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Top 15 Video Game Characters From the PS3/Xbox 360 Era

140d ago - Entertainment Buddha's Matt Heywood writes, "Luckily, throughout the PS3/360 generation many memo... | PC

Top 10 Silent Protagonists in Video Games

149d ago - 8CN: The 8th Circuit Network lists off the top 10 silent protagonists in video games. | PC

Two Oafs Thinking With Portals

151d ago - Two southern yokels get laid off from their jobs at the plant and must search for new ways to mak... | Culture

50 Essential Games of the Last Gen – Part Two

158d ago - Clickonline writes "Just to reiterate – This is a subjective list. It is not ranked. And it’s in... | Xbox 360

inFamous: Second Son (PS4) Review

Now - Ken abuses his powers in the latest entry in the inFamous series. | Promoted post

Five Gaming Plot Twists Not Meant for the Internet

160d ago - Gameranx: "Sometimes having an awesome plot-twist can backfire when its popularity spoils it for... | Culture

Top 15 Games of the Generation (2005 – 2013): #9 – 5

175d ago - Leviathyn says, "It’s hard to believe the new generation is just on the horizon. With fewer than... | Wii

Here’s EDGE Readers Twenty Best Games Of Our Lifetime

177d ago - Respected UK gaming publication EDGE has quizzed its readers to find out what they determine to b... | GameCube

Games of the Generation: Portal

179d ago - Few would dispute that, when it comes to video games, this has been the decade of the shooter. En... | PC

Portal: Survive! Is An Amazing Live-Action Short Based On Valve's Puzzle Title

191d ago - DSOGaming writes: "Portal: Survive! is a live-action short based on the hit game Portal, and the... | PC

InRetroSpect Podcast: RAW - Top 5 In-Game Companies

196d ago - What do an experimental underwater science laboratory, a group of mysterious government puppeteer... | PS2

Top 5 Disturbing Video Game Charecters

197d ago - Lately, like many fellow game fanatics, Game-Modo has been hooked on Grand Theft Auto V. Every ma... | PC

Top 5 Moments in Games From This Generation

210d ago - The VGU staff count down the five most memorable moments from games of the 7th generation of cons... | Xbox 360

Five Storytelling Landmarks from this Console Generation

221d ago - A look at some of the best stories in games from the current generation of consoles. | Xbox 360

The Top 5: Video game villains

232d ago - This week, the Gamer Horizon crew their top 5 video game villains. | Xbox 360

Admit One (A Small List of Single Player Masterpieces)

240d ago - Every gamer enjoys a good multiplayer experience, and over the last ten years there has a been a... | Industry

5 Video Games That Helped Shape Current Gaming

245d ago - Tiarra of PopCults.com writes "If not for this leap in technology, and the innovation of game dev... | Culture

The Five Video Games to Play with 24 Hours Left to Live

246d ago - The threat of death is deceptively enormous. One’s mortality is continuously pushed to the back o... | PC

Joe Jeremiah Gives Listeners Some 8-Bit Portal Tunes

253d ago - Joe has been thinking with Portals lately, recently uploading his awesome cover of ’Still Alive’... | Culture

InRetroSpect Raw: Top 5 Gaming Weapons

256d ago - The InRetroSpect team have a strict twenty minute time limit in which to decide on their top five... | Xbox

The Best of the Worst Villains in Gaming

274d ago - Analog Addiction writes: "Gaming has offered us a multitude of memorable, courageous and frankly... | Culture

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Pocket Money Portal Turrets Now Available

289d ago - The automated security system previously only available to secret government facilities is now av... | PC

Game Out Loud Podcast Goes to Valve

294d ago - This week, Rob, Colin, and Jordan are joined by Ryan Debraal to discuss their recent visit to Val... | PC

Pop Fiction - Episode 36: The Cake is a Lie

294d ago - GameTrailers: "Does Portal's elusive dessert hold the key to a secret ending?" | PC

Portal Now Fully Available On Linux After 6 Years

297d ago - Portal, a puzzle game made by Valve in 2007, was in beta since early May for Linux, however a sta... | PC

Video Game Crafts ‘N Gear #29: Plants Vs. Zombies Cake, Tetris Bookcase, Portal Bedroom

314d ago - "Welcome again to Video Game Crafts 'N Gear! This is a weekly feature wherein I shine the spotlig... | Culture


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