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RealGamer: Prey the Stars Review

2119d ago - RealGamer writes: "Prey the Stars: Gabu Gabu Planet is a bit of a mouthful, which is conveni... | 5

WorthPlaying: Prey the Stars Review

2149d ago - WorthPlaying writes: "There is a whole genre of gaming that can best be described as "o... | 5

DreamStation: Prey The Stars Review

2179d ago - DreamStation writes: "My 5-year old son told my wife over the weekend that he would give Pre... | 5

PopMatters: Prey the Stars review

2224d ago - Mike Schiller writes: "This is a game not celebrating its gameplay, or here to boast so... | 5

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1UP: Prey the Stars Review

2227d ago - 1UP writes: "While I still don't know what the hell the title means, I do know that Prey the... | 5

Prey The Stars Review at CheatCC

2237d ago - CheatCC says: "Overall, it offers a fun and rewarding experience, but unfortunately, it's no... | 5

PlayTM: Prey the Stars Review

2240d ago - PlayTM writes: " Ironically, there's a lot to be said for the expression 'lost in translatio... | 5

Eurogamer: DS Roundup Reviews

2244d ago - Eurogamer has posted their DS roundup which features 3 DS titles. The scores are as follows.... | 5

Prey The Stars Review: Get In My Belly! (TrueGameHeadz)

2245d ago - 2.0 writes: "What happens when you mix hungry monsters with a need to save the world? You... | 5

Zentendo: Prey the Stars Review

2251d ago - Prey the Stars: Gabu Gabu Planet is a great platforming game that is simple to pick up, looks gre... | 5

Digital Chumps: Prey the Stars Review

2252d ago - Prey the Stars is a nice attempt at simple, action based gameplay and though it doesn't strike ho... | 5

Digital Spy: Prey The Stars Review

2257d ago - Gabu Gabu Planet is a fun game and is well suited to the DS. It is an ideal multiplayer game that... | 5

Wonderwallweb review Prey the Stars for Nintendo DS

2258d ago - Quote from site: "This is quite a fun game, the running around and eating things is fas... | 5

VGR: Prey the Stars review

2262d ago - VGR Writes: "The graphics aren't the worst, but the levels could have been much better.... | 5

GamesRadar: Prey the Stars Review

2263d ago - Playing as one of four dog-like monsters, the aim is to eat your way through levels. You start by... | 5

Prey The Stars Now Available Across US On DS

2264d ago - - Koei has announced their latest Nintendo DS title is now available in retail... | 5,11

GameZone: Prey The Stars Review

2271d ago - Review by Dylan Platt: "Confession time: I have an enormous soft spot for games of the... | 5

Prey The Stars Screens

2300d ago - New screens via GameSpy. | 5

Prey the Stars Screenshots

2325d ago - View or be eaten. | 5

Gamespot: Prey the Stars Updated Hands-On

2325d ago - Gamespot's first look at Prey the Stars was at the Tokyo Game Show last year when they got to cho... | 5

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1UP: Prey the Stars Hands-On Preview

2325d ago - Ray Barnholt from 1UP writes: "When an observer at the recent Koei press event asked me... | 5

KOEI Press Day: Hands-on with Prey the Stars for the DS (Destructoid)

2325d ago - In Prey the Stars, you'll play as one of four cute little monsters that must bite, suck and lick... | 5

IGN: Prey the Stars Hands-On

2325d ago - This fall Koei will present a Katamari Damacy-style action game called Prey the Stars. Players ma... | 5

Prey The Stars for Nintendo DS is a Game of Gastronomic Proportions

2349d ago - KOEI, recognized worldwide as the premier brand of strategy and action games, today announced tha... | 5

Prey The Stars Trailer

2353d ago - KOEI released the first trailer from Prey The Stars, a Nintendo DS game due to be available in Oc... | 5

Prey The Stars

Average Score 6.7 Reviews(16)
Release Dates
Nintendo DS Release Dates
EU 03 October 2008
AU 09 October 2008
US 13 October 2008