Plants vs Zombies Reviews  

TheParanoidGamer Review: Plants vs. Zombies

1026d ago - TheParanoidGamer writes: "Plants vs. Zombies, the charming tower-defense title from PopCap Games... | PS Vita

Plants vs. Zombies PS Vita Review [Capsule Computers]

1028d ago - Plants vs. Zombies is on nearly every single pertinent device capable of playing games and now it... | PS Vita

Plants Vs. Zombies Review – The Koalition

1028d ago - The Koalition: Forget Zynga, PopCap are the true kings of casual games! Once known for shamelessl... | PS Vita

Plants vs. Zombies (PS Vita) Review -

1029d ago - John of - "If you’re itching to play Plants vs. Zombies on your Vita, then be happ... | PS Vita

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IGN: Plants vs. Zombies [PS Vita] Review

1029d ago - IGN: Plants vs. Zombies rocked from the very first PC version, and I'm happy to report that the P... | PS Vita

STN: Plants vs Zombies (vita) review

1031d ago - STN Writes: It’s hard to say if you already own this game if you should go and splash out agai... | PS Vita

Plants vs Zombies (iOS) Review [Trendy Gamers]

1118d ago - Trendy Gamers: Last year, I finally broke down and picked up an iPhone 4. It was my first ever sm... | iPhone

Plants Vs. Zombies Xbox 360 Review - Brash Games

1138d ago - Richard Banks of Brash Games writes "PopCap’s tongue in cheek lawn defence is easily one of the m... | Xbox 360

Plants vs. Zombies Review (GPT)

1244d ago - GPT: "Love them or hate them, PopCap does publish popular games across many platforms. Plants vs.... | iPhone

Gamer Euphoria: Plants vs Zombies Review (Xbox 360)

1244d ago - ''It’s simple its fun it’s addictive and its planting its self on Xbox Live Arcade. Plants Vs... | Xbox 360

Plants Vs Zombies DS Review - GGUK

1312d ago - Do we really need Plants Vs Zombies on another platform? Hell yeah! | Nintendo DS

Everybody Plays: Plants vs Zombies Review

1315d ago - Everybody Plays: I can't be the only one who has their Facebook news feed constantly invaded by s... | Nintendo DS

Pocket Gamer: Plants vs Zombies Review

1321d ago - Pocket Gamer: Redefining gaming genres is all in a day's work for PopCap, with Bejeweled blowing... | Nintendo DS

Entertainment Focus - Review: Plants vs. Zombies DS

1322d ago - Overall Plants vs. Zombies DS is another great version of this very addictive and popular title.... | Nintendo DS

Ready Up: Plants vs. Zombies DS review

1332d ago - "If you don’t have an Xbox 360 or a PS3 and you’ve never owned an iPhone or iPad and are reading... | Nintendo DS

Plants Vs Zombies Review - DaxGamer

1366d ago - It’s ok if you’re tired of Tower Defense games since they have clogged up the video game market.... | Nintendo DS

Nintendo Life: Plants vs. Zombies Review

1371d ago - Plants vs. Zombies is a fantastic tower defence-style game with some unique and engaging gameplay... | Nintendo DS

In-depth Review: PopCap Hits Vol. 2 - Electronic Theatre

1378d ago - Plants Vs. Zombies is clearly the most impressive title on the compilation, given it’s larger pre... | Xbox 360
50° : PopCap Hits Vol. 2 Review

1379d ago - Indie publishing legends Mastertronic have been in the budget videogames lark for many years now.... | Xbox 360

Plants vs. Zombies (PS3) Review *Brutal Gamer*

1383d ago - So is it worth dropping more money on yet another version of this beloved tower defense game? In... | PS3

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Xboxliveaddicts: PopCap Hits! Vol.2 review

1385d ago - Four Action-Packed Hits on one Disc! PopCap hits! returns with Vol. 2 and four more arcade hit... | Xbox 360

8bitfix Review: Plants vs Zombies [DS]

1385d ago - Plants vs Zombies Developer: PopCap Games Publisher: PopCap Games Platform: Nintendo DS Gen... | Nintendo DS

Review: Plants vs. Zombies For PSN [DeltaAttack]

1388d ago - Plants Vs. Zombies makes a smooth transition to the PSN, finally allowing PS3 owners to see what... | PS3

GameShark - Plants Vs. Zombies Review

1390d ago - GameShark - Since its initial release a year ago, it's hard to find someone who hasn't played Pla... | Nintendo DS

Plants vs. Zombies (PSN) Review - Gaming Age

1390d ago - Zombies move slow. Plants also move slow. So when they decide to battle one another you know all... | PS3

Plants vs Zombies

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US 18 January 2011
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US 05 May 2009
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AU 08 September 2010
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