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Top 10 Nintendo 64 Games

729d ago - Gaming Irresponsibly's Matt Beaudette counts down his ten favorite Nintendo 64 games. With so man... | Retro

St. Patrick’s Day Special 2012: Ten More Games to Drink to

760d ago - From the opening paragraph, "It’s that time of year again, a time when we drown ourselves in gree... | Arcade

Top 5 Shooter Single Player Campaigns

776d ago - Shooters have become a rather overdone genre in modern gaming. Seems like there’s a new one relea... | PC

Top 10 Weapons (GiR)

778d ago - Gaming Irresponsibly's weekly series, Top 10 Tuesdays, will be celebrating the launch of Mass Eff... | PS2

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10 Elvis Presley references in video games

850d ago - Elvis Presley's voice, dance moves, and peculiar attire have influenced video-game designers for... | PSP

This Week On Xbox Live (10/11/2011) - Guardians, Bears And Assassins Oh My!

919d ago - This Week on XBLA brings us the return of Guardian Heroes, some Real Steel, a Kinectimal filled B... | Xbox 360

Shadow Complex, Saints Row 2, and Perfect Dark slashed for LIVE Deal of the Week

919d ago - XMNR: The Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week for the week of October 11 delves into Saints and Shadows wi... | Xbox 360

Women in Games, Part 2: The Bad Girls’ Club

939d ago - In Part 2 of his series of essays on women in games, the Governor discusses Tomb Raider, Metroid,... | Industry

Rare's Scott Henson on Kinect, Xbox 720 and the future of Banjo Kazooie and Perfect Dark

941d ago - TechDigest: Hot on the heels of the Tokyo Games Show and our recent hands-on playtest with the la... | Xbox 360

The N64 3DS Remakes That Need To Happen

949d ago - UGO: Bust-a-Move? Ocarina of Time? Star Fox? We remember playing these, sure... 10 years ago. Do... | Retro

The 10 Sexiest Girls & Guys in Video Game History

973d ago - Dorkly: I hate to be the one to tell you this, but the chances of you meeting porn star Jenna Haz... | PC

Top Five - Coolest Fan Work

976d ago - I write about video games because I’m a fan, and each fan has a way to express his or her love fo... | PC

Gamers Xtreme - Top 10 Nintendo 64 Soundtracks

984d ago - Gamers Xtreme: "The N64 had a ton of great titles…but which ones had the best soundtracks?" Find... | GameCube

Best Video Games of the Stealth Genre

1030d ago - The stealth genre is not known as big as adrenline pumping action games, but it has quite the nic... | Wii

Why First Person (Shooters) Are Popular

1091d ago - Gamertag Radio writes: "Quite frankly, without First Person Shooters, I wouldn’t be where I am wi... | PC

Cancelled Perfect Dark Core: new details

1124d ago - Eurogamer writes: "How Joanna Dark might have looked." | Xbox 360

GT Countdown - Top 10 Worst Delays

1128d ago - Because the wait is always the hardest part, we count down the delays that kept our hearts breaki... | Retro

Top Ten Videogame Industry Insults

1138d ago - Times, they are a-changing. Every so often videogames companies will make judgements that at the... | Arcade

Call Of Duty Alternatives: Best Downloadable Shooters (RunDLC)

1196d ago - When it comes to online multiplayer for consoles, Call of Duty: Black Ops is the undisputed king... | Xbox 360

Xbox LIVE slashes Perfect Dark in half today only

1208d ago - XMNR: Perfect Dark goes on sale today for half off on Xbox LIVE along with a Call of Duty Avatar... | Xbox 360

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XBLA on track to make $140m this year

1359d ago - Xbox LIVE Arcade has already taken in over $46 million this year according to analyst firm Foreca... | Xbox 360

Nostalgia should not be a thing of the past (part two)

1361d ago - Megabits considers a few more favourites from yesteryear... It’s all good getting all hyped up... | GameCube

A Nod to Nostalgia (Part 1)

1367d ago - Ally Doig from takes a little trip back to memory lane, and revisits some old class... | Retro

PlayDevil: Perfect Dark Review

1400d ago - With all the E3 news, PlayDevil still managed to publish a review starring Joanna Dark in her fir... | Xbox 360

XGN: Perfect Dark Review

1450d ago - XGN writes: "A decade ago the world was happily surprised by Joanna Dark and her skill with... | 2

Perfect Dark

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