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Molyneux: Kickstarter can be “very destructive to the final quality” of projects

54d ago - Godus creator Peter Molyneux isn’t as keen on Kickstarter as he used to be. | Industry

Interview with Peter Molyneux - gamescom 2014

153d ago - GodisaGeek: "Peter Molyneux is a man that should need no introduction. In a career spanning decad... | PC

David Braben, Peter Molyneux and Dave Ranyard Added to Develop in Brighton 2014 Line Up

250d ago - David Braben, Peter Molyneux and Dave Ranyard join speakers list. | Industry

When Peter Molyneux Calls Your Tech a Joke, it's Time to Rethink Your Tech

291d ago - 8CN: Peter Molyneux, former head of Lionhead Studios, current head of 22Cans, creator of games su... | Xbox 360

See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post

Molyneux: Kinect “Feels More and More Like a Joke"

293d ago - GR: Former Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux is confident that Microsoft will eventually offer a Kinec... | Xbox One

Indie Games Are Not a Fad

303d ago - Perhaps you've heard the latest with Peter Molyneux, he was invited to an interview with Computer... | Industry

Molyneux: 'Enjoy the indie craze, because it won't last'

307d ago - Peter Molyneux, the games development veteran who co-founded 22 Cans, believes the industry shoul... | Industry

Wii U Not Sexy? Unity to 3DS? Plus Wii U Indie Reveals - Week in Review 3/22

309d ago - Welcome to the latest edition of Nintendo Enthusiast: Week in Review! This week we cover a lot of... | Wii U

Peter Molyneux: Wii U Isn’t Sexy but Its Creators Are “Super-Smart”

312d ago - When asked to provide his view on what Nintendo should do to turn around the fortunes of the Wii... | Wii U

Peter Molyneux doesn't plan to retire -- "I'm just gonna die"

319d ago - Acclaimed Fable designer adds, "I don't know what life is without making games." | Industry

"There is no shop." Super clicking, F2P and Godus with Peter Molyneux

481d ago - Those are the big, bold words that scream out of Peter Molyneux's laptop. It's not quite a "there... | PC

Fable Creator - GTAV Sales "Not Impressive"

493d ago - Fable creator Peter Molynuex reveals how he is unimpressed with the speedy sales of Rockstar's op... | Xbox 360

Video preview: Peter Molyneux talks us through Godus in his enthusiastic way

513d ago - Peter Molyneux is back. In this 36 minute long video preview he shows his new game Godus to germa... | PC

Peter Molyneux's top five games of all time

515d ago - Peter Molyneux is such an icon when it comes to making games that it's easy to forget he really l... | GameCube

Peter Molyneux: "I Would Love To Have Finished Milo"

553d ago - NowGamer: 22Cans founder Peter Molyneux laments the loss of cancelled Kinect title Milo & Kate. | Industry

The 20 Funniest Video Game Parody Twitter Accounts

557d ago - Given the convoluted lore and ridiculous connections in both video games and the video game indus... | Culture

Molyneux Magic: The Games of Molyjam 2013

563d ago - IncGamers' Peter Parrish and Tim McDonald delve into the strange and surreal world of Molyjam 201... | PC

Watch Peter Molyneux Review iPhone Fart Apps

584d ago - Peter Molyneux has had a long and storied career. As the creator of Populous, Black & White, Fabl... | E3

Peter Molyneux Dissects Telltale's The Walking Dead With Its Writer

586d ago - As a co-host of the Idle Thumbs podcast and creative lead/writer for Telltale's acclaimed The Wal... | E3

Molyneux Says Nintendo Would Fare Better Out Of The Hardware Business

586d ago - Outspoken game developer Peter Molyneux agrees that Nintendo would fare a lot better if they left... | Nintendo DS

LittleBigPlanet 3 (PS4) Review

Now - Justin checks out the latest adventure of Sackboy and his friends. | Promoted post

Molyneux: Microsoft in "wasted opportunity" with lacklustre ecosystem for indies

587d ago - 22Cans' Peter Molyneux has criticised Microsoft for their rather poor 'ecosystem' for supporting... | PC

Peter Molyneux - ''Revolution is coming'': True Next Gen Gaming is coming after E3

602d ago - Parody video by Peter Molydeux - Revolution is coming Info coming soon. | PS4

Game Buzz | Episode 33 - No DRM Please, We're Gamers

604d ago - Dealspwn writes: This week, we go back over the Xbox One news of the past seven days, including t... | PC

The Curiosity Experiment In Quotes

609d ago - John Bedford (Modojo): Earlier today, Peter Molyneux announced that the final cube had been remov... | PC

Molyneux Regarding Curiosity: "Only 8 Layers Remaining"

611d ago - In a tweet just minutes ago Peter Molyneux said that the final tap could be just hours away | PC
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