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The Past, Present and Future of Control (Part 2)

546d ago ... The Casual Conundrum Playstation and Microsoft were undoubtedly, along with the rest of the world, blown away by the success of Nintendo’s little motion machine. Naturally, they each developed their own peripherals that would satisfy the now booming motion market. Playstation announced and released what it called the Playstation Move. Like the Wii, the Playstation Move coordinated with the P...

Move VS. Killzone 3: The first step

1708d ago ... 0 Kills, 12 Deaths 2 Kills, 9 Deaths 5 Kills, 20 Deaths And it went on, going from the dualshock 2 to the playstation move in a first person shooter like killzone 3 is not entirely the easiest thing i've done, in fact i expected to be able to play better with the move, having played MAG and Modern combat with it, i seriously thought i had it down, sadly that was not the case with this, hav...
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