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Kinect Technical Specifications & Xbox 360 Requirements Revealed

1733d ago - The most notable reveal would perhaps by the requirements of the Xbox 360 console itself. While M... | Xbox 360

E3 2010: Ubisoft and Kinect Are Best Friends Forever

1747d ago - From Ubisoft today announced a few interesting details about their history with Mic... | Xbox 360

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E3 2010: Microsoft Press Conference Recap

1747d ago - "Microsoft's 2010 E3 Press Conference featured gameplay from highly anticipated exclusives such a... | Xbox 360

Harmonix Confirms Dance Central, Talks Features and DLC

1748d ago - 1UP: Earlier this month, a rumor popped up that Harmonix was making a dance game for Microsoft's... | Xbox 360

Kinect for Xbox 360 – the experience

1748d ago - Scrawl: "What a night. Tonight, Microsoft has officially unveiled Kinect, or what we used to k... | Xbox 360

Project Natal Experience Event Live This Tuesday On MTV

1748d ago - Irish Gaming Site writes: "It looks like the only way your going to get a... | Xbox 360

First official image of Kinect for the Xbox 360

1748d ago - The Kinect news from Microsoft's pre-E3 conference keeps streaming in fast and furious. The late... | Xbox 360

New Kinect (Project Natal) Gameplay Video

1748d ago - A new project natal or kinect as you may call it gameplay video has been released by USA Today | Xbox 360

Natal Experience - Things We’re Hearing ’Round the Net (Live Blog)

1748d ago - The Natal Event is about to kick off in LA, and since no recording devices and the like are allow... | Xbox 360

E3 (big list of releases)

1749d ago - Video game companies generally put more money and effort into E3 than any other even happening th... | Nintendo DS

E310: Project Natal Event Live vs MTV

1749d ago - Gamertag Radio writes: "The Project Natal event happening tomorrow in LA will be around an hour a... | Xbox 360

GAME Norway, Sweden Price Natal At £130/$185

1749d ago - So the countdown to Natal pre-orders from the British side of retailer GAME led us to a dead end... | Xbox 360

Microsoft Agressively Pursuing An Early Natal Release, Expecting To Sell 5M In 2010

1750d ago - Project Natal might be seeing the light of day sooner than many had thought. That is if Microsoft... | Xbox 360

Gamers Unaware of Natal and Move, says Nielsen

1751d ago - As Sony and Microsoft have been pummeling away at each other with campaigns for their respective... | Xbox 360

Microsoft Will Reveal Something About Natal That Starts With .. “The Lo…” What Could It Be?

1751d ago - Who would have ever thought we’d come this far in the gaming industry? No longer is the artform s... | Xbox 360

Survey: Gamers more aware of Move than Natal

1751d ago - According to a new survey, more gamers are aware of PlayStation Move than Project Natal. | Xbox 360

New Natal Footage

1751d ago - AU Pre Review of Project Natal | Xbox 360

Rumour: Natal Shipments to begin August

1751d ago - M2G Writes: Industry watchers Taiwan are suggesting that Electronic manufacturing service pro... | Xbox 360

Project Natal + Minority Report: Microsoft files for gesture patents

1751d ago - The Seattle Times: Just ahead of next week's public unveiling of its Project Natal motion control... | Xbox 360

4 New Natal Games Detailed, Over A Dozen More At E3

1751d ago - It’s not about reinventing the wheel, it’s about no wheel at all. That’s what Microsoft is trying... | Xbox 360

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Alert: Project Natal News Of “Epic Proportions” Incoming

1752d ago - Gamers beware, whether you’re interesting in Natal or not, you should pay attention to this. | Xbox 360

Study: Purchase Intent For PlayStation Move, Natal Below 10 Percent

1752d ago - Sony's PlayStation Move and Xbox 360's Project Natal motion control solutions have been garnering... | Xbox 360

Microsoft Reveal E3 Public Broadcast Schedule

1752d ago - Late last month, Microsoft revealed an agreement with MTV Networks which would see both their Pro... | PC

MS on Natal: The future of entertainment is here

1752d ago - The future of home entertainment - like that seen in sci-fi movies - will be in stores this Chris... | Xbox 360

Peter Moore: Natal will "help democratise gaming"

1752d ago - EA Sports President Peter Moore has told GamerZines that he thinks Microsoft's upcoming motion co... | Xbox 360
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Project Natal

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