Dev of the Day : Modern Dream
  It's Sabotage!

By Valenka Imagine for a moment that Hotline Miami and Syndicate were getting busy with Starsky and Hutch on the television across the room and...

PS Vita Articles  

Review: The Wolf Among Us: Cry Wolf Is An Exhilerating, Satisfying Conclusion [EGMR]

1h ago - EGMR writes: "The Wolf Among Us: Cry Wolf is an excellent way to close off the series, and it del... | PC

FIFA 15: 10 Over-Rated Teams Who Need Downgrading

2h ago - What Culture: Maybe the one thing which overshadows the release of a new FIFA game is the release... | Wii

What Makes Persona 4 Relevant 6 Years Later?

3h ago - Atlus’ quintessential role playing epic Persona 4 released six years ago today. Boy, time sure do... | Retro

GamerTell’s 10 Best of E3 2014 pick

4h ago - GamerTell picks its 10 best games at E3 2014, a list that includes No Man's Sky, Sunset Overdrive... | Xbox 360

Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

5 life lessons taught to me by Persona 4

4h ago - Games in Asia: "Some the best games aren’t just games, they are educational. The very best games... | PS2

Top 5 Guacamelee Easter Eggs

6h ago - TechRaptor - Playing through Guacamelee by Drinkbox Studios you might find a lot of references to... | PC

What is the Game of the Year for the first half of 2014?

8h ago - Middle of Nowhere Gaming does a "Question of the Week" each week where each editor answers their... | PC

PS Vita Spotlight: Muramasa Rebirth

9h ago - If you love games like Odin Sphere or Dragon’s Crown make sure your Playstation Plus subscription... | PS Vita

The top 10 best fighting games you can get on PS Vita

16h ago - "With its fantastic D-pad, sharp screen, and amazing battery life when playing PSP and PSone game... | PSP

This week's new UK releases

1d 1h ago - GamesAsylum takes a quick look at what's out this week, including Wii Sports Club, The Wolf Among... | Xbox 360

Fan Service without Pleasure

1d 2h ago - From the article, "There have been few reviews of Monster Monpiece going around. It may be becaus... | Culture

Video Games and Marijuana Use: Does One Encourage the Other?

1d 3h ago - With the recent release of the next-gen platforms, PS4 and Xbox One, and with the announcement of... | GameCube

Mighty No. 9 Doesn't Need More Money

1d 18h ago - CCC Says: "No. Back off Comcept. Get your hands out of my pocket, Keiji Inafune. I... I gave at t... | PC

PS Vita impossible to find in stores lately, what's Sony doing?

1d 20h ago - GGG does some research that shows how hard it is to find a Borderlands 2 Vita bundle right now an... | PS Vita

Kickstart This: It’s Just Not Cricket Edition

1d 20h ago - Warp Zoned writes: "That’s right, it’s time for football (or soccer, for the average American... | PC

Apocalypse Neighbors - Artillery Dueling Inspired by Worms

1d 20h ago - Inspired by the dueling fun of Worms, Apocalypse Neighbors is a 2D Turn-based strategy game with... | iPhone

Capcom's Confusion Has Killed Mega Man

2d ago - Hardcore Gamer: Mega Man is dying with every passing month. Even compared to the scatterbrained R... | PC

The Rose Experience: Top gaming franchises we want rebooted/remade

2d ago - Reboots, re-imaginings and remakes are all the rage right now in video games. In the latest Rose... | GameCube

Staff Picks – Best Games of 2014 So Far

2d ago - Dealspwn's team of writers pick their shouts for the best games of 2014 so far. | PC

5 Video Games to Keep You Feeling American After July 4

2d ago - Show off your American spirit with a few patriotic video games to stave off the summer heat and k... | PC

Start Making Games for Xbox One

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

Kickstarter Weekly: Timespinner and Midora

2d ago - Garrett from The Koalition writes: Welcome back to the 90s edition of The Koalition’s Kickstar... | PC

Is DLC A Good Thing?

2d ago - Is it a good thing that DLC has become increasingly popular among studios? Jamie Richards gives h... | PSP

I Hate How the Mighty No 9 Animated Series’ Trailer Looks

2d ago - From the article, "[Jenni Lada] knows the Mighty No 9 story would make for a decent series. One r... | PC

E3 2014: Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony - The Results - IGN Versus

3d ago - IGN - We asked if your preferred Microsoft, Nintendo or Sony during E3 2014. Here are the results... | PS4

My PS Vita and me – Reader’s Feature

3d ago - A GameCentral reader speaks of his love affair with the PS Vita and criticises Sony and game revi... | PS Vita
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