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Explaining Gaming Addiction and How It’s All in Your Head

1h ago - Obsessed and addicted? Here’s how games use our brains to keep us coming back for more and ten ga... | PS3

The Games of August 2015

6h ago - "Though the middle stages of each year are known for being relatively quiet, the lack of AAA titl... | PC

Warhammer: Arcane Magic Comes to iOS

Now - Test your tactics against legendary foes! | Promoted post

August 2015 PS4, PS3 & PS Vita New Releases in North America and Europe

8h ago - "Continuing a busy summer for new games, next month is headlined by Until Dawn, Madden NFL 16, an... | PS3

Top 6 IPs I’m Dying to See Telltale Games Hook Up With

19h ago - In this article, Middle of Nowhere Games Associate Editor Adam Leonard discusses which IPs he'd l... | PC

Five Games: ‘King’s Quest’ And Everything Else You Need To Play This Week

22h ago - Kings, knights, damsels and adorable foxes in this week's Five Games. | PC

Ten Vita games you should be excited for

1d 10h ago - The Vita Lounge team bring their magazine feature online to tell you their thoughts on the ten ho... | PS Vita

What Gamers Want for the Week of 7-27-15: New Video Game Releases

2d ago - EB: The slow summer video game releases season continues this week, but there are at least two ti... | PC

Video Game Weekend Deals – 07/26 Update from Amazon and others (US)

2d ago - Notable new discounts this weekend on Amazon are Kirby Triple Deluxe (3DS) for $26.00, Skyrim Leg... | PC

JRPG Cross Reverie Kickstarter Canceled - But That's Actually a Good Thing

3d ago - Marcus Estrada writes: "Cross Reverie looked to be an impressive new 3D JRPG-inspired title when... | PC

Dear Sony, Give us the PlayStation Network we Deserve

3d ago - One of the editors here at PlayStation Enthusiast gives Sony PlayStation a stern, heartfelt lette... | PS3

Bad Boss Battles in Gaming History - Part Five

3d ago - SPC says, "Welcome to some more boss bashing! It's part five of Bad Boss Battles in Gaming Histor... | Xbox 360

Killzone Mercenary Review on PS Vita | Gamepad Project

3d ago - Killzone Mercenary is one of the best games in PS Vita and one of the reasons why PS Vita is not... | PS Vita

The Top 10 Games On PlayStation Vita

3d ago - GI Handheld consoles are often home to a variety of niche games and genres, and the PlayStatio... | PS Vita

5 Tips and Tricks to Guide You In Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess

4d ago - Want to improve your game at Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess? Our master of devious destruct... | PS3

Can games be seen as educational?

4d ago - PS4 Attitude: "With the explosion of mobile gaming and the huge expansion of the casual market, o... | PS3

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Video Game Spinoffs - Part 2.

4d ago - As long as there have been great franchises, there have been spinoffs, and here are more of the g... | GameCube

The State Of Play: Vita

4d ago - Des at Otakugamers looks into the current State of Play for the struggling Playstation Vita. Do... | PS Vita

Our 5 Favorite Video Game Spin-Offs | Fanatical Five

5d ago - In light of the absolutely horrible reception of Metroid Prime: Federation Force, we thought it w... | PSP

Top 10 Final Fantasy VII Themes

5d ago - ANN writes: At long last, Final Fantasy fanatics can look forward to a next-gen remake of the se... | PSP

Sony R&D; The 5 Strangest Products They've Ever Made

5d ago - "A few interesting bits of PlayStation history have recently been unearthed including photographs... | PS2

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Video Game Deals of the Week – 07/22 Update from Amazon and others (US)

6d ago - It seems to be a good deal week for 3DS owners. Super smash Bros is $29.99 on 3DS (25% off) with... | Nintendo DS

Journey: When Games Become Art – a personal interpretation

6d ago - Having just sat down and played through the excellent game Journey once again on my PS4 after it... | PS3

Reel Fishing: Master's Challenge

6d ago - Tyler from The Vita Lounge says; "Reel Fishing: Masters Challenge is a game by Natsume which is a... | PS Vita

Out this week: Tembo The Badass Elephant, Journey, Hatoful Boyfriend and more

6d ago - GamesAsylum looks at the week's releases, including Tembo The Baddass Elephant, Journey, Hatoful... | PC

What Japanese Fans Think Of The Zero Escape: Volume 3 Announcement

6d ago - A third game in the series, Zero Escape: Volume 3, which is set to take place on Mars, was announ... | PS Vita
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