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PlayDevil: Perfect Dark Review

1806d ago - With all the E3 news, PlayDevil still managed to publish a review starring Joanna Dark in her fir... | Xbox 360

XGN: Perfect Dark Review

1855d ago - XGN writes: "A decade ago the world was happily surprised by Joanna Dark and her skill with... | 2

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Gaming Nexus: Perfect Dark Preview

1862d ago - GN writes: "I have a rare opportunity today. I have several all-time favorites that I'd love... | 2

Gamez: Perfect Dark Review

1864d ago - Gamez writes: "Perfect Dark on Nintendo 64 was one of the best shooters. The game has been r... | 2

GameShark: Perfect Dark Review

1865d ago - A developer can ace a retro remake and get two types of responses. Ideally, the update will appea... | 2
10° Review: Perfect Dark

1867d ago - The club usually nostalgic players among their lists of favorite classic games from N... | 2

YourLocalGuardian: Perfect Dark Review

1868d ago - Released on the ol' Nintendo 64 way back in 2000, many saw Perfect Dark as the spiritual successo... | 2

GamesRadar: Perfect Dark Review

1870d ago - Perfect Dark is a conspicuously aged game; many years older it seems, than Halo, and somehow even... | 2

Gamesurf Review: Perfect Dark

1870d ago - Gamesurf: When it comes to remakes is always difficult to judge. The situation is different depen... | 2

SFX-360: Perfect Dark Review

1871d ago - One of the biggest games on the Nintendo 64 has finally arrived on Xbox Live Arcade. OK it's not... | 2

Pads & Panels: Perfect Dark (XBLA) Review

1876d ago - Rare, Microsoft and 4J Studios came together to update the Goldeneye successor to the N64 shooter... | 2

NZGamer: Perfect Dark Review

1876d ago - Perfect Dark was Rare's followup to the phenomenally successful GoldenEye on Nintendo 64. GoldenE... | 2

That Gaming Site: Perfect Dark Review

1876d ago - That Gaming Site writes: "Perfect Dark is a classic N64 title held dear to the hearts of man... | 2 Review: Perfect Dark

1881d ago - Perfect Dark in the N64 version with a Metacritic average of 97 percent is on the s... | 2

Console Arcade: Perfect Dark Review

1881d ago - Perfect Dark manages to push so many buttons in those of a certain age, when games had to last a... | 2

Ace Gamez: Perfect Dark Review

1881d ago - It's a shame that a game that was so revolutionary and such good fun to play ten years ago has st... | 2

Gamingxp Review: Perfect Dark

1882d ago - Gamingxp: The story is explained in principle fairly quickly. They slip into the role of super ag... | 2

Mondoxbox Review: Perfect Dark

1883d ago - Mondoxbox: Although published ten years ago under the banner of Nintendo, the Xbox 360 owners hav... | 2

Associatedcontent: Perfect Dark Review

1883d ago - Associatedcontent: One of the most celebrated Nintendo 64 games of all time makes a perfect retur... | 2

Perfect Dark Review at CheatCC

1883d ago - CheatCC says, "What it all comes down to, really, is whether or not you're familiar with N64... | 2

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VideoGameUK: Perfect Dark Review

1883d ago - VideoGameUK: I don't really think there was any question that Perfect Dark was going to be a... | 2

TotallyGN: Perfect Dark Review

1885d ago - TotallyGN writes: "Nostalgia is a tricky beast. In the world of videogames, it can feel like... | 2

NowGamer: Perfect Dark Review

1885d ago - NowGamer writes: "Blah blah blah, Nintendo 64. Mutter, mutter, the good old days. Never got... | 2

Game Revolution: Perfect Dark Review

1886d ago - If you're under 20 years of age, you probably don't share the fondness some slightly older gamers... | 2

Gameplanet: Perfect Dark Review

1886d ago - Developed by Rare, Perfect Dark appeared back in mid-2000 on the Nintendo 64 when the studio was... | 2

Perfect Dark

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Release Dates
Xbox 360 Release Dates
US 17 March 2010
EU 17 March 2010
AU 17 March 2010
JP 17 March 2010