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E3: Boredom and Disappointment

607d ago ... Hey fellow N4G-ers. It has been a while since my last blog, so what better chance to jump in than with an E3 impression blog. Incredibly original, I know. This E3 was a let-down for me. Perhaps we're still in the first-year-of-the-new-gen-dold rums, but it was the first time in a while where I found it hard to get excited, especially after last year's E3 with the skyrocketing hype and drama....

Gaming taking a giant step back!

2053d ago ... E3 2010 is now a thing of the past and like every year I was really excited about what we were going to get to play in the next year and beyond. What I witnessed was in my opinion a giant step backwards and here’s why. Please take note that I didn’t attend E3 in person and that my opinion is based on what I saw from the G4 coverage and some of the internet coverage. Let’s start with Kinect....

Why people are connecting with Kinect

2061d ago ... I pretty much called all this weeks ago. Xbox 360 slim would sell amazingly and Project Natal (Now Kinect) would be a hit and sell the projected 3-5 million units this year. I should charge like Miss Cleo or something seriously. Why is Kinect the top selling and most talked about item other then the new Xbox 360 slim you may ask? Simple, Microsoft got MTV, Spike TV, a big screen in Times...

My Microsoft E3 Grade

2065d ago ... Well first off I'll say I am an avid Xbox 360 fan. I own all the consoles however. Like most Microsoft fans I was looking forward to hearing about project Natal, now named "Kinect". I actually like the new name better then Natal. So the Microsoft conference started out nicely for me, the COD Black ops trailer and in game footage was nice. I have high hopes for this game, especially after MW...

E3: Day One RoundUp

2065d ago ... Today was a sad day in the history of gaming, very few game announcements, sub par shows, and just a complete lack of the wooing that gaming does for me. This afternoon, the Microsoft Conference - All started out well with videos showing gameplay of Call of Duty: Black Ops and Metal Gear Rising. a bit of Halo:Reach.. Then... Microsoft couldn't keep away from Kinect, formerly known as Project...

E3: Microsofts Press Conference

2065d ago ... WARNING: THIS BLOG MAY CONTAIN CONTENT THAT CAN BE CALLED FANBOYISM Ah yes, E3, a wonderful time for gamers, a place where the Big Three announce new games, new hardware, and make you goto bed with them for a lovely night only so they can take your money in the morning - Well... Not so much with Microsoft this E3. In my many years as a gamer, I have never felt so let down, so used, so rip...

E3 2010: Lack of Excitement

2066d ago ... I don't know if its the lack of big games, big games getting announced pre-E3, or all the emphasis on motion controls (and possibly 3-D), but I am just unexcited about E3. There are no games announced that I really care about and I fear I won't see much of what I am interested in: The Last Guardian, Deus Ex 3, and those are honestly the only games I can think of [that interest me]. Project N...

What I'm Wanting and expecting at E3 this year

2093d ago ... As we close in on another E3 I have an optimistic outlook on what's coming up, I am waiting on a few big announcements and most are from Microsoft. However I am certainly hoping for certain games and peripherals to be announced as well. Microsoft: 1.Slim Xbox 360---They are going to re-brand themselves and help this console cycle last longer 2.Project Natal---I am loving this new tech,...

Project Natal was not invented by Microsoft...Another case of MS buying technology

2154d ago ... Does Project Natal and Microsoft deserve credit if it succeeds?

Project Natal get a grip

2361d ago ... Xbox 360 Project Natal, escaping the "you are the controller" preconception and imagining the possibilities of adding peripherials

The Future Dosen't Rest In Your Hands

2367d ago ... Even though Project Natal is more than a year away, here is something for eager gamers to consider on their long wait and before they "Jump In" to all the hype.

Maintaining "Control"…

2388d ago ... The Atari 2600 joystick. The NES Advantage. The Genesis 6-button controller. PlayStation Dual Analog control. Each of the aforementioned input devices revolutionized control in gaming as we knew it. Microsoft's "Project Natal" is no different. So, with recent advancements in technology, could we be on the precipice of the physical control scheme's extinction?

Project Natal = Fail

2432d ago ... My opinion on Project Natal
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