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- Xbox 360 my opinion is THE reason to buy the Orange Box, HL2: ep 1, ep2, are great but when it comes to inventive, challenging and just plain fun, portal is where it's at. Well enough of that and on to the review..... Portal is a puzzle in game in which you play as an apature "guinea pig" if you will, testing a radical portal device, hence the name. As you start off, you...




- PC

I had been holding off on Portal for a good while. I had heard all the praise and watched all the videos, but I kept hearing how short the game was and that turned me off. However, I fell upon a flash based version of Portal and after playing for about ten minutes, I knew that I had to have this game. I ran straight to Circuit City the next day and picked up Portal for ten dollars. Upon...




- Xbox 360

Every now and again, I am completely drawn in by a video game, and fall absolutely in love with it. This has happened many times through out the years with titles such as Devil May Cry, Bioshock, Chrono Trigger, and most recently (and this reviews main focus), Portal. Valve poured their hearts into creating an incredible puzzle solving epic that would please fans of puzzle games, and the shooti...

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