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User Review : Plants Vs Zombies 2

  • Impressive Visuals
  • Huge Fun Factor
  • Chaotic Gameplay
  • Pretty much same as PvZ

Taco's gone wicky-wild, wild west

Plants vs Zombies 2 is a free-to-play (f2p) tower defense game, and the sequel to Plants vs Zombies (PvZ). It starts off with you as the player receiving a bottle of hot sauce which Crazy Dave, your friendly neighbour who eats with his Taco. Crazy Dave enjoys the Taco so much that he decides to teleport us with an RV Time Machine named Penny to travel back in time so that he can enjoy his yummy Taco all over again. Due to some malfunction, Crazy Dave ends up stuck in Ancient Egypt, where you as the player, need to come in and destroy the Zombie infection. As you play on you will also head to the Pirate Seas followed by some time in the Wild Wild West.

First Impressions

The first thing you notice is how much prettier the new release is. It has a fun, animated feel about it which is well known with the game itself. The gameplay in PvZ2 is much more chaotic from its predecessor. Where life in PvZ was rather simplistic in its layout, with a fresh new plant unlock at each level, there is a bigger space in between when new plants are unlocked in #2. Popcap has also thrown in some new power-ups which you are unable to unlock, the unlocks are rather expensive and work for only a short period of time. It is well worth buying because it serves as a massive assist during the games most hectic moments. There are also doors in the game which need keys to unlock which are fundamental for you to obtain better plants. Getting Crazy Dave back home and to his tasty Taco is going to be a monumentous task.

Let’s break it down

There isn't a big change from the group of plants that are on offer in PvZ2 from the original, but it seems as though the focus is on using bail-out plants in those dire moments that come at you with a relentless pace. The biggest issue I had was that these bail-outs are infrequent, and the most obvious solution is to buy these through the game store. With such a frenetic pace it is increasingly hard to make it through a stage without actually having to spend real money to get you out of the fix you find yourself in. It’s not to say that it’s not completely possible, but it is incredibly difficult and led to quite a bit of frustration on my part.

Unlocking a level earns you stars, and as you continue through the game you will have to unlock more stars in order to open up other areas. When more stars are on offer, the challenges to get these become more intense - such as ensuring you don’t have more than 12 plants in that level on the board, or not losing any lawnmowers, or not losing more than 2 plants during the level. It is hugely challenging, but a great deal of fun nonetheless.

There isn't a big change from the original PvZ style of gameplay, or the simplicity in how to play it. PvsZ2 is a great deal of fun to play, has some crazy quirky moments, and as a free-to-play game will kill those precious moments in the day when you need to the most. Whilst at times you will be tempted to buy through the store to get through certain levels, the thing to remember is that it is not really necessary to do so if you can find the time and patience to fight through the horde of Zombies.

I give this game 4 Suns out of 5.

Even for an iPhone 5 the visuals are really impressive
Very good
Easy to play, no learning curve, simple to get the hang of it
Fun Factor
Loads of fun, and offers enough of a challenge
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