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User Review : Plants vs Zombies

  • Plenty of variety
  • Great music and intelligent sounds
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Can get repetitive after campaign is finished
  • No DLC's or add-ons

Is Popcap's award winning title all that its been pumped up to be?

Plants Vs. Zombies. Hmmm, what can I say about this game other than how utterly awesome it is? Well keep reading and you can find out!

Story: Zombies are all over your town and now their coming for you! You'll have to plant a huge variety of flowers to repel the invasion!

Gameplay: Plants Vs. Zombies is a great strategy game. It comes off like a very well made, polished flash game. Yet it is much more than that! You plant flowers in five different rows, each plant having different characteristics such as the ability to block off zombies temporarily, or the ability to fire peas in three different directions. No, you do not have guns or bullets. You have peas. And they are awesome. Every ten or so levels something will change such as when the zombies attack your house from the back, you must plant around and in a pool making it much more challenging and fun.

Graphics: Like I said earlier it comes off as a very polished flash game. The graphics are 2D and cartoony, yet that does not mean the graphics are bad! Frame rate is not an issue here, neither is lagging.

Difficulty: Plants Vs. Zombies is one of those games where you die the first time, but you end up figuring it out by the 2nd or 3rd time around. Later on in the game it will become challenging, but once you get used to it and find the right combination of flowers, you will find it much less difficult.

Fun Factor: There are over 40 levels in campaign mode, not to mention the dozens of puzzle and challenge levels. There is also a endless mode and a Zen Flower mini game that acts kind of like one of those free to play games on Facebook(i.e. play until you run out of energy, come back in a day do it again, repeat).

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2D and cartoon-like. Yet it fits well.
Great zombie sounds and music.
Dangerously addictive gameplay.
Fun Factor
Great fun for all ages, you will play this game for a while before you get bored.
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