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Project Gotham Racing 4: PlayTM Review

3018d ago - PlayTM writes: " Other than the truly sumptuous graphics and those motorbikes, the most imme... | 2

Project Gotham Racing 4 Video Review (Play:Digital)

3027d ago - Katharine Fletcher of reviews Project Gotham Racing 4 on October 21. (4 stars out... | 2

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Aeropause Reviews Project Gotham Racing 4

3027d ago - Aeropause sat down and played through Project Gotham Racing 4 and found a good game that was just... | 2
160° Reviews PGR4 and Loves it

3030d ago - editor states, "I like driving games. Love 'em! Can't get enough of them. But as... | 2

MSXbox World: Project Gotham Racing 4 Review 9/10

3039d ago - The Project Gotham Racing (PGR) series has been going strong since the original debuted on the Xb... | 2

TVGB Mini-Review: SpeedFreek

3042d ago - "SpeedFreek - a $10 add-on for the Xbox 360 controller that's supposed to considerably incre... | 2

Kikizo: Project Gotham Racing 4 Review 9/10

3042d ago - If Forza Motorsport 2 offered ultimate substance with all its realism and tuning, then Project Go... | 2

CVG: Project Gotham Racing 4 Review 9.2/10

3042d ago - There's something about PGR that screams fun from the moment gamers yank that acceleration trigge... | 2

Gameplayer Reviews Project Gotham Racing 4 - 8/10

3042d ago - Gameplayer has gone live with its PGR4 review. Although they believe the game makes an entertaini... | 2

Review: Project Gotham Racing 4

3043d ago - Myarcadeplanet reviews the latest installment of the Project Gotham Racing Series. Project Gotham... | 2

IGN Reviews PGR4

3044d ago - "Closing Comments PGR 4 is a fun arcade racer, but lacks the polish of previous iterations... | 2

Wonderwallweb Review Project Gotham Racing 4

3044d ago - Wonderwallweb have now reviewed Project Gotham Racing 4, click the link to find out why they feel... | 2

Joystick Radio Reviews - Project Gotham Racing 4 For Xbox 360

3044d ago - Joystick Radio Reviews Project Gotham Racing 4 Some info from the review:"Now we all re... | 2

Project Gotham Racing 4: Pro-G Review Awards 9/10

3044d ago - Fret no more racing fans. PGR4 sets a new bar that other racing studios are going to struggle to... | 2

GameSpy gives 4/5 to PGR4

3046d ago - Project Gotham Racing 4 is Bizarre Creations' last game as a Microsoft first-party developer, and... | 2

XF Reviews Project Gotham Racing 4

3049d ago - Quote From Review: "Bizarre Creations has finally released their follow-up to PGR3, the ap... | 2

PlanetXbox360 Review: Project Gotham Racing 4

3049d ago - Two years ago when Microsoft launched its next-gen console Bizarre Creations was right there with... | 2

Project Gotham Racing 4: iCgames Review Scores 90%

3049d ago - PGR 4 features not only a massive career mode that sees you rising from the rank of amateur to pr... | 2

FAMITSU reviews for October :-LAIR gets the same score as PGR4

3049d ago - Reviews: Arcana Heart - 7/6/7/6 SuchiPai4 - 8/7/6/5 Lair - 9/7/8/9 Operation Darkness... | 1,2,11

GameInfomer's PGR4 Review: 8.75 and 9.25/10

3049d ago - GameInformer rate PGR4 as an 8.75/10 with a second opinion being 9.25/10. Here is the latter:... | 2

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1UP Reviews Project Gotham Racing 4

3049d ago - From the review "Several hours into the career mode, PGR4 proved itself a game of thoroughly... | 2
150° PGR4 Review

3050d ago - Project Gotham Racing 3 was not only my favorite launch titles for the Xbox 360, but while many o... | 2

Project Gotham Racing 4 Review at Xbox Evolved

3050d ago - With all the new motorcycles, weather effects, fantastic visuals, and more that PGR4 has to offer... | 2
230° Review- Project Gotham Racing 4

3051d ago - review the brand new amazing racing game Project Gotham Racing 4 "PGR4 is... | 2

IGN UK reviews Project Gotham Racing 4: "An impressive swan song"

3051d ago - As far as IGN are concerned, PGR4 is the series all but perfected. With racers starting to head t... | 2
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Project Gotham Racing 4

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