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The Presi-Console Election

501d ago ... I first heard this analogy on one of Giant Bomb's excellent podcast. They likened the E3 press conference between Sony and Microsoft as the presidential election with one trying to take a jab at the other. So in the spirit of me being bored on a Tuesday afternoon, I thought I will have a bit of fun and go a little bit insane. Microsoft is Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney did have a hard time avoidi...

Farewell Ryan Davis

537d ago ... It's strange to think whether I'd be into video games if it wasn't for Ryan Davis. Though he wasn't my favorite personality of the podcasts I listened to(Giantbomb, and The Hotspot), I couldn't imagine Ryan not being there. I basically grew up listening to Ryan from around the age of 11, when I was too broke to buy video games on a regular basis. But listening to Ryan or any of the other H...

Gaming Musical Relevance... Not Just in the Industry?

816d ago ... Every night when I go to bed, I set my radio to my local NPR station because they are the only ones that play Classical music throughout the night. I love music of all sorts, but really love Classical (plus, it puts me to sleep compared to music genres); it's just something about the many instruments coming together to orchestrate a melody. There is this one segment called 'Performance Today...

Adam Sessler " I pay for Xbox Live... you don't end you with the PSN debacle"

1305d ago ... My excitement for E3 has me going back to visit some of the old podcast that I used to listen to for E3 predictions before I finally had enough BS from the people on them. G4 Feedback and IGN Beyond are the most notable but I refuse to go back to IGN so I checked out Feedback. Now I am listing and the topic of COD Elite service comes up and as if the gods were trying to tell me to stay away,...

Video Game Warzone Review (The BitBag.com)

1366d ago ... Being a listener of various podcasts including sports, movies and video games there is only a few that I would apply to "must listen to next weeks" status. The Video Game Warzone is one of them. Presented by Torrence Davis & Gerrard Williams (HipHopGamer) as part of The Bitbag.com, Warzone is a weekly podcast regarding the weeks issues in the world of video games and heated debates can endur...

Aimless Podcasts End of the Year Nominees and Contest Details

1482d ago ... It's that time again folks. Time to start talking about which game was better in its respective genre and which game ruled them all. This is a special one for us though since it'll be our first End of the Year podcast officially as Aimless Podcasts. So to commemorate the occasion, I'm running a little contest. I'll get to that later. First off, there will be a segment devoted to what you,...

++Good Games is in the Top 3 on iTunes!

1628d ago ... Last week I posted on N4G that our podcast was available on iTunes. With the help of the N4G community, we grew to over 22,000 downloads and became one of the top podcasts on iTunes. If that doesn't speak volumes about how influential the N4G community is, I don't know what would. From the entire crew at the ++Good Games podcast, we want to thank each and every one one of our N4G listen...

Story Of Anal-LogHype part 2

1677d ago ... Now this was January and for two months I still couldn't post. Don't believe me? Go back and listen to the podcast when I call myself “the intern”. These two months were the worst, because I wasn’t able to post and had Krome and OG saying we don't know where your stuff is or where is the anime show, you never sent the audio. It got so bad that I went to Hated Greatness, (The Bitbag's Micha...

The Video Game Warzone podcast (unlistenable)

2155d ago ... My thoughts on the Video Game Warzone podcast.

Sony sets goal of 150 Mill: WHAT?!

2350d ago ... Sony sets goal of 150 Mill: WHAT?! Editor in Chief, Playstation Uncensored creator Host of Playstation Uncensored radio podcast show, Leader of B.F.K clan http://www.playstationuncensored.com/

TotalGamerZone Podcast #12

2465d ago ... Default's TotalGamerZone Podcast #12 This podcast: TGZ Blog! Play-Asia sale Some crap I collected Evil Zone mini-review Atari Flashback 2 mini-review Surprise ending?

Combobreaker.com Launches With Daily Podcasts

2560d ago ... New website for gaming t-shirts and podcasts.


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