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Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China Review - BGU

36m ago - "It was unfortunate that Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China came to an end as soon as it did. 15-... | PC

Review: Will Fight for Food | Hardcore Gamer

1h ago - Will Fight For Food is a charming mix of an RPG, a point and click adventure and a belt-scrolling... | PC

Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

Mortal Kombat X Review | Gaming Union

1h ago - Despite a petty want for prettier visuals, Mortal Kombat X is still a fantastic debut on the new... | PC

Age of Wonders III and Eternal Lords Review | Gamestyle

1h ago - GS: Age of Wonders III is a big and imposing game and the sort of thing that requires several hu... | PC

Games- Grand Theft Auto V PC Review

1h ago - Jan Olejník writes - Grand Theft Auto V is the PC version of the epic criminal adventure. Great o... | PC

Mortal Kombat X review | Riot Pixels

5h ago - MKX should last a long time. Several variations of the usual Arcade Mode, silly mini-game online,... | PC

The Weaponographist Review – Strong Gameplay Overshadows Lack of Personality | COG

5h ago - COG Writes: "The Weaponographist is a speedrunning hack-n-slasher with some rogue-like elements.... | PC

Mortal Kombat X Review | Daddy Daydream

6h ago - Mortal Kombat X is not only update of this classic fighting game series but also simply an outsta... | PC

Mortal Kombat X Review | Gamers Sphere

6h ago - Mortal Kombat X is by far the best entry the franchise has had. NetherRealm has proved themselves... | PC

Running With Rifles (Denkiphile)

13h ago - Chris from Denkiphile: "Running With Rifles is a fun isometric shooter developed and produced by... | PC

I am Bread Review (Denkiphile)

13h ago - Davis from Denkiphile: "As a child, I remember often walking past computers in the library or my... | PC

Gamerz Unite: Leadlight Gamma Review

14h ago - Gamerz Unite delves into the horror text adventure remake of 2010's Leadlight by Wade Clark. Crea... | PC

Atomix- Grand Theft Auto V PC Review

14h ago - Atomix writes - Definitely Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most ambitious games in our industry,... | PC

Level Up- Grand Theft Auto V Review

14h ago - Roberto Jiménez writes- Undoubtedly, the wait of 1 year and 7 months concluded satisfactorily. Gr... | PC

The Charnel House Review | Gamegrin

15h ago - GG: The Charnel House is side-scrolling graphic adventure, purely led by the narrative context r... | PC

Dungeons II Review | Gamegrin

15h ago - GG: Dungeons 2 begins by showing the fall of the great evil that storms the land. You control th... | PC

Kitty Powers: Matchmaker – A Bizarre yet Entertaining Dating Puzzle | Modvive

16h ago - In this Review, Alexx discusses how Kitty Powers: Matchmaker offers an inclusive atmosphere for g... | PC

The Weaponographist Review – Cracks in my weapons and my heart!

16h ago - In this review, Logan discusses how liking or disliking The Weaponographist really boils down to... | PC

(WGB) Verdun Review – Authentic World War 1 Multiplayer Goodness, And Then You Die

16h ago - Baden of WGB: "Laying in the muddy, stinking water of a crater I almost miss the safety of my equ... | PC

Verdun Review | 3rd-strike

16h ago - Drydwen writes: "Verdun is one of the few World War I games out there and it is also the best... | PC

Toukiden Kiwami (PS4) Review

Now - Drew slays plenty of demons in his latest review. | Promoted post

Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim Review – Proving Hacking and Slashing can age gracefully | Modvive

17h ago - In this Review, Alexx discusses how Ys VI: the Ark of Napishtim is enjoyable, yet is not for game... | PC

Broken Age Review: Unbroken at Last: Hardcore Droid

19h ago - Hardcore Droid - From its genesis as the broadly-defined Kickstarter dream “Double Fine Adventure... | PC

Mortal Kombat X Review | Daily Record

21h ago - The presentation is remarkable, the characters are magnificently animated, not to mention the mot... | PC

Mortal Kombat X Review | Valor Abbey

21h ago - Mortal Kombat X is a beautiful, bloody brawler with enough content to please the Elder Gods. | PC

Mortal Kombat X Review | GamerBolt

21h ago - When you combine together all the stunning graphics, the fantastic cast of characters and excelle... | PC
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