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The 50 Best Nintendo DS Games - Part Three

1185d ago - SPC writes, "For the past two weeks I have been listing what I perceive to be some of the greates... | Nintendo DS

Games You Slept On - Phantasy Star 0

1818d ago - Real Otaku Gamer's Kaiohhokuto talks about one of the best Nintendo DS Titles of 2010. | Nintendo DS

HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

Now - Kill some time at You will regret it... | Promoted post

GamesRadar: Phantasy Star 0 Review

2056d ago - It is, without a doubt, the most social game available on DS (be prepared to edit friend code lis... | 5

Level7 Review: Phantasy Star Zero

2084d ago - Level7: Phantasy Star series has been around since 1987 and released to over ten different consol... | 5

Nidzumi: Phantasy Star Zero Review

2086d ago - Starting out is a bit of a slog. Although the character customisation options are quite varied, i... | 5

DarkZero: Phantasy Star Zero Review

2087d ago - While it perfectly scratches that Diablo-esque dungeon-crawler itch, you're still going to feel a... | 5

3djuegos Review: Phantasy Star Zero

2092d ago - 3djuegos: Human, CAST and Newman returned to the stage in Phantasy Star Zero for Nintendo DS, a n... | 5

Guardian: Phantasy Star Zero Review

2092d ago - However, Phantasy Star Online โ€“ admittedly only 10 years old โ€“ would still be playable today. OK,... | 5

Gamereactor: Phantasy Star 0 - Review

2094d ago - Bengt Lemne writes: "Its not a great experience on your own as the partner AI and pathf... | 5

Phantasy Star Zero - Review -

2096d ago - "In its most basic form, Zero represents as pure an RPG schematic as you'll find anywhere. C... | 5

Nintendo Life: Phantasy Star Zero Review

2099d ago - Phantasy Star Zero is a brave and bold attempt at an action RPG for the DS, and its online featur... | 5

TheKoalition: Phantasy Star Zero Review

2105d ago - Carl of TheKoalition writes, Sega has been trying for a decade to transition the Phantasy Star se... | 5

Gamestyle Review: Phantasy Star 0

2107d ago - Phantasy Star 0 is the latest addition to the Phantasy Star family, and the first installment of... | 5

Digital Spy: Phantasy Star 0 Review

2110d ago - Digital Spy writes: "Few gaming franchises have helped shape their respective genre like the... | 5

Nintendojo: Phantasy Star 0 Review

2111d ago - Nintendojo writes: "The Phantasy Star series has long showed more love to the online potenti... | 5

VandalOnline Review: Phantasy Star Zero

2111d ago - VandalOnline: Phantasy Star, the company's long-running series of role shift Sega, whose first ti... | 5

Ngamer: Phantasy Star Ø review

2114d ago - Ngamer via CVG writes: Enlivened by the hilarity of Visual Chat (a means of communicating, P... | 5

Teletext: Phantasy Star 0 Review

2116d ago - Teletext writes: "We do feel sorry for Phantasy Star fans. Not only are they constantly... | 5

ONM: Phantasy Star Zero Review

2118d ago - Online, the joy of loot collection is magnified. When you work together as a team to defeat a gro... | 5

VideoGamer: Phantasy Star Zero Review

2118d ago - The success of Phantasy Star 0 is largely dependent on how you play the game. If you prefer to pl... | 5

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (XB1) Review

Now - Ken says goodbye to the franchise that started it all. | Promoted post

N-Philes DS Review โ€“ Phantasy Star Ø

2128d ago - N-Philes writes: "I clocked over 200 hours playing Phantasy Star Online for the GameCube. De... | 5

RPGFan: Phantasy Star Zero Review

2139d ago - RPGFan writes: "Early in 2009, I had a chance to review Phantasy Star Portable, a fun little... | 5

Phantasy Star Zero screens

2142d ago - It's another RPG Adventure game for the DS from SEGA and it's more screens from them today. This... | 5

Dprime Review: Phantasy Star Zero

2145d ago - "Phantasy Star Online was one of the very first console massively multipla... | 5

Giant Bomb Quick Look: Phantasy Star Zero

2146d ago - Jeff and Ryan scratch that PSO itch with this DS incarnation. | 5

Phantasy Star Zero

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