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Plants vs Zombies Reviews  

The String Arcade Review [AllGames]

158d ago - When I first saw the track list for The String Arcade I immediately looked for game names that I... | PC

Plants vs Zombies (PS Vita) Review

179d ago - The PS Vita Review Network has given their thoughts and review of the PlayStation Vita version of... | PS Vita

Plants vs. Zombies - Revisiting an Addiction | Rant Gaming Review

560d ago - Review of Plants vs. Zombies, PopCap Games' smash hit tower defense game. Includes talk about the... | Nintendo DS

Review: Plants vs. Zombies (PSV) -

648d ago - reviews one of the PlayStation Vita's launch titles, the charming Plants vs. Zombies... | PS Vita

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Plants vs Zombies Vita – Still One of the Best Games on Any Platform (LevelSave review)

721d ago - Barry writes, "Plants vs. Zombies can be found on almost every platform. PvZ can even be found as... | PS Vita

Plants vs. Zombies DS Review - Realm of Gaming

803d ago - Phillip E. Price states, "While Plants vs. Zombies for the Nintendo DS does an excellent job main... | Nintendo DS

Pocket Gamer: Plants vs Zombies Review

822d ago - Pocket Gamer: Chances are, you've played Plants vs Zombies before. The criminally addictive tower... | PS Vita

ThoseGamingNerds| Plants vs Zombies PS Vita Review

841d ago - ThoseGamingNerds writes: "Popcap’s big hit iOS game now turned multi-platform Plants vs Zombies h... | PS Vita

Plants vs. Zombies (PS Vita) Review - Push Square

846d ago - Push Square's Corbie Dillard says: "If you have an electronic device released in the past few... | PS Vita

Plants vs. Zombies (Vita) Review - Gaming Nexus

848d ago - From the review: "The Vita's launch line-up is a dizzying array of familiar faces from some of th... | PS Vita

SBG Review | Plants vs Zombies: Is it the best version yet?

858d ago - Plants vs. Zombies has been released on pretty much every gaming system around, so chances are if... | PS Vita
30° review: Plants vs Zombies PS Vita

859d ago - This review highlights the pros and cons of the Vita game. | PS Vita

PixelPerfectGaming: Plants vs Zombies (Review) PSVita

860d ago - PixelPerfectGaming writes: Those zany zombies that will stop at nothing to feast on human brain m... | PS Vita

Plants vs Zombie Vita Review | Gamepilation

862d ago - If anybody were to cite the game Plants vs Zombies to somebody else, they’d probably not have to... | PS Vita
30° Plants vs. Zombies - DS Review

862d ago - PopCap Games has an M.O. so strict that many fans just assume it as law; they will release a game... | Nintendo DS

Review: Plants Vs Zombies Vita -

866d ago - - "Plants vs Zombies is a game some of you may have already played. It’s already ava... | PS Vita

Plants vs. Zombies (PS Vita) – The PS3 Attitude Review

868d ago - "Plants vs. Zombies has graces almost every known platform available including Sony’s latest hand... | PS Vita

Should you get Plants vs. Zombies on the Vita?

868d ago - Gator from ESG writes: 'You shouldn’t need this review to tell you that Plants vs. Zombies is a m... | PS Vita

Plants Vs Zombies Review - TGH

869d ago - By now I assume almost everybody has played Plants Vs Zombies, as it has released on practically... | PS Vita

Examiner: Plants vs. Zombies Review (PS Vita)

869d ago - Examiner: Plants Vs. Zombies is a tower defense game where you build up your army of plants throu... | PS Vita

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Plants vs. Zombies Vita | Review [GXC]

870d ago - GamerXChange: "It’s hard to imagine that you haven’t played or at least seen someone play Plants... | PS Vita

Plants vs. Zombies PS Vita Review (

871d ago - Plants vs. Zombies continue to rock, this time on the portable front. | PS Vita

Plants vs. Zombie PS Vita Review (2D-X)

873d ago - Plants vs. Zombies has graced every platform imaginable since its 2009 PC debut; shockingly, it’s... | PS Vita

Pocket Gamer: Plants vs Zombies Review

874d ago - Pocket Gamer: Tower defence games are a dime a dozen on smartphones and tablets, as touchscreens... | iPad

Marooners' Rock Review: Plants vs. Zombies (Vita)

876d ago - Chris writes: "Reviewing Plants vs. Zombies seems kind of ridiculous, at this point. I mean, hone... | PS Vita
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Plants vs Zombies

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US 18 January 2011
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