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  Interview with Harebrained Schemes' Mike McCain

Mike McCain, Co-Founder and Executive Producer, chatted with FogKnight about Shadowrun, Dragonfall, and indie development. FOGKNIGHT: How was Ha...

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Spencer Acknowledges GoW: Marcus Fenix Collection Xbox One Movement, Shares XOne Japan Launch Plan

6d ago - Gears of War franchise fans have started a movement called as "The Marcus Fenix Collection" for X... | Xbox One

Xbox's Phil Spencer Says He's Not Mad at Bungie After Alignment With PlayStation for Destiny

20d ago - Not so long ago, Microsoft owned Bungie, and the acclaimed developer's Halo titles were released... | Xbox 360

Shuhei Yoshida pays tribute to Phil Spencer

21d ago - "He's a reasonably smart guy, compared to some other people who used to say some unbelievable thi... | PS4

Episode #437: E3 2014 – Podcast Interview With The Head Of Xbox, Phil Spencer

27d ago - Gamertag radio's Danny Pena has a 1 on 1 interview with Phil Spencer during his podcast. | Xbox One

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

Xbox’s Phil Spencer Praises Sony and Nintendo’s E3 Conferences: Competition “Keeps Raising the Bar”

27d ago - Xbox One Head Honcho Phil Spencer praised Microsoft's competitors Sony and Nintendo for tehir E3... | PS4

Phil Spencer Promises Xbox One Family Sharing Is Still on the Roadmap; Explains Challenges

27d ago - When the Xbox One was first introduced, the Family Sharing feature was one of the very positive i... | Xbox One

Xbox Honcho on Why Phantom Dust is Coming Back on Xbox One and Conker will Appear in Project Spark

28d ago - Phantom Dust isn’t a well known game. It didn’t even have much commercial success when it was rel... | PC

Microsoft: "We're Going to Try to Win That Core Gamer"

28d ago - Head of Xbox Phil Spencer says early console adopters are "critical" to long-term success because... | Xbox One

Xbox head on stand-alone Kinect: They'll buy it

29d ago - Phil Spencer says "consumers love the device," believes developers will continue supporting it | Xbox One

Spencer: Kinect Critical To Our Long Term Success; "Loved" No Man's Sky

34d ago - Phil Spencer still believes that Kinect is going to play an important role in the long term succe... | PC

The boss of Xbox: Phil Spencer interview – ‘I want to sell as many Xbox Ones as I possibly can’

34d ago - Metro : "We like Phil Spencer. Considering he’s the big boss of Xbox and Microsoft Studios tha... | Xbox One

Phil Spencer: DirectX12 Not a "Massive Change" For Xbox One; Explains 1st Party Studios Expectations

35d ago - Xbox Head Honcho Phil Spencer gave a realistic assessments of what you can expect from DirectX 12... | Xbox One

Platinum Rebooting Kameo For Xbox One Is An "Interesting Idea", Says Spencer

36d ago - Kamiya is "kind of busy on Scalebound" right now, though. | Xbox One

Phil Spencer Already Playing Scalebound, Working with Platinum “a Highlight for Xbox One”

36d ago - Scalebound was one of the most interesting surprises shown at Microsoft’s E3 press conference, bu... | Xbox One

Phantom Dust Push Came From Fan Tweet To Phil; Game Will Be More Accessible

38d ago - Yet another instance of Phil Spencer listening to fan feedback for Phantom Dust. Also, Microsoft... | Xbox One

Spencer: 'You've got to sell the console before you can sell Kinect'

38d ago - Polygon: ''The Kinect, once a required part of the Xbox One, is no longer seen as the system sel... | Xbox One

Spencer Explains Why Microsoft Didn't Bring Windows Games to E3

38d ago - Microsoft didn't really hold a press conference this week during E3, Xbox did. While the compa... | PC

Next Xbox One Cloud Demo Will Show CPU, Latency, Bandwidth; Info on Online Requirement Coming Later

39d ago - After the reveal that the impressive cloud destruction demo shown at Build was actually early wor... | Xbox One

Xbox One: Microsoft Focusing on Gaming Features like GPU Reserve Removal Over Entertainment Features

40d ago - Phil Spencer's appointment as head of the Xbox division has changed a lot of things at Microsoft,... | Xbox One

Xbox at E3 2014: an interview with the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer

40d ago - Phil Spencer was interviewed by engadget: "So, that aside, we wanted him to give us more on the o... | Xbox One

Watch Dogs Review

Now - Dave hacks the planet with his latest review. | Promoted post

E3 2014 - Podcast Interview With The Head Of Xbox, Phil Spencer on Gamertag Radio

41d ago - Special episode of Gamertag Radio: 1-on-1 podcast interview with the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer. | Xbox

Phil Spencer Explains Why Players Should Buy Xbox One Over PS4, Talks About Kinect-less SKU And GPU

42d ago - Xbox One Boss Phil Spencer has bought a lot of positive things ever since he transitioned to his... | PS4

Phil Spencer Wants Xbox One to be "The Best Platform" for Core Gamers and Day one Customers

43d ago - Just a few hours before the beginning of E3 Microsoft’s Xbox Division Head Phil Spencer was inter... | Xbox One

Xbox’s Phil Spencer declares Nintendo “the best first-party on the planet”

43d ago - We’ve been here before. Head of Xbox Phil Spencer has stood tall to deplored fanboyism, shared th... | Industry

Former Console Enemies Now Console BFFs

43d ago - On the left: Xbox boss Phil Spencer. On the right: former PlayStation boss Jack Tretton. Such a l... | Industry
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