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Fabio's Discount Bodega - Free PS+ Games for April

16d ago - "The PlayStation gods are upon us today. They bestowed upon us a list of upcoming free titles to... | PS3

Video game companies explore new territory with plan to stream exclusive TV shows via consoles

17d ago - The Fresno Bee's Rory Appleton talks about PlayStation and Xbox TV shows. | Xbox 360

Are Video Game Re-Releases the Death of Creativity?

17d ago - With the recent reveal of The Last of Us coming to PlayStation 4, Stephen questions whether video... | Industry

Playstation 4 Virtual Reality The Next Evolution Of Gaming?

24d ago - Sony’s Virtual Reality headset which is currently known as the Project Morpheus is really turning... | PS4

Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

What to expect later, from Playstation Now.

25d ago - Backwards compatibility has been a hot button issue since the next-gen consoles were announced. T... | PS3

First Weeks in the New Generation - PlayStation 4

25d ago - Steve writes on The Reticule - "As the new generation (and the new war) of consoles rumbles reluc... | PS4

How Were My Predictions For The PlayStation 4 VR Headset

27d ago - Last week Thomas Ellis of Gamer Attitude made 5 predictions about the PS4 VR Headset, today he se... | PC

8 Playstation VR Headset Predictions

29d ago - If rumors are to be believed, Sony is mere hours away from unveiling their own virtual reality he... | PS4

Dissecting PlayStation Plus And Its Long-Term Viability

42d ago - An opinion piece via EGMR in which the author discusses the pros and cons of the PlayStation Plus... | PS3

Why It's Tough Being Addicted To Trophies

42d ago - Like a lot of other gamers this gen I love trophies and achievements I'm a total trophy addict I... | PS3

PlayStation 4: A year on.

54d ago - It was one year today (February 20th 2013) that the PlayStation 4 was unveiled at a Sony Press Co... | PS3

10 Reasons Infamous: Second Son Will Be The PS4′s First Essential Title

70d ago - Outside of a select few independent titles, the PlayStation 4 is a bit lacking in games. To be mo... | PS4

Does the DualShock 4 need a quality and design revision

74d ago - Darryl Linington from ITF Gaming writes: Let’s face it, the PlayStation 4 console is a major powe... | PS4

Five Reasons To Keep Your PlayStation 3

76d ago - Eskimo Press: While many have traded in their PS3's for the new PlayStation 4 there are still ple... | PS3

A Bio of The Father of PlayStation Ken Kutaragi

76d ago - The Father of PlayStation Ken Kutaragi will be presented with a lifetime achievement award at thi... | PS2

What's coming to PlayStation Plus in 2014?

79d ago - PlayStation Plus has been a staple in our diet for just over 18 months now, bringing fresh meanin... | PS Vita

Does PlayStation Plus Trump Xbox Live Games With Gold? Yes. For now.

83d ago - Alex Shedlock writes for Leviathyn: "It’s official. On Playstation Plus in February, PS3 players... | Xbox 360

Why Playstation Now will kill consoles but save videogames

83d ago - PS Now will irrevocably alter the gaming landscape. Screen Robot considers how this will affect y... | PS3

Final Fantasy Tactics: An Undeniable Classic

84d ago - In the next entry of this retrospective series, Stephen from Leviathyn looks at another classic,... | Retro

Interpreting PS4's December loss, Microsoft's new attitude

85d ago - Pre-E3, Microsoft displayed an attitude of arrogance that left a sour taste in the mouths of game... | PS4

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Spain’s video gamers “Cultural Jump”

86d ago - Spain has suffered from something that we call “cultural jump.” This has mainly made Spanish soci... | Xbox

Why Shadow of the Colossus is Still a Masterpiece

87d ago - In the first entry of this new series, Stephen at Leviathyn takes a look at a classic PlayStation... | PS2

Comparing Generations

88d ago - Derek McRoberts says "The Xmas decorations have now been removed and stowed away for another year... | PS4

5 Playstation JRPGs That Dared To Defy

95d ago - Leviathyn's Stephen Pollard takes a look at some of the most unique JRPGs ever to grace the catal... | PS2

PS4 Attach Rate Higher Than PS3 and PS2 Launches

96d ago - PlayStationing writes: "The PlayStation 4 appears to be selling quite a lot of games in compariso... | PS2
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