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User Review : Prototype 2

  • Removed Impossible side missions
  • Easier to follow
  • Balanced ability necessity
  • Short overall
  • Removed challenges from offline play altogether

Much improved!

[Prototype] was one of those games that was shadowed by many due to Infamous being released in close proximity to it. It had its flaws, but nothing that prevented the game from functioning. The problems that I experienced were too many flying scan-bots and some of the side challenges were just unrealistically hard.

[Prototype 2] is much improved, the main character James Heller doesn't have to waste much time figuring out what happened nor does he seem to care. In the beginning his only concern is finding Alex Mercer, the first prototype, seeking revenge for the murder of his wife and child. It is a simple yet powerful driving force, and when he gains his prototype powers he questions nothing, unlike Mercer who had lost a vast amount of his memory in the first installment.

The story is fairly easy to follow, and I didn't find myself constantly saying "what does that mean" like in the first game, which was more of a mystery theme. The city setup is easy enough while using the standard GTA style gps and mapping feature.

The controls are much the same as the first title but so are some of the powers, they also utilize an ability wheel like many games are moving towards when multiple selections are available. But they achieve a good balance of use. No one weapon works well on everything, which is a balance that [Prototype] didn't fully achieve. Of coarse each player will develop their favorites. Mine was the tendrils.

They did remove the side challenges from the main game, but they seem to be available with the online features and it seems that they will have weekly additional challenges.

Overall I like this game more than the original. It felt better.

As for trophies in this game I am pleased to report that there are no ridiculously impossible ones. The most difficult one I think is to beat it on hard which just requires a second play through if you don't start on that difficulty.

Overall this sequel fixed many if not all of the problems the first one had, although a fairly short game it felt very complete.

Looks slightly better than the first installment. I did notice that widow reflections on the sides of buildings were fabricated and did not reflect accordingly to the opposition.
I thought is sounded great, no delays, no glitches, and never overloaded noise.
Based purely on length of story. Of coarse in this particular type of game it becomes exceedingly difficult to stretch after a certain point.
Fun Factor
I had fun with it, I was very invested in finishing the main story and forced an all-nighter which I only do for games I really enjoy.
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Red_Eye2174d ago (Edited 2174d ago )

Is gameplay pretty similar to the original then? Thinking of picking this up, liked the original Prototype.

jadenkorri2172d ago

yeah finished it, not too impressed, its a rental.

Blastoise2174d ago

Surely if the graphics are only slightly better than the first (a 3 year old game) it doesnt deserve an 8.5?

tidusforeverx22164d ago

Let me point out that every year a call of duty game comes out and a battlefield-esce game comes out and these cookie cutter games always get nominated for game of the year, not because they are vastly improved but because shooter junkies cant tell when they are playing the same game over and over and just pay an extra 60 bucks every year for an exorbitantly not new game. NO COD should ever get Game of the year or best original anything since nothing about it is original.

Blastoise2164d ago

Okay...and what does that have to do with anything?

HarryMasonHerpderp2164d ago

COD never got game of the year =s
whats COD have to do with anything?

tidusforeverx22164d ago

That people give great reviews of shitty games all the time. so when a good game gets criticized for not having the best possible graphics that a give n system can handle, people base visuals on graphics not actual looks.

axerated2173d ago

Graphics are a pretty vast improvement over the original I'd say, plus it runs remarkably well even in the most chaotic scenes