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Natal’s River Rush Screenshot Is Real-Time

1556d ago - Judging by the screenshot, the game looks really, really good compared to previous Natal game Ric... | Xbox 360

Natal Pricing To Be Revealed Tonight?

1557d ago - It seems the pricing for Project Natal is set to be revealed in under six hours time, with retail... | Xbox 360

Is Project Natal’s New Name ‘Wave’?

1558d ago - Rumors have been flying around for weeks stating ‘Wave’ as the new name for Project Natal, the co... | Xbox 360

Joyride Set for Project Natal Launch

1560d ago - Revealed at last year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), the Xbox 360 exclusive racing title d... | Xbox 360

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E3 2010's Most Popular Rumors -- Will They Happen?

1561d ago - It's that time of year again. E3 2010 is less than a week away, and gamers can expect to once aga... | PS2

New Xbox 360 boxart = Wave = final Natal name?

1562d ago - Some older rumors say that the final name of Project Natal could be Wave. If you take a look at t... | Xbox 360

Sonic rides on to Project Natal?

1565d ago - A new E3 rumour suggests that Sega's big game for the Project Natal motion-sensing camera is anot... | Xbox 360

Joy Ride becomes Project Natal launch game

1565d ago - Big Park's arcade racer gets reworked, no longer free, CVG reveals. | Xbox 360

Rumor: Natal-compatible 'Sonic Free Riders' coming to XBLA

1567d ago - On Sunday, June 13, Microsoft will host its Project Natal event -- you know, the gala event with... | Xbox 360

Natal To Be Christened 'Wave' At E3?

1573d ago - At E3 next month Microsoft plans to unveil all the details on Project Natal - including its new n... | Xbox 360

Natal to Change Name, Retail For $149, & Hit Stores October 26th?

1574d ago - Alright readers — it’s time to reach up high and grab some low hanging fruit from the always-deli... | Xbox 360

MCV confirms 149$ price tag for Natal

1574d ago - MCV : "MCV has been lead to believe that reports citing a $149 RRP (£103) for Microsoft’s Project... | Xbox 360

Rumor: Natal To Cost $149 – EDGE

1574d ago - That’s according to a trusted source, who told EDGE that the motion sensing camera will also be b... | Xbox 360

Rumor: Project Natal street date leaked

1581d ago - Critical Gamer writes: The exact details of Project Natal’s release remain unknown; but it has se... | Xbox 360

New Project Natal Rumors

1588d ago - Microsoft held a Project Natal conference yesterday to the Scandinavian press. Here's what they t... | Xbox 360

Xboxic: Is Project Natal Really Called Kinect?

1588d ago - Xboxic Reports: "On April 26th 2010, Microsoft filed a US Patent for a new product called ‘Kinec... | Xbox 360

NATAL: price and technical problems, our information (Rumor)

1624d ago - Gameblog says : "Now that developers have received their development kits for Project Natal,... | 2

Milo and Kate is Not Lionhead's Only Project Natal Game

1662d ago - Split-screen: "We're not sure if this is the previously reported third secret title, but one... | 2

Rumor: Natal going to be really expensive

1664d ago - A recent rumor has priced Project Natal between 100 and 200 euros or between $130 and $270 USD. T... | 2

Could Apple's Tablet Use Natal-Like Technology?

1694d ago - The most intriguing thing about Apple's rumored tablet isn't its form factor or potential to rein... | 2,12,14

PS4 Game Release Dates

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Rare Project Natal Game Cancelled: "Undisclosed Prototype" in Works for 1 Year

1761d ago - Split-Screen: "Remember that Project Natal game where Rare 'managed a large team of engineer... | 2

Rare on Tight Schedule for Project Natal Game Development?

1802d ago - Split-Screen: "At least that's what the profile of Bjørn Toft Madsen, Software Director... | 2

Source - Natal forms "massive part of Microsoft's business plan"

1862d ago - VG247: A UK 360 developer has told VG247 that Project Natal isn't exactly going to be some wishy-... | 2

New Xbox 360 Model Possibly Revealed

1878d ago - From Xbox Evolved: "Graphics programmer Ryan Geiss may have unveiled the new Xbox 360 r... | 2,11,13,15,14

Rumor: Next Xbox Specs

1921d ago - During the evening hours of last night, 1Up revealed a rumor that Microsoft would be releasing a... | 2,13,14
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Project Natal

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