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Peter Molyneux: "I Would Love To Have Finished Milo"

270d ago - NowGamer: 22Cans founder Peter Molyneux laments the loss of cancelled Kinect title Milo & Kate. | Industry

Peter Molyneux to keynote PAX Prime

290d ago - VG247: "Bullfrog founder, 22 Cans lead and all-round games industry hero Peter Molyneux will open... | Industry

Watch Peter Molyneux Review iPhone Fart Apps

301d ago - Peter Molyneux has had a long and storied career. As the creator of Populous, Black & White, Fabl... | E3

Peter Molyneux Dissects Telltale's The Walking Dead With Its Writer

302d ago - As a co-host of the Idle Thumbs podcast and creative lead/writer for Telltale's acclaimed The Wal... | E3

Start Making Games for the PS4

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Peter Molyneux Comeback

303d ago - RealGamerNewz writes, "Today’s RealGamerNewz Podcast centers around the career of Peter Molyneux... | Culture

Molyneux: Microsoft in "wasted opportunity" with lacklustre ecosystem for indies

304d ago - 22Cans' Peter Molyneux has criticised Microsoft for their rather poor 'ecosystem' for supporting... | PC

Curiosity cut the crap

317d ago - Curiosity was, its makers insist, an experiment. It ran from 6 November 2012 until May 26 2013 wh... | PC

Pandora’s Cube: A brief analysis of Curiosity’s big reveal

323d ago - "The secret’s out. After several months, the cube has been broken, its digital, gooey center r... | PC

God of Godus: Peter Molyneux Explains Curiosity Winner's Prize

324d ago - Now that the Curiosity cube has been completed, we speak to its creator Peter Molyneux about what... | PC

The Curiosity Experiment In Quotes

326d ago - John Bedford (Modojo): Earlier today, Peter Molyneux announced that the final cube had been remov... | PC

Peter Molyneux's Curiosity Cube Has Been Opened

327d ago - Curiosity Cube is finally opened,check what's inside the Cube. | iPhone

Call of Duty: Ghosts: Discussing the Lack of Women

330d ago - IGN - Peter Molyneux and the Unlocked crew talk about the lack of women in Call of Duty: Ghosts.... | PC

Peter Molyneux is Pretty Alright

331d ago - "Peter Molyneux’s pretty alright, really. The whole Spinner of Lies, Peddler of Broken Dreams thi... | Culture

Molyneux: Microsoft "won" this generation, no longer competing with Sony and Nintendo

332d ago - "Former MS exec and Lionhead boss names Apple, Google and Samsung as real rivals next gen, rather... | PS4

Molyneux talks Fable MMO

349d ago - Former Microsoft creative director says there's no reason an MMO set in Albion shouldn't do "reas... | Industry

Molyneux signals end to Curiosity - and we could find out what's inside on May 21st

351d ago - EuroGamer - Peter Molyneux has signalled the end of the Curiosity experiment - and we could find... | PC

Curiosity: The End is in Sight

351d ago - IGN - We spoke to Peter Molyneux about the recent changes to Curiosity...and got told just how fe... | PC

Molyneux 'not saying no to developing for next-gen consoles'

352d ago - Peter Molyneux, co-founder of Guildford studio 22 Cans, has indicated a willingness to create gam... | PS4

Molyneux teases mystery appearance at Microsoft's next Xbox reveal event

352d ago - Peter Molyneux looks set to appear at Microsoft's next Xbox reveal event later this month. The... | Xbox 720

1985FM Episode 36

356d ago - Everyone loves empty promises! So we imagine what it would be like to have an interview with Pete... | PC

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Peter Molyneux: 'The god-game genre was almost invented for free-to-play'

365d ago - The veteran games designer discussed his recent Curiosity and Godus projects at the F2P Summit in... | iPhone

Peter Molyneux and Co. Back Death Inc.

415d ago - GamerZines writes: Last week we brought word of a nifty new Kickstarter project named Death In... | PC

Molyneux, Notch, Anthropy: why gaming’s new cult of personality is good for the industry

465d ago - EDGE - Recently, I interviewed Peter Molyneux about his new iOS game, Curiosity. He describes it... | Industry

'Godus' Kickstarter Ends On A High Note

479d ago - "People have been watching Peter Molyneux and 22 Cans‘s Kickstarter Project Godus closely for the... | Mobile

Peter Molyneux Interview: Good Game Design is Stealing Other Ideas

481d ago - If you’ve been playing games for a decade or two, you already know who Peter Molyneux is. He’s a... | PC

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