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Project Natal Previews  

IGN: Kinect vs. Wii

2064d ago - After a full year of waiting since the original unveiling of the Xbox 360's in-developme... | Wii

E310: Impressions: Previously Project Natal, Now Kinect Event on Gamertag Radio

2065d ago - Gamertag Radio writes: "The most important thing you all need to know is I’m splitting this up in... | Xbox 360

Be the first to know the Release Date for PlayStation VR

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Project Natal: first impressions

2083d ago - Microsoft's next-generation gaming experience didn't impress me by what it did but more for what... | Xbox 360

Hands-on: Project Natal impresses, brings us to our knees

2083d ago - Mark goes hands, feet and head-on with Project Natal- and comes away both excited and cautious ab... | Xbox 360

Beehivecity- Hands On: Microsoft Xbox 360 Project Natal, our first play

2091d ago - It’s a lot of fun. As soon as you walk in front of the screen, your lifelike avatar appears and c... | Xbox 360

Gamez: Project Natal Preview

2116d ago - Gamez writes: "Since its announcement at E3 2009 requires every gamer wondered what effect t... | 2,14

The Seatle Times CES Preview: Xbox Natal, Orb rings and more ...

2225d ago - The Seatles Times writes: "Las Vegas always seems like it's in another dimension, but this w... | 2, 14

G4TV: Project Natal Preview

2315d ago - Travel behind closed doors at Tokyo Game Show 2009 as Morgan Webb gets to try Project Natal, the... | 2

PlayTM: Xbox 360 Project Natal Preview

2317d ago - PlayTM writes: "The importance of Project Natal to Microsoft cannot be overstated, so it is... | 2

Ausgamers - TGS 2009: Project Natal Hands-On (or off, as it were)

2324d ago - Ausgamers: Both Dan and I had a chance to jump in, and swat the balls. Yours truly playing... | 34,2

Joystiq TGS 2009: Body-on: Project Natal (with Space Invaders Extreme)

2327d ago - Joystiq writes: "Explaining Project Natal's mantra of fun and accessibility can't be the eas... | 34,2

Gamespot: Project Natal Hands-On Impressions

2327d ago - When Microsoft first revealed Project Natal at E3, the publisher called it a "revolutionary... | 34,2

VideoGamer: Project Natal Preview

2345d ago - A human giant, wearing equally large sunglasses, is charging about the demo room like a child who... | 2

Spong: Natal: Hands-On and How it Works

2349d ago - Spong writes: "The joys of GamesCom are manifold: it doesn't take place in the most depressi... | 2

IGN: GC 2009: Project Natal Preview

2363d ago - IGN writes: "We're left impressed but with some key doubts. The technology is certainly ther... | 2

Getting up close and personal with Natal

2376d ago - Ina Fried of CNET writes: "One of the reasons that Microsoft got such buzz for Project... | 2

BitMob: Project Natal: Hands/Feet/Arms/Legs/Torso/Heads-On Impressions

2436d ago - Dan Hsu writes: "Project NatalXbox 360's Project Natal isn't even out yet, and it's alr... | 33,2

WhatIfGaming E3 2009: Xbox 360 Milo Exclusive Preview - Peter Molyneux + Steven Spielberg Let Us Experience Milo

2441d ago - WhatIfGaming writes: "It was shocking to imagine a world of a simple lad called 'Milo,' lett... | 33,2

G4: Project Natal Hands On With Xbox 360 Motion Controller

2442d ago - G4 Writes: At their E3 press conference, Microsoft unveiled a new way to play games: a motio... | 33,2

Milo, Burnout, and Balls: Body-on with Project Natal (GamePro Preview)

2442d ago - Well, it certainly captured the attention of everyone who viewed it. Microsoft seemed to out-Wii... | 33,2

List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

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Electronic Theatre Preview: Peter Molyneux's Milo

2442d ago - Late last night, after their Pre-E3 Press Conference and the revelation of their Games on Demand... | 33,2,14

IGN E3 2009: I've Played Natal and it Works

2442d ago - IGN writes: "Following up on its successful E3 press conference earlier today, Microsoft hel... | 33,2

GameSpot: Project Natal Software Impressions

2442d ago - GameSpot writes: "Later on, Milo asked the woman to help him go fishing. The view moved to t... | 33,2
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Project Natal

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