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Free Emboar Hot And Ready For Delivery Now From Nintendo

20h ago - Free Emboar Hot And Ready For Delivery Now From Nintendo | 3DS

Top 10 Most Ridiculous Pokedex Entries

45d ago - Top 10 Most Ridiculous Pokedex Entries | Nintendo DS

The Top 5 Mad Scientists of Gaming

112d ago - There are tons of examples of scientists in games. But mad scientists are a little rarer. Possess... | PC

5 ways to improve streetpass functionality in the Pokemon series on 3DS

219d ago - “Pokemon X & Y” have sold millions of copies and take great advantage of the graphical capabiliti... | 3DS

See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post

Pokemon - Where will they go from here?

249d ago - One of the writers at Middle of Nowhere Gaming has asked himself where Pokemon is going next with... | Nintendo DS

Pokémon TCG: XY launching February 5, 2014 Includes Mega Evolution and new Fairy-type Pokémon!

373d ago - The newest addition to the Pokémon Trading Card Game, Pokémon TCG: XY, will be available in reta... | 3DS

Amongst PS4/XBO Release, Nintendo 3DS Is Best Selling Hardware in US. GTA V Best Selling Game

442d ago - October 2013 will go down as one of the greatest and most profitable times to be a gamer. A Massi... | Xbox 360

Nintendo opens UK Online store with Pokemon XY £200 bundle

477d ago - Nintendo UK has launched their own online store for the UK, featuring games and accessories for W... | Nintendo DS

Kotaku - Watch Me Play The New Pokémon Game

517d ago - Kotaku - Want to see some Mega Pokémon? Watch me play some five minutes of this special Pokémon X... | 3DS

Pokémon creator app comes with risks, says Nintendo

580d ago - In a statement released to “Pokémon” players, Nintendo warned against using an unofficial mobile... | Nintendo DS

Pokemon 3DS: More Than Just 3D Effects

581d ago - Gi - Pokemon 3DS releases on October 19, 2013. This legendary RPG game series has finally advance... | 3DS

40 Mind Blowing Pokemon Secrets and Facts

611d ago - "We've compiled a list of some of the coolest Pokemon facts & secrets you probably didn't know." | Nintendo DS

Top 13 3DS Games That Will Help Nintendo Dominate in 2013

696d ago - While the recent poor performance of the Wii U and the upcoming release of new consoles from Micr... | 3DS

A Pokemon RPG is just what the 3DS needs to be more successful in the US

753d ago - Gimme Gimme Games argues that Nintendo needs to release a Pokemon RPG to turn around the 3DS's so... | 3DS

Pokemon 3DS - What we want from the next entry in the franchise

853d ago - Gamesradar writes: "With Pokemon Black and White Version 2 about to launch for the DS in North Am... | 3DS

The Original 151 Pokemon According To My Mom

1040d ago - An editor on GameUsagi.com shows his mother the sprites for the original 151 Pokemon and sees wha... | Nintendo DS

Pokemon Black and White: First International WiFi Tournament Announced

1085d ago - Earlier today, Japan's official site for Pokemon announced a new tournament for Pokemon: Black an... | Nintendo DS

Pokémon player? Battle your way to the Pokémon World Championship in Hawaii

1137d ago - In exciting news for Pokémon trainers across Europe, the dates for the Pokémon Video Game Nationa... | Nintendo DS

Nintendo Characters That Would Make A Great Basketball Team

1138d ago - GamerFitNation's Alfredo writes: "With the return of the NBA season-and fantasy basketball league... | Wii

Yet Another Gaming Show: Skylanders: What Can Other Games Learn From It?

1159d ago - Mike Deneen of Yet Another Gaming Show writes: "Admittedly, I haven’t spent a ton of time play... | Tech

The New Nintendo 3DS XL Is Here

Now - Is the system worth your hard earned money? | Promoted post

Wild Pokemon Gray Domain Spotted

1199d ago - In spite of denying its development earlier this year, a domain name has been registered for Poke... | Industry

Despite URL Registration, Will We See a Pokemon Grey?

1199d ago - Xizor discusses the news of a new URL registered for Pokemon Grey, but will we actually see the n... | Nintendo DS

Gamefreak considering Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire remakes

1206d ago - In a response to a fan wanting to see remakes of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, Gamefreak's Junichi M... | Nintendo DS

5 Gameplay Changes Needed to Improve the Pokemon Franchise

1206d ago - From PSS: With Pokémon Rumble Blast set to hit stores shortly, many fans are wondering when th... | 3DS

Registration starts next week for Pokemon Tournament

1211d ago - The Pokemon Company will be holding its’ first every online tournament in a couple of weeks. | Nintendo DS
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