20d ago - The game’s latest trailer shows off some of its pixel art characters. | PS4

God Eater: Resurrection Compared to the Original PSP Game

27d ago - A fan put together a video that compares the trailer for God Eater: Resurrection to the original... | PS4

J-Stars Victory VS+ Walkthrough of All Four Story Arcs

28d ago - J-Stars Victory VS+ has four story arcs featuring four different lead characters that players can... | PS3

DECEPTION IV The Nightmare Princess Demo Traps Video

28d ago - A video which shows off various madcap traps available to players in the forthcoming Deception IV... | PS3

Lost Dimension "Deep Vision" Trailer

29d ago - In Lost Dimension, players keep their friends and enemies equally close, and can use psychic powe... | PS3

PS Vita E3 2015 Showcase Montage

31d ago - EB: Sony couldn’t pass up the chance at E3 to tell us all about the upcoming games for the Vita,... | PS Vita

J Stars Victory VS+ Naruto Hope Arc J-Adventure Gameplay English Version

34d ago - A couple of videos which show off the English J-Adventure Naruto story from this week's release o... | PS3

Go Mechanical

Now - WASD mechanical keyboards provide a superior typing experience over common rubber dome keyboards. | Promoted post

Persona 4 Dancing All Night Opening Video

35d ago - "Persona 4 Dancing All Night comes out June 25th in Japan. While we won’t be getting it until Sep... | PS Vita

Sony Pays Lip Service to Vita With 1 Minute Showcase Video

37d ago - Sony did pretty dang well with its press conference this year, but one area where it was sorely l... | PS Vita

Let’s Play LEGO Jurassic World on Xbox One

40d ago - Neil writes "The world is alive with the roar of the dino, with the big screen release of Jurassi... | Xbox 360

Don't worry, YIIK is strange as ever in E3 trailer

40d ago - Ackk Studios' "Postmodern RPG", heavy with nostalgic themes, pulls the curtain back a little more... | PC

PlayStation E3 Experience - 2015 Press Conference - US English

43d ago - Watch the PlayStation E3 Experience 2015 Press Conference live from LA Memorial Sports Arena. | PS4
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