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Loot Ninja Review: Perfect Dark HD

1857d ago - Loot Ninja writes: "Now here's a game that takes me back. Perfect Dark was released in North... | 2

Perfect Dark XBLA Review (Baxy-Z)

1857d ago - A portion of a Baxy-Z review: "Few niggles aside, Perfect Dark is a blast to play and o... | 2

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Perfect Dark Give-Away

1859d ago - Thanks to the folks over @ Microsoft, AnalogHype has acquired a code to unlock the full version o... | 2,11

Kotaku: Perfect Dark Micro-Review

1859d ago - First-person shooters rarely age well, as the Xbox 360 re-release of Perfect Dark helps to emphas... | 2

Binge Gamer Review: Perfect Dark (XBLA)

1859d ago - With 'Perfect Dark' finally coming to Xbox LIVE, the question of whether or not the game has held... | 2

ZTGD: Perfect Dark Xbox 360 Review

1859d ago - Scorched Angel Writes: Nostalgia is everything in this business. It is really one of the foundati... | 2

Platform Nation: Perfect Dark XBLA Review

1859d ago - Platform Nation writes: "Ohh Perfect Dark, how I have longed to play you since the days of t... | 2

GameShard: Perfect Dark reviewed

1860d ago - GameShard writes: "A stunning example of how to do a retro remake / port, and a stunning gam... | 2

Planet Xbox 360: Perfect Dark XBLA Review

1860d ago - Planet Xbox 360 writes: "It has been almost 10 years since Nintendo 64 owners were spoiled w... | 2

Xbox Evolved: Perfect Dark XBLA Review

1860d ago - Xbox Evolved writes: "The funny thing about Perfect Dark is that you can immediately tell wh... | 2

Game Rant: Perfect Dark XBLA Review

1861d ago - Zac Landry of Game Rant writes, "I can't put into words how excited I was when I heard Rare... | 2

Perfect Dark (Xbox Arcade Version) Review - Meodia

1862d ago - Over 10 years old but yet still better than a lot that's currently out. With challenging campaign... | 2

Fanboy Friday: Joanna Dark

1863d ago - GameShard's Fanboy Friday this week is a bit of a retro treat- Perfect Dark and Perfect Dark Zero... | 2

G4TV: Perfect Dark Review

1864d ago - Perfect Dark might be ten years old, but it's still great fun with friends. After all, how many d... | 2

GameSpot: Perfect Dark Review

1864d ago - Perfect Dark is jam-packed with content. Most console shooters have a campaign and a competitive... | 2

Perfect Dark Texture Comparison

1864d ago - Perfect Dark for Xbox Live Arcade is not just a port. Unlike Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie, they... | 2

ARS Review: XBLA Perfect Dark: a golden eye for detail

1864d ago - ARS: There are many video games from our youth that we as gamers may introduce to our children. F... | 2

Joystiq: Perfect Dark XBLA Review

1864d ago - Perfect Dark is perhaps the best evidence to suggest that Rare didn't "fall off," but r... | 2

OXM UK: Perfect Dark Review

1865d ago - The wrinkles are almost entirely showing on the single-player side, with clunky animation and AI... | 2

Perfect Dark XBLA Out Now

1865d ago - Xbox Live has added Perfect Dark to the Marketplace, now available for download via the XBLA sect... | 2

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Perfect Dark (Xbox Live Arcade) Review | Just Push Start

1865d ago - "The moment many have been waiting for is nearly here. On March 17 Perfect Dark will be avai... | 2

IGN: Perfect Dark XBLA Review

1865d ago - IGN can't imagine a better way to revive a classic. Perfect Dark has never looked or played bette... | 2

PerezStart Reviews: Perfect Dark

1865d ago - PerezStart writes, "Back in the year 2000, Nintendo published a title from Rare, developers... | 2

MundoRare: Perfect Dark XBLA Review

1866d ago - MundoRare says: "For many, GoldenEye was the game they were truly waiting to see on the Xbox... | 2

Three new Perfect Dark XBLA vids

1866d ago - Destructoid Writes: You've been itching to get your hands on Perfect Dark for XBLA haven't you? Y... | 2

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