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PSN Appreciation Program - What should you get?

1717d ago ... With the recent news of the PlayStation Store going live this week I thought I'd help out my fellow man by giving out some advice on what to get. I have played/own most of these titles so I thought I could give my two cents for what they're worth. These are listed in the order of what I believe to be the best choices. 1. inFAMOUS: This is by far the best game they are offering. Superher...

I'm not Kevin Pereira, but I do wanna know...what do you want for nothing?

1753d ago ... Oh hush. He was one of the ONLY decent things about AOTS. But that's besides the point. The main point of this short blog is addressing the current PSN downtime topic. Now, scanning some of the responses shows that there are some that get it. And there are a LOT that, well... don't. Yes it sucks for many that can't get online to play a lot of their favorite games. Then there are those like myse...

Resident Evil 5 is broken

2564d ago ... This morning I turned on my Playstation 3 and went to the playstation store and to my surprise I seen that the Resident Evil 5 demo was available to download. I was excited and I have to admit that I'm a Resident Evil fanboy.

Rockband in-game PS3 store broken, patch coming?

2855d ago ... PS3 Rockband in-game store broken since the new Playstation store launch. Files can not be downloaded with in Rockband, only purchased. The only way to download the file the user must go into the PS store and download the file from the user's "downloads" section of the new store. Could a patch be in the works?
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