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Phil Spencer plans for Multiple Windows 10 P.C's to connect to a single Xbox One

9h ago - Phil Spencer has confirmed Microsoft's plans for linking the Xbox One to the Windows 10 P.C. | PC

The 'X'-Factor That Microsoft Has Over Sony – Phil Spencer

11d ago - Saleswise Sony has been doing great since the PS4 launched back in 2013 but there are things that... | Xbox 360

Make the World / Break the World

Now - Myriad is a twin-stick shooter that grows more beautiful the better you play. Give us your vote on Steam Greenlight! | Promoted post

Xbox’s Phil Spencer doesn’t think VR is a ‘now’ thing

11d ago - "Head of Xbox Phil Spencer explains why he doesn’t think virtual reality is a ‘now thing.’" | PS4

Microsoft (Still) Hasn’t Given up on Kinect

11d ago - GamesRadar - It might have fallen off the standard Xbox One bundle and into the realms of a separ... | Xbox One

Xbox's Spencer "Building Great Game Demos", Comments On Xbox Original Brute Force, Thanks Community

12d ago - Xbox headman Phil Spencer has been busy on twitter lately and today hasn't been different for th... | Xbox One

Assessing Phil Spencer’s One Year Anniversary as Head of the Xbox Division

16d ago - For those that didn’t know but just a few days ago was Phil Spencer’s one year anniversary since... | Industry

Phil Spencer Promises that Microsoft's E3 Showing Won't Be All About VR and AR

16d ago - Virtual reality technology has been a major talking point so far in 2015. And although Microsoft... | Xbox One

One year on, has Phil Spencer changed Xbox for the better?

18d ago - MMGN writes: It's been one year since long-term Microsoft employee Phil Spencer was made the head... | Xbox 360

Xbox One Version of Super Meat Boy "Would be Great"

21d ago - Top Xbox boss Phil Spencer has spoken out to say that an Xbox One version of 2010's uber-challeng... | Xbox One

Phil Spencer Experiences Tanner Foust's Rally VW Beetle

26d ago - Head of Xbox Phil Spencer recently had the chance to ride shotgun with professional rally driver,... | Xbox One

Phil Spencer: Full DX12 Games "Likely" By End Of 2015

28d ago - The socially aware Xboss has once again taken to Twitter to answer the questions being asked by t... | PC

Spencer On Gears of War Collection, Major Announcements, DirectX 12 On Xbox One And More

30d ago - Xbox One boss Phil Spencer reveals and teases some interesting information regarding their strate... | Xbox One

Xbox's Phil Spencer on Conker & Rare; No Conker by Rare Right Now But Leaves Options Open For Future

31d ago - A lot of Conker fans would have loved to see a reboot or sequel to the game that inititally launc... | Xbox One

Did the Marcus Fenix Collection just get confirmed?

33d ago - Did the Marcus Fenix Collection just get announce? | Xbox One

Microsoft discusses the past, present, and future of Xbox games

35d ago - Official Xbox Magazine staff: The knives have been out for Microsoft since May 2013. That's when... | Xbox One

A new, Rare-approved Banjo-Kazooie game was shown off at the weekend

35d ago - Eurogamer: Right around the time Playtonic Games, a new studio made up of former veteran Rare de... | PC

Microsoft: HoloLens Doesn't 'lock out' Xbox VR

38d ago - VRFocus - Ever since Microsoft revealed its HoloLens augmented reality (AR) head-mounted display... | Xbox One

Phil Spencer Doesn't See Steam as a Competitior in PC Gaming Space; is an "Upside Opportunity"

38d ago - With great games at low prices, free online multiplayer and even a move into the living room spac... | PC

Phil Spencer's new vision for the Xbox One

38d ago - The Xbox chief on the change of direction that will help Xbox in its fight against PlayStation.... | PC

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

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Spencer: Bringing More Of The Right Genres To PC Is Clearly In Our Future

39d ago - Phil Spencer confirms once again that Microsoft is committed to bring more games of the "right ge... | PC

Phil Spencer: "We ignored what was going on with Windows" to launch Xbox

39d ago - "During his talk, Spencer openly admitted that Microsoft had lost its way when it came to PC gami... | PC

Xbox's Phil Spencer congratulates Kudo Tsunoda; praises Tsunoda for his feedback and insight

41d ago - Xbox Headman Phil Spencer is known is a nice guy and on Twitter Spencer has congratulated Tsunoda... | Industry

Battletoads in Xbox One version of Shovel Knight sets tongues wagging

45d ago - At GDC this week Eurogamer's Martin Robinson asked Spencer about Battletoads and Rare's 30th anni... | Xbox One

Spencer: Holiday Attacks On Xbox Live Were 'A Learning Experience'

46d ago - Phil Spencer comments on the holiday attacks. | Xbox 360
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