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Project Morpheus Ups the Ante With Multiplayer Game

26d ago - "Project Morpheus, Sony’s shiny VR headset, is on the floor at E3 this year, and is boasting a ne... | PS4

How Technology Will Push the Horror Genre Forward - Daily Reaction

26d ago - PSLS - After the infamous Playable Teaser – or P.T. — demo was pulled from the PSN store earlier... | PC

Warhammer: Arcane Magic Comes to iOS

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Someone Will Die Playing a Game in Virtual Reality

26d ago - "I felt truly frozen. In real-life my head was probably slamming forward, but in my brain’s reali... | PC

MixedBag Explains 120FPS on PS4 and 'lower latency' Morpheus Reprojection

26d ago - VRFocus reports on the developer of Futuridium VR, MixedBag, talking about hitting 120FPS on Play... | PS4

VRFocus Preview: Futuridium VR on Project Morpheus

29d ago - VRFocus delivers a preview of indie developer MixedBag Games' upcoming virtual reality (VR) exper... | PS4

Faceted Flight Announces Project Morpheus Support

29d ago - Earlier this month VRFocus reported on a new Kickstarter campaign for Faceted Flight, a virtual r... | PS4

Rebellion: Sony Providing ‘fantastic support’ & ‘plenty’ of Morpheus Dev Kits‏

30d ago - Rebellion Developments made an unexpected announcement at E3 in the form of a Battlezone reboot t... | PS4

Reflections Arrives on Steam Early Access

31d ago - Broken Window Studios’ Reflections has today launched via Steam Early Access. The in-development... | PC

Crytek: VR Like Going from ‘black and white to color’

31d ago - Many expect the imminent arrival of virtual reality (VR) technology to have an impact comparable... | PC

E McNeill Talks Darknet, Tactera and More

31d ago - Not many virtual reality (VR) developers can claim to already be working on their second project... | PC

Yoshida: Gamers ‘really excited to buy Morpheus’, Families Need Convincing

31d ago - As it’s appearing on the PlayStation 4 videogame console, the Project Morpheus virtual reality (V... | PS4

Sony: Project Morpheus is ‘not a peripheral’ but a New ‘platform’

31d ago - Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) both impressed and disappointed when it came to virtual reality... | PS4

Project CARS Update Promises VR Improvements

34d ago - Slightly Mad Studios launched the long-awaited Project CARS back in May of this year and have sin... | PC

Radial-G: Racing Evolved & Q.U.B.E. 2 to Feature in Develop Indie Showcase

34d ago - Next month’s Develop, Brighton, will offer the UK videogames industry a chance to discuss the lat... | PC

Sony Not Focused on ‘walking around’ with Project Morpheus

34d ago - This year has seen virtual reality (VR) technology has quickly transform from a focus on a seated... | PS4

Shuhei Yoshida: Virtual Reality Not the Next 3D TV

35d ago - While Sony is hedging its bets on its virtual reality device Project Morpheus to be the next revo... | PS4

Project Morpheus & HoloLens: Will they Stand the Test of Time?

35d ago - Sony and Microsoft both have upcoming devices that will aim to engage the gamer on a new level of... | PC

Guerrilla Cambridge Talks RIGS, VR Shooters and Comfort

35d ago - VRFocus delivers an interview with Guerrilla Cambridge based on its brand new virtual reality (VR... | PS4

Release Window Revealed for Unity's Project Morpheus Support

35d ago - VRFocus reports on the reveal of a launch date for Project Morpheus virtual reality (VR) head-mou... | PS4

VRFocus Preview: Battlezone on Project Morpheus

36d ago - VRFocus delivers a hands-on preview of the recently revealed Battlezone, a virtual reality reboot... | PS4

N4G June Contests

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RIGS Mechanized Combat League - Project Morpheus PS4 VR Heads-On Preview | PSU

36d ago - Guerrilla Cambridge's new project puts you in control of a mech like never before with the Projec... | PS4

E3 2015 Debrief with Hex

36d ago - NichBoy debriefs a jet-lagged Hex to find out what life is like on the E3 show floor. | PC

Sony Pictures Project Morpheus Collaboration Revealed

37d ago - Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA), Sony Pictures Entertainment, and IMAX Corporation hav... | PS4

RIGS Dev Wanted to 'push the boundaries' of VR Shooters

37d ago - VRFocus reports on the developer of RIGS talking about 'pushing the boundaries' of virtual realit... | PS4

DLC,Nintendo, VR,and the Future of Gaming Part 2

37d ago - Dan, Joe and special guest Martini and Matt. Continue their conversation about the Future of the... | PS4

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