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Bishop Games
Ben Archer, VP of Bishop Games, discusses the start of their studio, the story of Light Fall, inspirations, and their plans for release. coolbea... (22)
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PS Vita Videocasts  

Shovel Knight is 8-Bit Sadism

6d ago - RT: Join us for Rooster Teeth's gaming book club originally aired on June 24, 2015. This week... | PC

Persona 4 Dancing All Night Hands On

15d ago - Persona 4 Dancing All Night is one of the biggest games coming to PlayStation Vita and PlayStatio... | PS Vita

YoYo Games, home of GameMaker: Studio

Now - Game development could not be simpler with GameMaker: Studio, the fastest and easiest to use 2D game engine! | Promoted post

Play Pals #32

16d ago - Michael and Ryan, the classic "Play Pals Team" make their triumphant return! | PC

All Announcements Made for The PS Vita at The Most Dissapointing E3 Yet

18d ago - We have listed the very few announcements made for the PS Vita at this years disappointing E3 201... | PS Vita

Middle of Nowhere Gaming's Thoughts on Sony's 2015 E3 Conference

18d ago - More Than The Score Host Matt Batson sits down with fellow writers Esteban Cuevas, Jordan Loeffle... | PS3

Short Pause Live - Square Enix E3 2015 Press Conference Reaction Video

18d ago - Short Pause: "Square Enix has wrapped up their 2015 E3 press conference and we saw some cool stuf... | PS4

Short Pause Live - Sony E3 Press Conference Reaction Video

19d ago - Short Pause: "Day 0 of E3 2015 is in the books, and Sony closed out the day with a bang! I mean T... | PS3

Watch a Recap of May 2015's Best PS4, PS3, and Vita Games

27d ago - Push Square: "I don't know what day or time it is, but I do know that I was very politely asked t... | PS3

Throwdown Ep. 37 – “Land of the Setting Sun”

36d ago - Tony Polanco from The Koalition writes: "The Japanese helped to save the video game industry i... | PC

Throwdown Ep. 36 – “Where Have All the AAA Video Games Gone?”

43d ago - Tony Polanco from The Koalition writes: "Does it sometimes feel like you buy less AAA games th... | PC

Final Fantasy X HD Remaster Is Your Perfect First Final Fantasy Game

44d ago - MGL: People who love the Final Fantasy Game Series love to have a good old debate about which on... | PS2

Throwdown Ep. 35 – “Give the People What They Want”

51d ago - This week's gaming topics consist of: *Bloodstained‘s success and why developers should give f... | PC

Steam world Heist, Community Manager & CEO Talk New Features And Indie Struggles

51d ago - Julius Guldbog, Community Manager for Image & Form Games, recently hosted a new SteamWorld Heist... | PC

ADG Plays Color Guardians For The First Time

52d ago - AntDaGamer plays Color Guardians or least attempts. He gives first impressions while dashing and... | PS4

Throwdown Your Questions Ep. 34

55d ago - Tony Polanco from The Koalition writes: "Here are all of the questions we answer this week:... | PC

Watch A Recap of April 2015's Best PS4, PS3, and Vita Games

55d ago - Push Square's Ben Potter runs down the best PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Vita games released... | PS3

Child of Light: RPG? More Like ArtPG - The Patch Game Club

64d ago - RT: Join us for Rooster Teeth's gaming book club originally aired on April 29, 2015. This week... | PC

Indie Spotlight, Shovel Knight

68d ago - Here averagenobodys its another Monday. But that means another INDIE SPOTLIGHT! Join me as I play... | Xbox 360

7 Amazing Games That Never Got A Sequel

70d ago - Playstation Access: Rob presents 7 amazing games that never got a sequel, featuring Vagrant St... | PS3

Firefight Fridays: Let’s Play Helldivers, Co-op Mayhem

72d ago - Thank you for joining averagenobodys on our final episode of Firefight Friday's, today we're goin... | PS3

Indie Game Month Contest Details

Now - Win mechanical keyboards from WASD, a Xbox One Bundle, a PS4, GameMaker: Studio Pro Licenses and much more! | Promoted post

One Man, One Arrow and One Health Point -Titan Souls Let's Play

76d ago - MGL:- In the run-up to our review, I decided to give Titan Souls a quick glance before diving in... | PC

Let’s Quest: Titan Souls [SideQuesting video]

77d ago - In the latest Let's Quest, Tom takes on the giants of Titan Souls and (kind of) lives to tell abo... | PC

Toukiden Kiwami Gameplay - One of Omega Force's Best Games

77d ago - Toukiden Kiwami releases on PS4, PS Vita and provides some solid action adventuring making it a d... | PSP

Video: Watch As We Recap March 2015's Best PS4, PS3, and Vita Games

81d ago - Push Square: "And now that Bloodborne's out of the way, it's back to your regularly scheduled sli... | PS3

Let's Quest: Hotline Miami 2 video playthrough

82d ago - Ryan Franklin plays a good first chunk of Hotline Miami 2 in his Let's Quest video. | PC
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