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LEGO Games and the Golden Retriever in us All

14h ago - SJ Hollis writes: "Do we need another LEGO game? Of course we do. Is the LEGO formula tired and b... | PC

Gaming Franchises We Would Love to See Make a Return

17h ago - Throughout the decades of gaming history, there have been many established franchises that have n... | Nintendo DS

See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post

Three Games That Need To Come To Vita

21h ago - The PlayStation Vita’s a fantastic system. A beautiful bright screen, two analog sticks on a hand... | PS Vita

5 Easy Cross-Buy PlayStation Trophy Games

3d ago - Want more trophy bang for your buck? Maybe we can help. We know that trophy hunting can be an exp... | PS3

Axiom Verge – The Unique Talents of the Metroidvania Genre

3d ago - When it comes to gameplay-first, the metroidvania genre has everyone beat. Axiom Verge shows us a... | PC

The Top 5 Most Insane Playstation Vita Ads Ever

3d ago - Its no question that the Playstation Vita does not get the marketing or advertising it deserves.... | PS Vita

Start-up Spotlight: Little Devil Inside

4d ago - Little Devil Inside is a 3D Action/Adventure RPG that mixes Zelda with Dark Souls. Those two game... | Nintendo DS

Is your PS Vita Memory Card getting too small? What size is your next Vita memory card going to be?

4d ago - Blogger Wololo goes through the strategies used to decide which size of PS Vita memory card to bu... | Industry

Mortal Krafting: The Strange Mortal Kombat Collectibles of Etsy

4d ago - In honor of Mortal Kombat X, we take a look at the best and worst Mortal Kombat crafts ever made! | PS2

Is it time for Sony Corp (ADR) to put the PlayStation Vita to rest?

5d ago - The PS Vita has not been as successful as its predecessor PlayStation Portable was. Is it time to... | PS Vita

Game of the Month: March 2015

6d ago - Hardcore Gamer: It’s not hard to guess what our overall game of the month is — and for good reaso... | PC

Nintendo 3Ds StreetPass Is Top Class

7d ago - Nintendo has one heck of a secret up its sleeves with the 3Ds and that is StreetPass. Check out w... | Mobile

Poncho stole my heart

7d ago - Recently i got the chance to sit down and play Poncho. Poncho stole my heart so i decided to writ... | PC

Thank you PS+, Sincerely a Grateful Gamer

8d ago - Andy from Plus XP writes: "When Sony first introduced a new scheme called Playstation Plus, my in... | PS3

Game Scoop 339: Game of the Year Watch, Q1 2015

8d ago - IGN: Welcome back to Game Scoop!, IGN's weekly video game talk show. This week we're looking bac... | PC

Six Video Game Documentaries You Need To Watch

8d ago - As video games further ingrain themselves into the public consciousness and our everyday lives, t... | PC

Inventing an Icon - PaRappa the Rapper

8d ago - PaRappa the Rapper established the rhythm genre and was an early example of Sony’s willingness to... | PS2

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Review

8d ago - Review for Castlevania: Symphony of the Night on PlayStation, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, PS... | PSP

Dragon Quest Heroes is far from the game fans want

8d ago - Stephanie Carmichael of G4@Syfygames writes: "I love Dragon Quest. It’s one of my favorite rol... | PS4

Find out when Uncharted 4 releases on PS4

Now - Start tracking Uncharted 4 at to get important updates about this game release. | Promoted post

20 Videogames Ads That Tried Way Too Hard To Be Sexy

9d ago - "Sex sells," as they say. But sometimes advertisements try way too hard to be sexy. These 20 vide... | PS2

The Greatest Game Ever…of the Week: Borderlands 2

11d ago - GameCrate: "Borderlands 2 is a fantastic cross between FPS and RPG, but it’s more than just that.... | PC

Top 5 PS2 Games That Belong on the PS Vita

11d ago - The PS Vita is very capable of running some very high quality games, which means it can easily ru... | PS2

What an Indie Smash Bros Roster Looks Like

11d ago - Unfortunately, the Smash Bros Character Poll only allows you to choose one person. Sure, you can... | PS2

New Video Game Releases: What Gamers Want for the Week of 4-6-15

12d ago - EB: For the second week in a row the worthy new video game release pool is pretty shallow. Notabl... | PC
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